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You Don't Know Me At All

i'm carrying my cross, mother,
i'm lifting up my burdens, father,
even though you all won't help me,
with the weight along the road,
that's torn and bruised my feet.

even stranger, you ask?
that i'd carry theirs as well,
if they had a cross, that is.
i'd let it break me down,
to let Him build me up.

so who am i really, mother?
and can you see Him in me, father?
even though you close your eyes,
with the weight of your sin,
that's tied and pulled around your necks.

even stranger, i say.
that He'd save any of us,
if He had that cross to do over,
i'd tell Him to come down,
and to let me be hung up.

(i'd be nowhere without the blood.)

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