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Sancta Sedes - Sestina

Beatrice Cenci [1577-99]
painting by Guido Reni

Her spirit remains in The Tempietto

Her severed head she carries, from the Sant’ Angelo Bridge,
surrounded features bring her near, so small in comparison,
drawn to the Tempietto, she's associated with this reminder
overheard, from my conversation with Paul from the ceiling,
conveyance from scripture, giving good reason why she rose
entering the arches from above, as the confessor to the popes.

And should some transparency come from the dark, as popes
they shall arrive, therefore each column’s reach shall bridge.
A welcome for her soul as this martyr who did solitary rose.
Foundations rise, to accommodate a time frame comparison,
an elevation of successive thrones dismantle from the ceiling
transfiguration, the high Janiculum shares this as a reminder.

Lashes which hold down the dome leave from each reminder
an allegoric sibyl, descending prominence upon all the popes
supply the first chapel, a flagellation shown from that ceiling,
attributes the term to justify it would sincerely want to bridge
forgiveness, with pain incurred again to share no comparison
mistreated by her father, to that point of incest, a demon rose.

The gifts that the heavens have distributed, the virtues arose
without light amid darkness, hope sensing a slight reminder
will concede that an exterior courtyard shares no comparison
with this evil looming, she brings this attention to the popes
that my being there as witness, has strange feelings to bridge,
between living and spiritual being, I am talking to the ceiling.

Innocenzo Ciocchi Del Monte says “grave concern, a ceiling”
It appears a fifth chapel holds a funerary theme, a scent rose
my suspicion, her needless desires beckon vassals, to bridge,
the quandary between a lover and father to halt this reminder
to him, [pope Clement VII], show Sant’ Angelo Bridge popes,
leniency has a common faith with its people, no comparison.

Unlike its people, disown tried to purport with a comparison,
whom he determined to save the elect, you falsify the ceiling
at the Tempietto is remarkably single minded, like its popes,
the mocking of her agony has now determined she who rose,
O' 'Jesus Christ!' how small minded are you? As the reminder
with the thorns? Crown defender of the faith, a worthy bridge.

How from here, to the ceiling can a prayer vouch that it rose,
from a faith, should it bridge between another like reminder
that wishful thinking of popes finder for keeps, a comparison.

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