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 IN THE POLLS poetalthomas        (More) 3/21/2015
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 Ode of March... XRifles        (More) 3/9/2015
 Two Years Ago randy-johnson        (More) 3/6/2015
 What's my status?  BlueeyedBandit        (More) 3/6/2015
 Aloha O'e Big Sister... XRifles        (More) 3/5/2015
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 A SWEETER LOVE OnePurpleCrayon        (More) 3/5/2015
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 A SPECIAL DAY listener        (More) 3/4/2015
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 Song of The Sea AbbasEwe        (More) 3/1/2015
 Time Loreen-Parke        (More) 2/25/2015
 WOW poetalthomas        (More) 2/25/2015
 imagination... XRifles        (More) 2/23/2015
 blessed day... XRifles        (More) 2/23/2015
 Our Dog Blackie. Truenobleman        (More) 2/20/2015
 MY Love TagTina456        (More) 2/19/2015
 Freedom macwriter        (More) 2/17/2015
 Dear Bill denlexx        (More) 2/15/2015
 Her! Truenobleman        (More) 2/14/2015

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I lose elections in polls,
Always, people don't know.
Lose a few.
The many speaks.
Election aren't won in polls.
In counts, I win.
The highest number.
Polls aren't accurate.

''I always lose the election in the polls,
and I always win it on election day.''

Benjamin Netanyahu

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