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Ukraine: Murder, Mayhem and War

There were some ugly militants
Down in old Kiev, Ukraine
They didnít like their government
So decided to deal some pain

They used metal bars & guns
Molotov cocktails & sprays
To blind, maim and kill
In the darkest of those days

But to Senator John McCain
These thugs were heroes true
Burning and beating their way
Thousands against the few

McCain stood with a fascist
And lauded the vicious mob
While Nuland gave them cookies
While justice was heard to sob

A legally-elected government
and legally-elected president too
Were brought down by US pressure
By an ultra-violent few

Is this a new American play?
To undermine democratic Ukraine?
And any other nation
That seems to get in its way?

In Syria too we see the same
Just as in Libya and Iraq
Nations torn to pieces
By underhand US attack

Why does the USA do this?
What does it now stand for?
Peace, unity and justice?
Or for murder, mayhem and war?

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