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 Then the Trumpets Dark Poetry 7/2/2008
 At this Point I Hate Trying to Sleep Dark Poetry 6/27/2009
 Peaks of Fuji (Genji IV) Dark Poetry 7/2/2009
 Mr. J Dark Poetry 3/5/2008
 They Sat Outside the Farm House Dark Poetry 7/3/2009
 It Is Time That All Men Would Know Dark Poetry 3/4/2008
 The Sore-Throat Lozenge of a Dying Woman Dark Poetry 3/3/2008
 The Night of Harvest Dark Poetry 8/22/2011
 Wake, Wake, My Dear Daughters, Pt. II Dark Poetry 3/3/2008
 O' Generation of Believers Dark Poetry 3/3/2008
 The World Walked Away Dark Poetry 7/27/2010
 A Modern Day Leprosy Dark Poetry 3/9/2008
 Apologies Make Graves Dark Poetry 3/12/2008
 Part One - A Snare Dark Poetry 3/24/2008
 Let Her Sink Dark Poetry 3/24/2008
 When No One is Listening Dark Poetry 6/20/2009
 I Don't Believe in Thirteen Dark Poetry 11/21/2008
 Ravens and Doves are Still Both Birds Dark Poetry 6/20/2009
 Two Story Mountain Dark Poetry 6/23/2009
 As Were Some of Us Dark Poetry 6/23/2009
 To Lie With Dogs Dark Poetry 3/12/2008
 Mortimer Dark Poetry 3/12/2008
 Graves Make Apologies Dark Poetry 3/12/2008
 Three Lions Summer Dark Poetry 3/2/2008
 The Devil's Propriety Dark Poetry 4/29/2008
 Firestarter Dark Poetry 3/7/2008
 Curse of Undine Dark Poetry 3/31/2008
 What a Terrible Night for a Curse! Dark Poetry 9/30/2010
 Leviathan Dark Poetry 3/5/2008
 Pennies for Your Prayers, Snake Dark Poetry 3/5/2008
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Then the Trumpets

believe every word-
the fallen are rising now,
ready your children.

how could we do this?
they don't understand death yet.
blood is at our door.

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