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 Early in Morning Challenge Poems 11/2/2007
 Darkness Pieces of Who We Are Challenge 11/1/2007
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 Late October Form Over Substance Challenge 10/30/2007
 Awakening Challenge Poems 10/26/2007
 Emptiness . . . Behind the Mask Challenge 10/26/2007
 Moondance Catch the Soaring Star Challenge 10/26/2007
 Twilight Ten Word Challenge 10/23/2007
 Starry Night Follow the Dream Challenge 10/23/2007
 Sans Arrière-Pensée Form Over Substance Challenge 10/22/2007
 I Never Think of You Form Over Substance Challenge 10/22/2007
 There's a Place Challenge Poems 10/22/2007
 Like Morning Frost Behind the Mask Challenge 10/21/2007
 Second Snow Form Over Substance Challenge 10/19/2007
 Silence Challenge Poems 10/19/2007
 Bad Dog! Ten Word Challenge 10/17/2007
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 Murmurs Catch the Soaring Star Challenge 10/13/2007
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 Early Winter Evening Follow the Dream Challenge 10/8/2007
 Rhyme Royale (Ballade Royal) Form Over Substance Challenge 10/8/2007
 Rhopalic Lines Challenge Poems 10/7/2007
 I'll Do It Again Tomorrow Behind the Mask Challenge 10/7/2007
 Leaves Challenge Poems 10/4/2007
 Rime Couee Form Over Substance Challenge 10/3/2007
 Lines Catch the Soaring Star Challenge 10/3/2007
 Breakup Challenge Poems 10/3/2007
 Electric Blues Challenge Poems 10/2/2007
 Mélange Form Over Substance Challenge 10/2/2007
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Early in Morning

An Eight Line Stanza Ballade ababbcbC with envoi bdbC

Early in morning, before the first light
we walk to the bus stop, my daughter and I.
Dark silhouettes sway as last gusts of night
murmur though spruce boughs, a chorus of sighs.
The voice of the trees sings, like years rushing by
lyrics of longing and hope and regret.
Beautiful, set in a cold winter sky
are stars, distant dreams among dark silhouettes.

Ridges of snow linger, luminous white
on stretches of asphalt that tires have swept dry.
Headlights loom past, shining harshly and bright -
glare out of darkness, assail the night eye.
In backwash, an eddy of snow spirals high
then sinks back to earth in a brief pirouette.
Early in morning, my thoughts spiral, fly
to Stars, distant dreams among dark silhouettes

We wait for the school bus, where day is not quite
ready to live, night not ready to die
standing in dusk in the wind, where the sight
struggles with shapes that won't quite clarify.
An hour before sunrise, we two occupy
a place where the shape of the day isn't yet
out of the wind, before forms reify
as Stars distant dreams among dark silhouettes

Early in morning, we wait she and I
in moments together, I'll never forget
I reach, touch her arm, and I whisper goodbye
to my star, distant dream among dark silhouettes.

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