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In the rear view mirror, I think not. Since its roots in the
Abolition and Suffragette Movements, with Harriet Tubman,
Sojourner Truth, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B.
Anthony, etc., the women’s movement “...came a long way...”,
Before becoming the feminist movement with great works by
Simone de Beauvoir, ‘The Second Sex’ and Betty Freidan,
'Feminine Mystique', to this era’s Gloria Steinem, etc.. Still,
Globally, real feminists have been evolutionary, as well,
Not female supremacists mostly interested in getting what
They can for women, themselves, girls and families, how, a
Collateral detail, equality of fastcism/notsyism is no equality
At all, that having spawned a backlash, they’re seeing with
Resurgence of the patriarchy/matriarchy, pushed globally,
And the war on middle-class to poor men spilling over to
Women in the last decade. We see this in the multi-media
Conspiracy, female supremacists of our day jumping at the
‘Toonity to attack Julian Assange, to '...advance their
Issues...', etc.. Yet, women having more than closed
The gap in most areas, are leaving female supremacists,
And their projections of women in permanent victimhood,
Who must, therefore be continually compensated, behind.
Though, as long as dino-in-chiefs, dems play pussy and
Watch while the people get fkd, continually, the republican
Conspiracies increasing their supposed Christian blitzkrieg
Against all life will continue, increasing in speed and scope.
The real left, feminists, must bother to keep demanding dems
Be dems, not just dinos licking rems from head to toe when
They see them, like Dino did in the Flintstones. Dr. Tiller's
Assassination, and the constant broad national attacks on
Women's reproductive rights must only be struggled with
More, until they’re no more. Barack's lunching, wining and
Dining rems for the last month has spurred on the terrorist
Attack on the Boston, MA, Marathon, with 3 dead and 103
Wounded, which they're at least calling that, whereas,
The anti: women, kid, union, public education movement’s
Terrorist attack on Newtown, CT, assassinated 20 kids, and
6 school staff, is still being just projected as only a “Sandy
Hook shooting', executed by the rems because I told all
That the uber-storm Sandy was engineered by the Gov‘t‘s
HAARP, etc., weather machine program to decrease voting
And terrorize voters in dem States, etc.. As the latest attack
Was purposely executed on Tax day by the teabaggers. If
A USA citizen is murdered anywhere in the world, there's a
Strong response, terrorist attacks happening 1 per month,
Here for years are swept under the rug, because they're
Planned, organized, timed, and executed by teabaggers,
Supposed Christian rems, white supremacists. President,
We need gun legislation, BUT, that won’t even diminish the
Terrorist attacks that you take in stride because they’re not
Happening in Chicago, NYC. There's other great work that
Still needs doing: global rape's rise, not just in the military;
Glass ceiling; dinos caving on cuts to economic stimulating
Progs. that support women and their families; castration of
Girls, teens globally; dems opening the door to cuts in Social
Security to mostly elderly Caucasian women who the White
And African-American supremacies don’t give a hoot about,
Also disabled Veterans, etc. (as those two are dividing
And conquering the nation amongst themselves, like the
Totalitarian and republican bi-polar axi of supposed global
Power used to, ebony and ivory oligarchic and plutocratic
Supremacists, who are ageists, working together in perfect
Harmony); realizing the promise of the equal pay legislation;
African-American women still have the largest rate of HIV
Infections; women still occupy most of the minimum and
Lower wage jobs; etc.. Remember, if you’re not taking
Bullets, you’re making them, and if you don't exercise your
Responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither
Like an unused muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs
To be exorcized before its exercised. Ghandi said, “
The change you wish to see in the world...”, and, '...abhaya,
Fearlessness, is most important for an individual, and a
Nation...'. If not now, when, here, where, you, who?
Feel, think, evoke, be! Viva la evolution, viva Green Party.

Challenge :) In The Rear View Mirror; with Debera

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