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Our Serenade

Whispering softly upon a breeze
Our song comes to life
Wrapping itself around my soul
Clinging sweetly your words
Melt into one gentle being
Your love captivates me
Into another realm we belong
Past and present combines
Embracing each moment
In time
Sing tenderly my love
To only me.


Sending you a soft song
On the wings of Pegasus
Listen to my trembling
As we ride upon his soft
Velvet bare back
Embrace me
As you have Never
Another mortal man
Make love to me
Teach me
What you have never taught
The Gods in Zeuss Court
Make this passionate night
Burst live a Nova
In the dark universe
Allow our hearts to beat
To the rhythm
Of Pegasuss wings
Kiss me ever so tenderly


Collaboration By Floreann & William


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