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Here Is Your Daily Cheese ~

Four score
and right now
our leaders
the rich
are still lying
to the poor

They are
set to rewrite
and rob
you everyday
another of
civil rights

Verbal treats and
have become
orders of day
for political
and a decaying

Fly like freedom's
eagles if
in our blue
and red skies
and I say when
and now where

As our world
has now becoming
an overflowing toilet
of backwater and
forked tongues

Hate is a four letter
word of the day
most places
but i can think
of worse ones
spoken in rallies
and protests
as well too much violence
around everyday
driven by an
overload of deceit
and corruption

Guess if you say give
peace a chance
from what i have seen
recently is just ignorant
and the so call educated
whining and crying

So here is your daily
white or yellow
bet you can't even pick
which one of
those you really want

Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

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