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Some Say Love

Some Say Love

the pitter patter of soft rain
falling, falling, falling to the shore
I held your hand tight next to me
inside your eyes I could see a distant future
filled with both hope & warmth for a brighter tomorrow
amidst the bitter silence
love is a heart that's been blown apart
love is in the moment when one shows it
if we each do are part to make are life brighter
want to take you much higher

a call to all of us who have drifted away
from are first love that wants you to stay
inside many hide behind four walls that seal
some insist that it's no big deal
a whisper in the sunlight on the pool of rivers edge
heaven has a delight to come & see
many settle for the make believe
while others watch as you bleed
but I want the best to all that this world can give
for its heart ache and misery
I told you when you left me there was nothing to forgive
It's hard for me to say your happy without me

Some say love in how they feel
Some insist it to be no big deal
Some will lie behind it's squeaky wheel
but we must all do are part to what it is we need to go
Until thy kingdom come & thy will is done
my arms will unfold your heart in the sun
we will make it if we try
with that said I can not lie
we all are in for a great surprise

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