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'Love Letters'

Love Letters

my forever lover
you have my most
endearing love and respect
i just wanted you to know
the love and joy
you have brought
into my life
i am forever your's
and will sever you
even in the downs of life
when you call my name
i shall push ~
everyone and everything
quickly aside
to be at your command
to shiver at the sound
of your most blessed voice
and break beard under
the name of husband and wife
all you need do is ask
all you need do is be
and i shall sever the
as a wife should sever
her blessed husband
and in this i do promise
You can know a greater love
a love that will not leave
a love that can only hear
your whisper in the night
for i am a true woman
and know when i have
the love of a true Man~

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