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My daddy loved to hear Miss Dolly sing
He loved the way she'd pick them guitar strings
It would always bring a smile to his face
Just like he was in a state of grace

Dolly would shine like the stars above
Every time she would sing her songs of love
A tear to his eye she would bring
When she made her plea to Jolene

Then he would dance right out of his shoes
When she let loose with the Muleskinner Blues
To her songs he would always thrill
When he heard that Dolly voice trill

Dolly's voice would vibrate and quiver
Then daddy would cry us a river
Don't think that daddy wasn't a real man
But nobody could make him feel like Dolly can

My daddy was big and tall and strong
My mama never was jealous till Dolly came along
But she knew Dolly wrote the truth
And that she brought such joy under our roof

Mama always looked the same
She asked papa in her dress so plain
Do you want me to look that cheap
Not if you want to get any sleep

Daddy now lives up in the sky
His life is as peaceful as a baby's sigh
Mama now sits quiet and all alone
And every night listens to Miss Dolly sing her song

Night after night mama lays in her bed
With all of her memories running through her head
She lays all alone and quietly weeps
As Miss Dolly sings her to sleep

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