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Mayor's Madness

I found a dead teenage girl while taking a walk through the woods.
People thought that I killed her and wanted me to go to jail for good.
That poor girl turned out to be the Mayor's daughter.
He wanted me to suffer because she was slaughtered.
But I was innocent and my lawyer was able to prove that to a jury.
I should've left town at that point and I should've left in a hurry.
The Mayor didn't believe me or the jury and his grief and anger drove him mad.
He was determined to make me pay for a crime I didn't commit and that was so sad.
He had me abducted and brought to his house where he tortured me every day.
He gave me electric shocks and beat me, I wanted to die but I didn't pass away.
He kept me in his attic for a while but moved me to a room several days later.
Because of the Mayor's madness, he completely forgot about his dumbwaiter.
I was able to use that dumbwaiter to escape and I quickly left town.
I heard that the Mayor was put in an insane asylum after having a nervous breakdown.
I'm not angry because of my plight but I am angry because the real killer hasn't been caught.
I want that murderer to go to the gas chamber or to prison for life, he certainly deserves to rot.

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