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Invisible Wars

It may seem like I walk with angels
But at night I sleep with demons
They yell at me through my dreams
never trying to disguise their meanings

They remind me of the horrid and pain
from so many moons ago
They serve as the only keepsakes
of warriors you'll never know

It may seem like I'm all fun and games
But every night I'm shipped off to war
every dream, a different theme
but it's all centered around the same tour

It's a moment frozen from the past
but played out on shuffle and repeat
the endings differ
the beginnings clearer
But it always end in defeat

While it may seem like I'm sleeping peacefully
My peace has been ripped to pieces
If I'm yelling, sweating, or shouting 'get down'
it will continue until the war ceases

I'm fighting until the dead are paid
So I'm fighting an endless war
I'm fighting until the memories fade
deathly afraid of this endless war

So if I appear restless and tired
and hesitate to offer reasons
Just remember my angels may be with me now
but at night I sleep with demons

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