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 Disintegration and Twilight Misc 3/1/2016
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 Mem'ry's Triolet 1/11/2016
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Disintegration and Twilight

The following are two applications of mixing-up techinques to a fairly conventional poem. First the original, which is elsewhere posted. Second an 'N + 7.' Third a cut-up, which was done using a cut-up generator. Just an experiment, and demonstration of odd techniques. More explanation at the very bottom.

Twilight and . . .(First permutation)

My inner vision fades to a sort of twilight
I lose the thread and seams of coherent thought
fail into a not-quite sleep, never having caught
the elusive insight
that I sought.

It's easy to imagine all is chaos -
a futile sort of roiling randomness
ordered only by our need
and only apt to lead
to churning, ever-changing, gray mosaic

But my eyes will seek a fading shape
vague through twilight,
tantalized still seek the insight
though always it escape. . .


Twinkling, and . . .(Second permutation = N + 7)

My inner visna fades to a so-so of twinkling
I lose the threonine and search of coherent threadbare
fail into a not-quite sleight, never having caught
the elusive insipience
that I sought.

It's easy to imagine all is chapeau -
a futile so-so of roiling rank
ordered only by our negation
and only apt to lead
to churning, ever-changing, gray mot

But my fabric will seek a fading shave
vague through twinkling,
tantalized still seek the insipience
though always it escape. . .


Twilight and . . . (Third Permutation = Cut up)

Vision fades by our
to a having caught seams
of sort of twilight, tantalized
a futile twilight I mosaic fathomless.
To churning, only apt eyes will vague through
But my the insight roiling
randomness I sought.
Chaos - all is to imagine
It's easy ever-changing,
gray need and fail into sleep, n
ever sort of
though always insight
that seek a My inner coherent thought
lose the a not-quite still
seek the elusive thread
and fading shape
it escape.
Ordered only to lead.

In the N + 7, I used a Websters dictionary, but omitted all two word phrases, and compound words, counting only the first word of such. The cut-up generator does not do line breaks, so those are my own. A cut-up generator tries to emulate what would happen if you cut up the paper the old poem was written on, such that there were only two - or it can be set at three, four, five, etc. - words were on each piece, then tossed them up in the air and reassembled them pretty much at random.

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