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Please don't be a zombie for the devil.
keep me away from a wrong evil level.
Tattoo's, drugs, alcohol and lust.
Things attractive to me as a car riddled with rust.
Wallowing in the fat of fast food failure.
Feeling like hes fled our righteous saviour.
Prying into pity,
an excuse to have a sitty.
Wondering why the dead slow
then frenzied fanatic behaviour.
The reason is your need to serve
the dark prince
Hypnotizing does not wash out with a rinse.
The urge to follow the horde , is real.
, True as the search on the next starved for meal.
The bugs in the gut growing longer
Squirming out their waste releasing signals hungers stronger
What can we do. Where is best to look.
The Bible of course covers every nook.
Read and listen to what it teaches
When anarchy starts to reign purge the interracial racist leeches.

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