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dead canines in Spain

Dead Canines in Spain

The Aegean Sea, another rubber dinghy sank 30 people drowned
most of them Syrians and from the hateful a smile when they are
stupid risking their life and come here wanting to live like us.
A good Syrian is a dead one, and they did not have much of value
for a state to confiscate and none of them had a higher education just
some uneducated bodies bringing nothing but their humanity and
children now drowned.

To make matters worse, they were Muslims too, from rural backwaters of
an alien culture, so we do not have to worry about them anymore,
expendable people both in their country and the countries they hoped would
give them succour. There are so many other inequities around, look at the way
they treat dogs in Spain isn`t that a shame something for the face- book.
So send some money to the people who try to rescue the dogs.

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