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Tension's Wrath

Timeless tensions are building up.
Every wall seems to be closing in on me.
Nothing I do is ever right, it seems like it is all wrong
tracking my every move, is this tension I feel inside
Initially wanted to be healed, and whole again,
only find myself helpless like a child, crumpled on the ground.
Nobody cares anymore just as long as they don't have to
see me in this shape.
I wonder if I died would he run to her.

Wasting away to nothing, in my tension's wrath
Restoration, I am looking for,
maybe, looking in the wrong places.
Anxiety sets in and my tensions begin to worsen.
Tell me why do I suffer so, am I such a bad person?
Nothing can break these chains that bind me except for death.

Then that would be tension's wrath.

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