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~I Can Be Anyone~

As I close my eyes
and drift far away,
my mind can wander
off somewhere to play.

I can be anyone
Iíve ever wanted,
and being different
wonít get me taunted.

Iíll swim with mermaids
in the deepest blue seas,
frolic with dolphins
and surf on my knees.

Sail like a pirate to
Gilliganís lagoon.
Fly on a rocket
and walk on the moon.

Visit the land of
sugar plum faeries,
Iíll be the lady
Prince Charming marries.

Every night after
my bedtime prayer,
I will turn into
a dragon slayer.

Riding magic carpets,
wrestling a T-rex,
with wizards casting
a sorcererís hex.

Iíll be the flutist,
who charms cobra snakes,
a ballerina,
who dances Swan Lake.

A performer on
a circus trapeze,
swinging and flying
through the air with ease.

I can be anyone
Iíve ever wanted
and being different
wonít get me taunted.

As I close my eyes
and drift far away,
my mind can wander
off somewhere to play.

Where things may not be
just as they may seem
you see, this is only
my sleeping mindís dream.

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