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American Blood Spilled

The plague spread quietly and quickly, and who knew.
Under the guise of good government, controlled by a few.
Those who pledged and supported were so richly rewarded.
Never conceived so good be born, all the bad were boarded.

Enumeration of the individual programs and acts.
We'd need more pages than Obomacare for the facts.
From the E.P.A. through the D.O.J. to the I.R.S.
There is no denying our country is in one hell of a mess.

From lying to cheating to out right thieving.
Statements and testimony there's just no believing.
If all the crimes were prosecuted the federal prisons would be filled.
Ineptness, mistakes, ingnorance, is measured in American blood spilled.

'never conceived so good be born'

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