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The Closing of the Year

The time is drawing nigh
when the sun will no longer shine...
on a year that ran away

It was February a few seconds
Then July nudged its way into existence
When I blinked my eyes, September
rolled into town

My calender looks like a war zone
with hi-lights and appointments
Why must doctors and hospitals
intrude within these months?

I ask not of their service...
Yet, they seem to draw us forth
like a human-magnet attached to their door
Perhaps it was time to read old magazines,
littered in the lobby of grunts and groans

Pay attention to the moments
that dash vicariously across your vision
There must be something you can throw a
shoe at...

Maybe some imaginable brake pedal
you can apply to slow things down
Then again...maybe not

Maybe its time to punch the

Hang on...Granny

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