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Some folks seem old at twenty
some never seem to age . . .
some get face~lifts & tummy~tucks
when their life's book turns a page ~

Some folks just get 'an attitude'
seem to grumble and complain . . .
lose that 'dew~fresh' appearance
in sunshine think only rain ~

Yet, some folks are quite different
roll with the punch right along . . .
adversities cause them to 'hunker down'
run the race with the strong ~

Let my heart stay fresh & vibrant
as youthful as you please . . .
retaining the spirit of a child
by spending time upon my knees ~

In the sweet presence of our Lord
'neath the shadow of His wing . . .
That on my birthday every year
Iíll have the ' HEART OF SPRING'!

Mary Carter Mizrany
January 4, 2006
Protected by Laws of Copyright

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