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A little note for my three little big girls
It sure has been a long time
Last year at this time
In the month of October
I did the unthinkable
Something I would never have thought of doing
For my three little girls
I jumped off a bridge
I sit here today
Not needing a wheelchair or a walker
Why did God allow me to survive?
You see, the other woman and their so called father
Took them far away from me
Locked me behind bars on my 40th birthday
With a baloney excuse that I was harm to them
When indeed I was the best mommy in the world
My only mistake I was told
Is that to my three little girls
I did not discipline them
I had it planned out to jump
Never told a soul
I did it for my life there was no reason to live without them
Today I have a reason
For little does this world know
That I now have contact with them
So my three little girls
Who are not so little anymore
When that evil woman who told you to call her 'mom'
The day she moved into the house with ...shall we call him 'dad'
Tell her to do what she said she would do for the love of you all
Jump in front of a bus for you all
Hey I jumped over a bridge
I don't wish death upon anyone
Yet I wished it upon myself the day I jumped Oct. 2016
Only because that evil witch lied and wrote evil lies pretending
To be my little girls on the computer
I am totally against suicide
Yet nobody could say I am borderline
For not a soul did I tell
Before I took that high leap off the bridge
I wonder how I could walk today
Without a wheelchair or a walker
Oh the pain is there to remind me
A way of God telling me suicide is prohibited
That is why he did not allow me to die
Thank you Lord above
For blessing me with My three little girls
I love you all so much
So much that I gave up my life for you all
So dear evil woman
Yes I say Evil
For no woman should walk into a man's house
While the real mother was going through a major postpartum withdrawal syndrome
No woman should say...'call me mom and call 'her' mommy'
My three little girls
I now believe in a tomorrow
A tomorrow where we will meet again
Also I believe in a yesterday where their dad
Hired a killer three times to have me killed
Sure for two million dollars....why not?
Satan is what I call him
I am responsible and pay my bills on time
I don't drink, smoke or do drugs
Funny thing is that after my first little girl
I had a major miscarriage and lost a baby
They had to clean me out completely and I was told
I could never conceive again
Makes me wonder if it was the holy spirit....just kidding...I think
Whatever the reason was for my three little girls
I love you very much
Talk to you soon......This mother never stopped loving you
However thank you evil step mom who punched my daughters in the face
Thank you for the stupid bunch of morons
Thank you for the V know who you are
Kicking me out of the house because you wanted rent money
Did you get it? NO!!
My three little girls are mine and not anyone else's
Not even the father's
If there is a God and a Lord
Thank you for not letting me die in that bridge fall

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