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“To leap and contend”, as agua
Uncontainably articulating.
Released from our personal hells, mental cells,
Made of bricks of illusions, constructing walls of delusions.
Self-determination, whether in a person or a nation,
Regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexuality.
Ideally, one should only get to exercise
The same liberties they afford others.

“…Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”
“Inalienable rights“, Constitutionally guaranteed, yet,
70 % have been forcibly placed in a lower-middle-class
To poor economic status, where life, the only right that
Actually exists in the Cosmos, which is the basis of all,
Is an unreachable ’American Dream’. This day’mare
Is even worse for African-Americans, Latinos, Native-
Americans, and even more so for migrant workers.

Freedoms of expression, to gather, occupy a place
Of your own, work, without fear, not be unduly restricted,
Restrained, confined, repressed, oppressed, dominated.
Free will, also to not be brainwashed by the corporate
Structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction,
Roman Catholic Imperial lies, the religion of scientism,
Etc., ability to feel, think, be skeptical, learn, question,
Grow, relate, freely, are all self-evidently necessary.

Being free is not replacing what kids know evolutionarily
With info. by rote, isn’t choosing from the Baskin and
Robbins 21 flavors of supremacy, all genociding
Non-republican Caucasian infants to men for the white
Supremacy, and the united suck of assassins. It’s not
Being automated into a part of the assbackwards notsee
War machine against all life, art, God, et al, that’s
Oiled by non: USA‘s, Christian‘s, Caucasian‘s, rich‘s blood.

It’s not allowing the plutocratic, politician’s supremacist,
Butcher’s, sausage made austerity budget, to steal food
From the mouths of babes by cutting SNAP, not extending
Unemployment benefits, etc., and giving it to billionaires,
Tripartisanshitting on our people, the land, with their ‘final
Solution’, the continued use of non-renewable fuels, like
Hitler’s, extinction of all life and destruction of the Earth,
So they can easily steal everyone’s everything.

It’s not forgetting that: if you don’t exercise responsibility,
Its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like an
Unused muscle, as well; that we’re getting rid of the
Traditional supremacies, not allowing replicant ones to do
The same things, enforcing the fact that destruction to
Extinction is the coin of the realm; that “we must be the
Change we wish to see in the world”; also, if you’re not
Taking bullets, you’re making them to be used on others.

Challenge :) Freedom; with Al

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