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 GOD SEES ME GaryJ        (More) 5/3/2016
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 A STRAY DOG CAME TO OUR HOUSE. poetalthomas        (More) 1/24/2016
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 A lovely day Starlight1        (More) 1/16/2016

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God sees me I know
When I walk, when I jump
When I run and skip
God sees me, I know.
God hears me, too, I know
When I talk
When I sing and pray
When I whisper and then yell
God hears me, I know.
In my dreams
When I sleep
In my thoughts, what I think
In my mind, I don't know how,
But even there God hears me think.
When I laugh or when I cry
God is always by my side
At a birthday party or all alone
With my friends, with my family
With people I don't even know
At school, at play,
I'm not afraid
From the beginning to the end of every new day;
How do I know?
When I was really little
I saw God's shiny angel,
He told me so!

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