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I turn on the radio or T.V., and I hear things I

have already heard a thousand times before.

Who are these people getting rich off of original

discoveries and inventions that were made 100, 150

years ago or longer. It seems they are not capable

of one original thought. The internet is still basically

digital,using x's and o's, Morris code, to bore people

to death.

They have destroyed peoples' incentive to create

original music and poetry,sending the same boring

nonsense through the air waves constantly, and they

are being sustained by the selfish, self aggrandizing


They keep repeating

the same hateful iconoclastic rhetoric, repeatedly,

to demoralize and advance their political agendas

as our lives lose all meaning through boring

redundant repetitions of meaningless mediocrity and

gibberish driving us to booze and drugs.

They are turning my soul into a pumpkin and my mind
into a rat warren.

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