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For Just Little Me

Sending birthday wishes out your way
For you to have a beautiful wonderful day
I remember back when we were really young
And our sister life had just begun
Everywhere I`d go you would be there
I soon learned how much you would care
You were there, but never in the way
I began to love you more and more every day
We also had another sister that was older
We soon learnt we could both cry on her shoulder

We then had a baby sister, Oh she was so new
We loved her to,But I was not as close as I was to you
You and I were only 18 months apart
I loved you and will always love you in my heart
We both loved our other sister`s so much
But older and one younger we seemed out of touch
We two use to play together day after day
With our dolls and dishes a tea party we`d play
We went to school together and wore the same clothes
All the new toys you had I wanted all of those

They called us the Sunshine twins we looked like one another
We dressed alike also,They could not tell one from the other
Just sitting here remembering the olden days
Everything has changed in so many ways,,
But our sister love will never change at any time
And I`m so happy and proud that you are mine
You are so understanding and showing you care
Always doing for others, Always ready to share
So who would deserve these wishes more then you
Just you,You deserve them everyday you`re whole life through.

Happy Birthday Mary
I love you
You`re sister Dorothy (Libra ) on here

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