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Celebrate Sight

Celebrate Sight

How amazing and spectacular are the sights
I have witnessed in the past decade of my life
You are the ever present reason I celebrate sight
You are the selfless Donor who gave me light

Indescribable clarity in every vision since then
Gratitude's gaze casts true beauty upon all I see
Wondering if we were amazed by the same sights
Savoring every image that dances in the light

Today hummingbirds and butterflies flew by
Through gracious tears I watched in awe
Without your gift I could not have seen this sight
Thank you for restoring my eye with your light

I pray you know how much you changed my life
May you somehow witness the beauty I see
You gave me newfound hope to celebrate sight
I am forever grateful to carry on your light

Heather Hazlett
Grateful Cornea Transplant Recipient
July 27, 2015

Written in dedication to my Cornea Donor who gave me the gift of sight 10 years ago today! I am incredibly thankful for the past decade of visions I have seen because of this selfless gift! In honor of my Donor I ask you all today to please take a moment to Celebrate Sight!! If you arent already please consider being and Donor you could change a life like mine!!

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