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 'Bottom Line', title is 1 st line below Insight 9/22/2014
 Criminal, 1st line below is title Current Events 9/19/2014
 Not Grasp Or Let Go, Art, Is To Creat... Inspirational Poems 9/15/2014
 Supposed Christians Used To Know... Humorous Poems 9/12/2014
 Secessionists, 1st line below is title Current Events 9/11/2014
 Chump or Real Change, Which Do You... Current Events 9/8/2014
 Same As It Ever Was, The Fix Is In,... Current Events 9/8/2014
 Extremist, title of poem 1st line below Current Events 9/8/2014
 McConnell, below the 1st line is title Current Events 9/8/2014
 Above Earth, Below Sky, There Is No I Inspirational Poems 8/26/2014
 No Plain Wordsmith, Nor Versifier... Insight 8/24/2014
 Feelings, See first line below for title Inspirational Poems 8/23/2014
 Whalesong, A Chorus Of The Universe's... World Events 8/19/2014
 Republicans, title is 1 st line below World Events 8/17/2014
 To Err Is Human, To Be Born Poor, A... Humorous Poems 8/13/2014
 Wash., D.C.,title of poem 1st line below Current Events 8/11/2014
 Political Theater, Same As It Ever Was.. Current Events 8/7/2014
 While America Is Screaming, Now Awaken.. Inspirational Poems 7/30/2014
 Adieu, My Friend Friends 7/27/2014
 Are You A Soldier, A President, Or... Current Events 7/27/2014
 Wings Of Love's Light Illuminating... Spiritual Poems 7/21/2014
  A Tangoing Two Love 7/20/2014
 Illumine, A Candles Light, Within Spiritual Poems 7/18/2014
 Soulscape Spiritual Poems 7/14/2014
 Sentience Of All Living On Earth Nature 7/14/2014
 Medical, below first line is title Current Events 7/14/2014
 Captain Snowflake Surreal Inspirational Poems 7/9/2014
 Supposed, title of poem, is first line Current Events 7/8/2014
 Where Theres A Will Theres A Way Spiritual Poems 7/6/2014
 A Mountain Underground, That A Molehill. Insight 7/5/2014
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'Bottom Line', title is 1 st line below

'Bottom Line' = Extinction Of All Life + Destruction Of Earth

Fastcism, last step before notseeism, don't allow it,

Intellect cannot lead, life does not follow,

'Be change you want to see in world',

Life is indivisible, are you?

(Many thanx to Gandhi for the above quote.)

Challenge :) 30 words; with K.C.

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