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 Splendor Is The Mind Name Not Given        (More) 10/10/2003
 ''One Stormy Day''  Bull        (More) 11/9/2008
 ''Ocean and Hail''  Bull        (More) 11/14/2008
 Paris by night  jan oskar hansen        (More) 11/17/2015
 a dream called Israel  jan oskar hansen        (More) 6/19/2015
 our aggression   jan oskar hansen        (More) 12/6/2015
 the farming couple  jan oskar hansen        (More) 8/17/2015
 Still Waiting  lovelosslingers        (More) 4/2/2005
 Where you go and Why  lovelosslingers        (More) 4/14/2005
 On Katrina 02L        (More) 9/1/2005
 Deadly Killer 4ever_friend        (More) 2/18/2001
 Dreaming away :.:Mystic.Reality:.:        (More) 12/23/2003
 the crash ???        (More) 8/13/2010
 The Devil's Advocates Abdul_Malik        (More) 8/29/2017
  When Disaster Strikes aBusyMind        (More) 9/25/2002
 I Get My War From TV adaptation        (More) 12/1/2005
 Mr. Obama Adele Kaye        (More) 12/26/2009
 Infernal Sleep adolescent aged        (More) 5/10/2004
 The Lumberjack adolescent aged        (More) 2/8/2004
 Electioneering adolescent aged        (More) 9/12/2004
 Big adolescent aged        (More) 10/26/2004
 The Chinese Experiment adolescent aged        (More) 5/13/2004
 Burma¡¯s Tiger Orchid adolescent aged        (More) 5/13/2004
 9-11 In Memory adutcher        (More) 4/8/2005
 Weary and thin. Aengus        (More) 3/27/2009
 Never Met A Taliban Aengus        (More) 3/26/2009
 Time. Aengus        (More) 8/8/2011
 Karla AJB        (More) 6/4/2001
 Forever Blind Albert        (More) 9/21/2001
 Tears Albert        (More) 9/26/2001

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