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Yes, I Do Have a Dream My Fiends

The full moon did once shine upon my face like static touch through darkened clouds on a cool October night. I could hear her words whispered as if from the great vastness of the Cosmos and barried deep within a dimension close enough to graze my cheek.
Visions of monsters so indefinable as to have their very name stolen from existence. So macabre and so beautiful the alien- ness, so full of strangeness that I could only name them, Brother Sister Father self. Destruction of taught beliefs and learned phrases gives birth to a rising emotion. I'll call it My Rebirth of Sparkling Starlight... Supercharched Supernova of Sweet Embrace.
Oh how I live And long for the cool taste of Autumn air and the dying of the Earth... And the person I've become. Dying is just another chance to be reborn, so no need for tears, embrace fear of the unknown and blast the past into a thousand pieces and reassemble the puzzle to make It who you wish It to be. Do not regret the darkness within. Be not ashamed of who you are just because someone says it's not right.
Fight. Fight with might and patient wisdom for you and I are all Beautiful Monsters and we we're born under the darkest star to destroy that which threatens the golden rules... Judge not and do no harm... Unless the subject threatens others or self...
So I close my eyes under static moon beams and reach out to the void, to the undying starlight of another world and I let slip thy soul to connect with the dimension where I never cried and myself never died that first time, that first taste of crimson let down.
In us all there is that one experience which changed how we perceived the world, stole our innocence and obliterated the trusting kindness within...
... So I enter into that realm of perfect being and open my eyes to something new, yet old and comforting and I am home. Worlds within world's sealed in the hearts of the children of Neverwas. So close this other world yet such a struggle to reach... Unless we want it bad enough.

... So you ask if I have a dream. Yes, I have a dream... I dream that someday we all want it bad enough... And we all, under the same dark, shining moon... Reach out as o e and let ourselves go... And open our eyes and with sweet embrace smile and love on into a new dawn.
Yes I do have a dream... I dream often.

For a Misfit poet and Mizclaws.

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