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* So Stand *

I've had enough
of being surrounded
by idiots on
every slide
taken up loose
and then blaming a master
of the universe

To me it not love
you all seek
its just the government
and you of little faith
are just all the generations
of The new N.WO'S

It funny you
all forget your
last president
did everything he
could to triple
yes i said triple
our national debt

Oh and lest we forget
the rise of black lives
matter and the total vast
direct reverse racist regime
True Truth and Liberty
have been shot

And in the next few eons
we don't again
Shout for freedom
We The People
Of The United States
will be nevermore

So stand and think
for yourselves and
stop wanting feed outs
and hand jobs
otherwise to ' They '
you are just worthless
tax cattle

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