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 ---Oh, John! Spiritual Poems 3/6/2008
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 A Modern Day Leprosy Dark Poetry 3/9/2008
 A Modern Psalm Grieving and Loss 5/16/2011
 A New Book of Laws, of Theories Life 5/11/2012
 A Psalm for Sleep Misc 4/27/2013
 A Sinner in the Hand of an Angry God Haiku 8/22/2013
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 As Were Some of Us Dark Poetry 6/23/2009
 At Daybreak I Love You 10/7/2008
 at dusk Love 6/5/2009
 At this Point I Hate Trying to Sleep Dark Poetry 6/27/2009
 Autumn Won't Come Soon Enough Nature 8/22/2013
 Blood on My Hands Spiritual Poems 3/6/2008
 Bristow Dedications 3/7/2008
 Bronze Life 3/17/2008
 Brother, I'm Far Away Misc 10/30/2009
 Counting Birds (From long ago) Love 9/21/2010
 Creatio Ex Nihilo Spiritual Poems 3/11/2008
 Curse of Undine Dark Poetry 3/31/2008
 Death of the World's Greatest Actor Spiritual Poems 3/6/2008
 Deep Forest Green Spiritual Poems 9/21/2010
 Eat to Live Spiritual Poems 7/2/2008
 Ecclesiastes Life 8/21/2011
 Eostre Misc 4/20/2019
 Esoteric Misc 11/7/2017
 Eye Patch Spiritual Poems 3/19/2008
 Firestarter Dark Poetry 3/7/2008
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---Oh, John!

well! i've got a well!
i am athirst,
and i've got a pail for which to gather,
but i always must come back.
there i met a Man who told me all things about myself,
and gave to me a different well.

He poured into my cup and henceforth,
i'll never thirst again!
Sir and son alike - come see a Man!
Husband and the wife - please, come see a Man!

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