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 virtue deux Childrens Poetry 2/7/2013
 bridge to... Collaborations 12/5/2008
 recapitulation self Collaborations 4/15/2013
 Unyielding Collaborations 5/1/2013
 The S.S. Tea Party, Christian Al-Queda Current Events 9/16/2012
 Criminal Police 48, title 1st line below Current Events 3/25/2015
 Another 9-11 Anniversary, This One 12... Current Events 9/10/2013
 We're Feelin' The Bern... Current Events 10/24/2015
 Hillary, The Serial Rapist Current Events 1/29/2016
 dealzadeal Current Events 5/9/2016
 America's Screaming, Awaken From Dream.. Current Events 6/18/2014
 Over..., 1st line below is title Current Events 5/25/2016
 The Recusing, Poem title 1st line below: Current Events 6/13/2014
 No One Must Be..., title 1st line below Current Events 6/5/2016
 Political Theater, Same As It Ever Was.. Current Events 8/7/2014
 Wash., D.C.,title of poem 1st line below Current Events 8/11/2014
 Swapped Current Events 4/3/2018
 Exigency Or Humanity? Current Events 11/23/2008
 Lark's Current Events 12/2/2008
 Three Strikes You're Out Bush Current Events 1/29/2016
 Are You A Soldier, A President, Or... Current Events 7/27/2014
 Serial Murderers Masquerading As... Current Events 4/25/2015
 Southern Black Supremacists, (Only)... Current Events 8/27/2015
 Supposed, title of poem, is first line Current Events 7/8/2014
 9-11-13, Anniversary of Entombing Tru... Current Events 9/10/2013
 We're Feelin'..., title, 1st line below Current Events 10/24/2015
 off the ass's back, onto the elephant's Current Events 9/14/2011
 '...Of..., By..., For...?' Current Events 1/3/2009
 A High Treasonous Bush Being President.. Current Events 7/1/2014
 DC WA$H Current Events 12/10/2008
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virtue deux

Were it a cause
Opening those tiny arms,
Alighting brilliance, a smile,
As I hugged him back, then,
It couldn't be known.
For, this child towards
Divine leads goes.
Would we say,
It is not the life;
Rather, we know?

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