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Planet of the Rosenberg Legacy

No pearly action on the planet of the Rosenberg Legacy:

I have empathy for most everyone but trouble showing it due
to the hard bitten influence of Hollywood.

Some people believe when Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg sold our nuclear

bomb information they effectively destroyed any chance America might have

had of eventually providing humane examples of leadership and responsibility

to the rest of the world because forever thereafter came the the Frankenstein

mechanizations of Einstein's

'Energy equals M C squared' Even Einstein had grave misgivings.

Now America must spend its time and resources kowtowing and snooping

into the affairs of countries like Iran, North Korea, India and Pakistan, and it

is probably one of the main reasons the pornographic internet was developed.

Now, many gravely suspect that the world is being slowly poisoned via of

nuclear accidents like Fukushima Daiichi, Chernobyl , and inadequate nuclear

fuel rod storage, and bomb tests.

Many people believe the collective spirit of God will one day manifest

itself and permanently destroy all those who had anything to do with it.

( Yes, I believe Jesus is God, and he has been with me every second of
my 'brain dead, free will, feeble minded existence', even though he keeps
his holiness far distant from the likes of me. He was even there when I
had some conversations with 'Old Scratch' I am amazed that he has
put up with my foolishness all these years. I guess he knows I have never
received much worthy socially redeeming guidance from anyone at all from
anyone whose opinion actually mattered. Talk is cheap. Money talks
and B.S. walks)

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