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 Flight 663 Misc 7/15/2018
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 Eostre Misc 4/20/2019
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 Brother, I'm Far Away Misc 10/30/2009
 Gray Eyes Misc 10/30/2009
 Rosetta Misc 5/29/2013
 Hoax of Our Times Misc 11/27/2017
 He made color from the grave! Misc 12/7/2010
 Just a Cup of Coffee, Please Misc 1/12/2011
 Tonight, They Sup in Hell (Genji III) Misc 3/2/2008
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Flight 663

Thick haze filters the sunlight onto the bridge of my nose,
but still burns,
and I'm okay with it.

Foamy surf washes over what little bit of joy I still have,
but doesn't cleanse it,
and I knew it wouldn't.

Time-lapses of other lives and journeys pass frame by frame,
but never change me,
and I don't expect them to.

There are sparkling jewels still out there to find,
but they'll never be mine,
and it's only my fault.

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