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4 zero comment pieces

I post only poems on this wonderful
starlitecafe poetry site and I have posted
no comments on the forum page for
many years I have only posted comments
on individual poets, so
if someone is somehow using my pen
name to write things impugning my
character on the forum or elsewhere
it is not me, and they must have
somehow gained access to my password.

free verse

Busier than the devil on judgement day

11;18 2015

Spokane November 18 2015

The angry winds of God blew hard
But out trees our wonderful trees
Bent like willows in the breeze

Our tress our wonderful trees
Only 171 according to the media
came down deceased

Power is out
No signs of utility crews
can be seen

God does what he wants to do
and shuns the logic of evil
and laughs in the face of unbelievers

Oh Jesus of mercy pure
Have pity on feeble minded fools
like me who let his chances go by.

Beware of foreign entanglements
President George Washington

Beware of the military industrial complex
President Dwight David Eisenhower

If not for the many surpluses
provided by corporate America
Many of us might not be here

It is very likely the greed
that many seeking fame accuse them of
that is keeping most of us alive

We should pray they find a way
to nullify atomic radiation
before it is really too late

liberal iconoclastic agitators getting rich
Illegal drugs, gun runners and pornographers
have caused many to think of America as Babylon

( I think the song that best describes the human
condition is the Neil Diamond song, 'I am I said'

I believe America was to be a bright and shining
city on a hill providing an example that the world
would want to follow.)

'Bless the song that no one sings
Bless the bell that never rings
birds that have no wings
old broken toys sad little boys
who don't know why
and lovers lovers
who let their chances go by
Such as you such as I) ' Jimmy Webb

Veteran's day 'sweetheart left behind'
11/11/ 2015

Jeweler Julie Jane

Julie Jane-------- Julie Jane
Soft as warm Summer rain
Julie Jane with her name
Jeweler Julie Jane
the love chain of Julie Jane

I had so many good things

in this life
nothing seems to matter much now
Yet my heart cries for the reign
of the love of Julie Jane
that never was
Contraptions of distraction

cpy. 1031 2015

Growing old

What we are not being told
Growing old is a horrible thing
while the children
of the wild Saturday night
are too busy having a good time
with their addlepated minds
too distracted
to do anything about it.
so the horror continues
Growing old is a horrible thing

I believe people who understand
and comprehend the terrible truth about
life are fully capable
of practicing celibacy and staying single
like Christ did.)

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