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The Beast Within

The Beast Escapes

Staring at the knotty pine
Formations on an
'A' frame ceiling
I see the image
Of a wolf staring a me.

Fear start creeping in
For its awakening
The hidden dormant beast
Dwelling Within my soul
That's been incarcerated
With the love and understanding
Given me by love ones.

I now fear
The comings of the
Next full moon
Not even the wolfbane
Will keep the beast within.

As he escapes from
My soul
Seeking refuge
In the wilderness
My peace of mind.

My image in the mirror
Sheds a tear from
Bloodshot eyes
As a distorted face
Howls at silvery rays
From a full moon
Filtering through drawn
Before diving through
The window
To begin the chase
Of the hunt
For I now grave the flesh
Of prey.

By: William Bonila

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