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Raven sleeps in a cottonwood
wakes up, sets forth with his friends
(after dawn, when the light is good).
They spend their day in search of food.
Then when day comes to an end
all return to roost again.

Raven loves to dumpster dive
or hop the Wendy's parking lot.
When other raven rings arrive
all squawk and squabble-struggle-strive.
Scraps of bread are dropped and caught
mid-air, while mock battle's fought.

Raven plays as people play
soars the blue sky, playing tag
steals a crust for keep-away
then joins a raven-race relay.
Raven visits mountain crags
and parking lots, and grocery bags.

Raven loves to glide and soar
loves the gale, the clear-sky storm
seeks out days when high winds roar
tumbles tempests, looks for more.
Giddy, plays with grace and charm
God gave Rave perfect from

Raven sleeps in a cottonwood
spends his days in search of food
loves to play, to soar and dive
happy just to be alive.
I wish Raven only good.
Live long Raven! Soar and thrive.

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