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false facade...


passionate dreams foreboding of loveliness beget thankfulness
murmuring streams, its banks blanketed with August blooms
dauntless are their tainted petals which are forbidden to smile
overwhelmed is the wind with its envious gaze misted by tears
silent is the cloud as it rested its troubled spirit in tranquility
sympathies textured hope, shimmers in uninspired fascination

dark specks floated with myriad of lines, scattered with fascination
the brow of heaven arched like pruning hooks discerning thankfulness
exude deep emotions, so meek and lowly immersed in tranquility
gusting breeze of the turbulent sea kissed the cheek of its shy bloom
unkempt hair danced violently trying to dry traces of her tears
feeling dejected, can not hide sadness with impish fake smile

vain belief, smothers life with its near extinguished smoldering smile
deceiving wants of stained desires waltzed with undefined fascination
tried to remained forever friends amidst endless anguish ~ bitter tears
unending is the limits of enduring sacrifice to show thankfulness
gave self too much, the wilting bouquet of roses, fading is its bloom
harvest yields of hollowed victory in troubled stormy tranquility

awakened at dawn daunted by uneasiness of supposedly tranquility
prevailing ill wind of fate blow fiercely, preventing lips to smile
unframed canvas of existence splashed with grey hues of bloom
bridled by time it remains in complete constrained fascination
the lore of passion intoxicates vision, shed are copious tears
the true colors of truth unseen, veiled is the face of thankfulness

pregnant buds of expectation remained stagnant to thankfulness
shadowed the magnificence and wonders of anticipated tranquility
infiniteness of blessings bestow will always be stained by tears
unwelcomed is the moment in time, disheartened, sighing a smile
unwilling, unmotivated with weak foundation, collapsing fascination
enshrined the image of failed bonds, friendship that never bloomed

if the wind of fate leads to uncharted destiny, will someday blooms
know that heart remains steadfast of unrelenting thankfulness
exhaustless is the endurance full of candor of stainless fascination
only when sight dimmed, soul and spirit rest in absolute tranquility
that I’ll be contented, freely fade away in the sunset with smile
remember the happy times spent together, not shedding a tear

with unabashed thankfulness I offer myself freely in tranquility
authentic smile forever in my heart kept, shadowed are the tears
‘tho unbeknownst, bloomed in our hearts, breathing fascination

love and peace, meke aloha Ku'u'ipo! APOng

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