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 Carnival Barker, 1st line below is title Humorous Poems 1/28/2016
 Ted's 'Cruizin', 1st line below is title Humorous Poems 1/28/2016
 Pope Francis Better, Yet Here, Neutering Current Events 11/18/2015
 love of ( art ) of love Love 11/12/2015
 'Decimation..., 1 st line below is title Current Events 11/9/2015
 Abolish Non-renewables + NASA, Save... Current Events 11/9/2015
 Agua Love 11/4/2015
 prescience Insight 11/4/2015
 Gaia's Quandary Inspirational Poems 11/4/2015
 We're Feelin' The Bern... Current Events 10/24/2015
 We're Feelin'..., title, 1st line below Current Events 10/24/2015
 A Dreaming Totem, ... Spiritual Poems 10/23/2015
 Cosmos Evolving You Inspirational Poems 10/13/2015
 broken glass dance Inspirational Poems 10/8/2015
 dancing on broken glass Love 10/8/2015
 Southern Black Supremacists, (Only)... Current Events 8/27/2015
 Serial Murderers Masquerading As... Current Events 4/25/2015
 Untying Of Tongues, Unizing Of Orgas Inspirational Poems 4/20/2015
 Tongues Untied Inspirational Poems 4/20/2015
 Really?!? Spiritual Poems 4/20/2015
 Celebrate Earth, Mother's Days... Nature 4/13/2015
 Earth Murder Pays Most,... Nature 4/11/2015
 It Wasn't For Me, It Was For You Unrequited Love 4/9/2015
 Life Sans Duality Is Reality Humorous Poems 4/9/2015
 Gandhi, 'The Root Of Violence In Our...' Inspirational Poems 4/9/2015
 Truth Outs, Reality's Evident, Sunshine Insight 4/8/2015
 Art, A Dance, Reality, Are Heart Inspirational Poems 4/6/2015
 From Whence We've Come, To Whither... Humorous Poems 3/31/2015
 Civil War's... First line below is title Inspirational Poems 3/30/2015
 Vacation Peak... title is 1st line below Nature 3/25/2015
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Carnival Barker, 1st line below is title

Carnival Barker, Trump, Says, 'Cruz Can't Be President Because He Wasn't

Naturally born, here', not that there's anything wrong with it, being

Spawned, hatched, test tube baby, but, the Constitution says, one must be,

'NATURALLY BORN, here', to be President.

Challenge :) 30 words; with Myrna

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