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A perfect sadness shrouds my days
Through space and darkened nights.
The silence which the moon adorns
Gives way without a fight.

In secrecy the pain is borne
And in its glow I bask.
The aching felt within my bones
Unfits me for the task.

Intense...the image in my mind
Behind the sterile door.
Your lifeless form sans mortal pain
Within that world of yours.

I hold your hand, I kiss your cheek
And long for you to be...
Released to me on brighter shores
Where every captive's free.

Your life on earth was much too short,
Your death came much too soon!
Now I am left to weep and morn
Within this dark cocoon.

In loving memory of Rodney Alan Peeples
April 12, 1967 - September 21, 2011

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