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On This Your Graduation Day

On this your graduation day
My dear son I want to say

You will look at life in a different way
You're growing up in a special way.

No more games will you want to play
Something strange has happened today
The war before seemed far away
Now it's closer than it was yesterday.

On this your graduation day
My dear son I want to say

That life can be beautiful.
And life can be sad.
Life can be lonely.
Life can be bad.

But always hold your head up
And walk like a man
And always give a helping hand.

There will be people who love you
And people who hate you
There will be people who need you
And people who will take you.

On this your graduation day
My dear son I want to say
You will meet a lovely person
And fall in love someday.

On this your Graduation Day.

Author Notes: I wrote this poem back in 1972. I was nineteen at the time. I was working at Admiral TV in Harvard Illinois. My boss' name was Ramses. I used to post a poem in the ladies bathroom called 'Alone.' Every time I posted it someone took it. I reckon this is how Ramses learned that I wrote poetry. He asked me to write a poem for his son who was, as you guessed, graduating from High School. He even paid me ten dollars for my efforts, after reading it and giving it his stamp of approval that is.

I send this poem to all of my 'grandchildren' who are graduating from High School. It has been my pleasure to share even a moment of my time with you. Good luck to one and all as you start your next greatest adventure.


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