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Distance Shadow added few lines

distance shadow

I close my eye's
and I am their
you don't see me
you see I care

I will watch
each step you take
right down isle
that you will make

So my son I am their
with every breath you take
because I care
I see your smile
I see you quiver
you be fine
because I still with ya

Now my son
time to tie is
with gold bands
the hands apply
hope all dreams
come true
as this is my blessing
for yous

I wIsh you and your wife
to be, lots good health
fun memories
Heartbeats closer
lips are tied
mr & mrs
its time to stride.

So congratulations
from me too yous
just wanted to say
I love you.'s x

loving memories mum x
All rights reserved belong to
Janet Mcglone
No copy rights

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