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Who The Hell Cares

Who The Hell Cares ?

you bitch...
you pout,
you scream
so what ?

inside you hide behind four walls
you don't have to say you love me
viscous long hanging fangs with blood dripping off side
today you want to support a cause but you don't know

eyes, face & hands
when will you ever live to understand
your god is sin, self & Satan
you need a long rest on a long awaited vacation

you surf the web a doorway to Hell
now I have a very good story in which to tell
an old man took out his teeth to eat a bowl of Maypo
his folly was sadness in the grips of his climatic suffering

Suffering in silence...
it's in in tuned harmony to its hidden beasts menagerie
so who the Hell cares ?
of how you really feel inside

just want to take your stuff and run away and hide
growing up in the tribal schools preparing you for college
the choices you make today will become evident in eternity's sway
some lie in wait in order to tease

What are you all really trying to achieve ?

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