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A Fair Maiden

A Fair Maiden

A Fair Maiden
We look inside the wool sack left dangling in the wind
To light the flame of what we have been searching for within
She dances in a ring of fire yet throws off a challenge with a shrug
Looking for deep reflections of sweet love from above
While living in her plush castle among the allegiance
She looks at nature with it's fallen embers of soft green colors
Draws from the well of the sproutng spring along the river
Sends a shiver down her spine of sublime intent
Looks deep in her drawer for paper to write on
Making music out of the sweet melodic chimes in her room
Very carefree as her master sips on his port
A garden was planted outside in the dusk
Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plough
Travels to the market square to buy dainties filled with perfume
The songs that she sings sweet presence of lavender dew
A court jester laughs as she sits in the abode of her study
Making colors out of the sky seen by a fleeting passerby
The king has summoned her presence to a far away palace
Soon she may be selected as the honrable lady or queen
By the ocean she sets her sights on the make believe
Into a far off forest fr one heart willing to achieve
A rainbow in the dark amidst it's timeless plight
Forget the night it's a new chosen day by which to bow the knee to pray
A heart very sweet in the nature of solace follows her touch

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