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 Artists Innerselves Insight 3/29/2018
 sojourning, not self-possessed,... Insight 3/21/2018
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 ephemeral reminiscence Love 1/15/2018
 End This Daymare, Take Back The Day... Current Events 1/13/2018
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 TRUMPLER'S EUGENIX 2018 BUDGET Current Events 4/27/2017
 Trumplerland Current Events 4/27/2017
 Don't Let Life Unbe, A Thunderstruck... World Events 8/1/2016
 God, 'Nurture Nature, Grow' Spiritual Poems 7/26/2016
 Leaden Torch Transmuted Into Gold... Spiritual Poems 7/26/2016
 I'm Not Just The Proud Owner, I'm A ... Humorous Poems 7/26/2016
 Oligarchy Doesn't Need You, To Kill All World Events 7/19/2016
 Turkish..., 1st line below is title World Events 7/16/2016
 Barack Tpping...,title is 1st line below World Events 7/12/2016
 N'er Stray From, You, Living Truth Nature 7/3/2016
 Are Loved Lives Ever Apart? Love 7/2/2016
 If One Lives As Prayer Spiritual Poems 6/30/2016
 Heart's Hearth, Divined Love 6/30/2016
 Sojourn, Glistening to Glimmer, Gleaning Inspirational Poems 6/25/2016
 Corp. Structure's, 1st line below title World Events 6/21/2016
 Convolution's...,1st line below is title Nature 6/21/2016
 To Not Err Is Human Too Nature 6/9/2016
 No One Must Be..., title 1st line below Current Events 6/5/2016
 Over..., 1st line below is title Current Events 5/25/2016
 sixth senses third eye's second sight Inspirational Poems 5/11/2016
 dealzadeal Current Events 5/9/2016
 Fact Stranger Than Fiction Humorous Poems 2/7/2016
 Humanity Has Devolved, 1st line is title Inspirational Poems 1/30/2016
 Hillary, The Serial Rapist Current Events 1/29/2016
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Artists Innerselves

Stretched canvasses

On that frameless frame, the world.

They being painted by life itself,

With reality as the brush.

The painting ever evolving,

Perspective continually changing,

Their beingness, gleaned meanings

For all to share, seen through,

If they were there.

Challenge :) 40 Words; with K.C.

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