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Notebook opened, checklist exposed
Vulnerable fragments of concession

Overlapped by waves of rage, how could he, he go
On a weekend to Bermuda with her, her, not me!

In masked duplicity, flowered words,
Charmed and I believed! But proof
Lies before me, his inked lies eyed.

He’s going on a business trip, my ass, who is she!?
How could he!? Sultry voiced secretary, Sue or
Who!? Should I confont him, or call my friend!?

I will do neither. Let him enjoy himself!
Let him revel in putting one over on me.
It’ll be short-lived and the truth will hurt,

Him, as he’s hurt me. I’ll walk to the beach as planned.
I’ll allow this too, to pass, through my hand, brush, paint,
Canvas, to the sea. Waves, crashing, will calm me, and
The breeze will ease my heart, no more tears for him!

A poem in two voices, thanx to a gracious collaboration with fellow Starliter and friend, Myrna Badgerow; for 'It Takes Two' contest!!!

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