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Americans are stupid?

I can remember wen we voted for the best man.
Now we vote for some one who says ''Yes we can.''
He was given four years and things got worse.
We gave him four more years and we're under a curse.

Before a hostile wind of change was made.
I think we had a chance.

Nov 12, 2014
A new tape has surfaced
showing ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber,
He says we are stupid.
We don't know what's good for us.

Instead of voting for some one who wants to get,
Let's vote for one who wants to fix it.
Things that we want are not always good for us.
We must think of what God says is right for us.

We need God back in our nation.
He's the only One who can fix our relation.

Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge

''before a hostile wind''

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