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fight or flight

when you are young
you don't know any better
what is love and what isn't
you trust that someone is

watching over you
I thought my parents would know
and see the signs
my older sister sure did

but her warnings fell on my deaf ears
my heart that said it was in love
in the beginning it was a fairytale
romance, very romeo and juliet

my mom knew better than to
break us apart, so she tried
to keep piecing us back together
one day she even chased after me

in her car, when he and I broke up
thinking I was going crazy and I
jumped the wall and I ran
my small purple purse bouncing on

my hip
she later found me and dragged me home
said I was crazy and to cut it out
I said that he didn't want to be with me

and when I lay on my bed
my head felt like it was spinning
and the whole world seemed to catapult
it was dizzying and scary

I didn't know how to handle the knife
that seemed to dig deeper into my heart
when I tried to get up the ceiling came towards me
so I lay back down, my heart seemed to press in

I was suffocating, drowning in my own despair
and my mom didn't see that
or maybe she did and she tried so hard
to give me the bad advice to go back to him

she said no you can't go out with him or him
they will only use you, what did she think
that my boyfriend was doing then?
that he was innocent? my true love?

how could my first love be the one?
he was hurting me, he was calling me names
he was hurling things that I gave to him
back at me, what was I supposed to do?

he would hang up on me, leave me
places in the middle of the night
what did I do to deserve any of this?
no, she said quietly, stubbornly

women don't leave
and she pieced us back together
broken heart, torn pictures pasted together
glued us back and there was no way out

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