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The Sounds Lied

Don't you find it weird when the world goes silent?
No people to hear, not even a siren
don't you feel the loneliness that it brings?
When all you hear is how the wind sings,

Don't you find it haunting, not even the slightest?
Doesn't it make you feel like you could cease to exist?
Does it make you shrivel up into a little ball?
Like you are hiding from something almighty and invisible?

Can't you feel it through the goosebumps in your skin?
It almost feels like the whole world is listening,
waiting so patiently for you to make a sound,
so from then on and out it can resound,

Don't you feel it gazing at your fiercely frightened eyes,
just waiting for a moment to take you by surprise,
and at that last moment when you think silence will ever end,
you hear the sounds of thunder clashing,
people talking, people laughing,

It never ends it's always there but for a split second it disappeared,
into another world or place,
I do not know I can't chase it,

When will it stop when will it end, this endless chaos
that drives me round the bend,
I cannot stop it and I cannot freeze time,
but why for a second do sounds lie?

Masking themselves as silence,
they hide,
somewhere for a moment of time,
Don't ever forget that the sounds have lied.

By Larna Kira Kourtis AKA LkSkyFlyRose

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