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The Exam Dreams

In a dream, a restless soul
Saw a light and to it, he told

'All the exams, in dreams I see
have me fears but not their key'

'Pay heed' the light said, 'So it may be clear
For oft things are not, as they may appear'

“The exam dreams you see, have got a lesson to teach
If success is the target, then there are two ways to reach”

“One is to cling to luck, for it you may have to wait
At times it never shows up though, at times it is late”

“It's sweet to taste but its flavor, lad, may not last long
Trust you me it never has and will never make one strong

“The other way is the hard way, the one you call ‘hard work’
what, save the man’s courage, is the man's worth?”

“Bitter in taste, though it is, but sweet is its end
Trust you me, the success you crave, on this truly depends”

“Diligence, vigor, endurance and strength are the traits it requires
These are the stairs you’ve got to take in order to reach higher”

“To cling to fate or to act, the way you’ve got to choose
Make sure you know ahead, what you’ll gain, what you’ll lose?”

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