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Today have you ever seen that delightful butterfly dance with wings of lace
Grace the butterfly is so adorable to watch on a flower bright
Delight when she dances like a sweet ballerina in the air
Everywhere all her pals always come and join in the delightful fun
Sun well we all call him Mr Sun, always comes out to always play
Today Mr and Mrs Bluejay are joining the delights of summer too
Do you know that delightful song that makes you want to dance along the way
Ok, it is the weekend and I am sure I can teach the song complete
Sweet butterfly just perched on my flowers to give to you
Bue jay has been practising all day his friendship song to sing
Blessing, hugs and much love to you my sweet Starlite friends with joy
Enjoy and know you make me smile and I cherish you all each day

Rime Enchaine
Hostess- Cherry

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