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Knights Daze No Longer Mourning

Eye's open to the piercing sound of the sun as dreams fade to static memory. Distant voices, haunting and prophetic stab wounds in echoing, noiseless cadence.
Feet touch floor and icy tentacles creep their way toward a heart which no longer beats and the Monster under the bed cackles a taunting reminder... The last breath is the only one promised. I forgot my promise. Doesn't seem so important now, anyway.
Downstairs the light infiltrates Windows and curtains which hide dusty cobweb images and the hallway hides the fear of another day. What lies beyond bolted doors can only imagine as nightmares and annoyances I'd rather not contemplate.
So, I contemplate life and death and spy the stereo staring back at me, defiance screaming to be let loose upon the world... So I push play and let it loose.
Instantly I feel it building, rising, overwhelming the Static within. The voices becoming clearer as the darkness weakens and the fear turns red and explodes into a million shiny particles and the energy becomes the momentum that drives the force beyond decibels considered healthy.
The basement door creeks open and Monsters spill into the hall, dead set on destruction, but I don't know this, I've crashed through the door and set this once dysfunctional heart to detonate and with a Razorblade Smile and sweet embrace of the unknown I've left to take over an unsuspecting world.
A world lulled to slumber by tyrant's with drugs disguised as hugs and everyone gladly took to dreaming stasis... But not me.
The knight is cold and dreary with eyes vacant and blurry, but the mourning was once the awakening and so long were the daze until Starlight gave birth to a new song.
Born of a dying Star, raised in the vastness of the Void the warrior of worry was foretold long ago.
A quest to slay the Monsters and rip the very night into the screaming voice of a few billion eyes that are awakening to a new way... And the daze are our own once again and the Knights are many under starry skies as Mourning slips away into the Nether...

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