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Some things I will not explain
I will never forget she tried to drive me insane

What came with the pain a teardrop Drop Like Rain
some things I will never not explain

But what came with the insane and the pain
thunderstorm teardrop Drop Like Rain

Did I go outside in the thunderstorm rain
I weep and cried I could not stand the pain

Must I refraim from the pain and chains
that she put down on my brain

She loves me but she love me not
always putting my feelings right-up on the spot

But today the clouds are gone and the thunderstorm has stopped
The pain that this woman, I let her do to me

Now as of today, I'm cool,I'm no more that fool
Bcuse if the other one wont work
Thee other one will, this is just the way P, Sonic fells
Mac Daddy back on track

It's just one thing I will never explain
Too much pain to explain
but her tears drop like bullets they fly like rain

Sonic the Freak Speaks
Still riding Dragonflys in the wispering winds

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