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 Criminal Police 48, title 1st line below Current Events 3/25/2015
 As We, As One... title 1 st line below Haiku 3/25/2015
 Nature, Sublime, Love Love 3/24/2015
 There Was A Time For Us Love 3/24/2015
 Turn 360..., title is 1 st line below Inspirational Poems 3/23/2015
 The Mind That Would You See,... Inspirational Poems 3/3/2015
 Star Stuff, Earth Birthed, Sky Bound, Be Insight 3/3/2015
 Finding Love, Not Cliche... Love 3/2/2015
 Boston, Twenty Feet Deep In White Humorous Poems 2/28/2015
 illimitable potential, indivisible..., Inspirational Poems 2/27/2015
 Being Evolutionarily Art Inspirational Poems 2/27/2015
 Instead..., title is 1 st line below World Events 2/27/2015
 Struggling To Strive, Striving To Thrive Inspirational Poems 2/27/2015
 The True Path Is Narrow,... Spiritual Poems 2/27/2015
 To Fly As..., 1 st line below is title Inspirational Poems 2/26/2015
 '...We(e),...', fly as a mayfly, all... Senryu 2/26/2015
 Truth, To..., 1 st line below is title Inspirational Poems 2/26/2015
 Vote As If..., poem title 1st line below Current Events 2/24/2015
 Arming..., poem title is 1st line below Current Events 2/24/2015
 USA, Snug As A Bug In A Rug Humorous Poems 2/22/2015
 Aaarrrgh Mature Audience 2/22/2015
 Lost And Found Inspirational Poems 2/20/2015
 Corporate Structure's Convolution,... Mature Audience 2/19/2015
 In Love's Light, Je Ne Sais Quoi I Love You 2/18/2015
 Grace Can't Be Sought, It Seeks Us Spiritual Poems 2/15/2015
 Where There's A Will, There's A Way Spiritual Poems 2/14/2015
 famiglia Inspirational Poems 2/14/2015
 Jesus Bequeathed Co-creating Reality... Spiritual Poems 2/12/2015
 Medical Industrial Complex, Is Notsee... Current Events 2/12/2015
 an unknowable love I Love You 2/12/2015
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Criminal Police 48, title 1st line below

Criminal Police 48 %, 25 % Do Crime, 23 % Know About It, Do Nothing

Police falsely stopping, searching, beating to murdering, must stop!

Turn the injustice system around. With life being indivisible, Reality is

Unburdening our shoulder to the task, extending a hand so

We can be somewhere, in time…. No justice, no peace.

Challenge :) 40 words; with K.C.

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