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Corporate Greed With Vain Societal

greed in your teeth the flick of a cigarette
getting everything you want at the supermarket store
she's on time again and then we pause to think
can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss when there's a dozen of pots in our sink
Trump takes a dump on society yet we hide from thee
thought you like to know down by the river side we run away and hide
apples and oranges
the refrigerator is stocked up
had too much to drink

sitting in the club listening to fools breaking all the rules
your the tool of the government and industry to
I open the door to an empty room that I forgot to go
blood soaked zombies with viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off the side
we hit the needle and the damage is done
falling head long in a pool of mire filled with disgust and mire
such as a funeral parlor taking a gun for hire
quench our thirst for a little more I'll retire when i'm sixty four
corporate greed with hookers on the mile high air
no one seems to care nor shed a single tear
we all bought into the lie that says, 'I am what I do'.
having bitten off far more then we could ever chew

society is blinded by a source unseen nothing clean in its twisted evil scheme
yet still dig deeper then ever before lest I implore another opened door
not since the seventies with Studio 64 have we ever seen a scene toward a new swing
falling head long into a break wall to a know it all president who is suckered into residence
these are desolate times yet we have settled for ill but faded rhymes
no one opens the door for their neighbor they expect preferential treatment
businessman drink my wine come and smoke my herb
but we can hold them on the line the place is out of this world
they will steal from your neighbor to please theor fat cat with blue hats
working today can give anyone an instant heart attack

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