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 WORLD poetalthomas        (More) 10/8/2018
 Pearl SilverDawn        (More) 10/8/2018
 A Beautiful Talent Lady just_little_me        (More) 9/25/2018
 THE SWAN KING ( King To My Heart ) ladydp2000        (More) 9/19/2018
 Brother Jim and Ruth deeny107        (More) 9/15/2018
 911 ~ You Wondered Where He Was KKD ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ        (More) 9/10/2018
 Burt randy-johnson        (More) 9/6/2018
 Heaven's Door dolores39        (More) 9/3/2018
 Merle Haggard norman        (More) 8/19/2018
 All Angels at Starlite just_little_me        (More) 8/18/2018
 He Stands His Ground norman        (More) 8/17/2018
 Arthenia randy-johnson        (More) 8/3/2018
 Through the eyes of passion Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/30/2018
 Celebrate Sight hhazlett26        (More) 7/29/2018
 WITHIN YOUR SWEET EMBRACE MissSharon        (More) 7/21/2018
 Blessed Dawn hhazlett26        (More) 7/13/2018
 ODE TO HELEN S. RICE( Blood Quill) ladydp2000        (More) 7/13/2018
 Dad Ceased To Be Alive randy-johnson        (More) 7/13/2018
 Moved By Her Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/9/2018
 GRACE poetalthomas        (More) 7/9/2018
 The Hobbits Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/8/2018
 For Cherry Debera        (More) 6/25/2018
 Granny's Violets! Debera        (More) 6/25/2018
 Eulogy for my front tooth 1951....2018  Kay P M-Devenish        (More) 6/23/2018
 A Prayer for my starlite family/friends just_little_me        (More) 6/18/2018
 Weightless Tapestry Mario William Vitale        (More) 6/10/2018
 A Beautiful Butterfly Mario William Vitale        (More) 6/6/2018
 D-DAY listener        (More) 6/6/2018
 Aunt Ella's Mason Jars Debera        (More) 6/3/2018
 An American Soldier  Heartsong        (More) 5/28/2018

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World, God created in 6 days.
Only, God made man and all his ways.
Revive us Lord, we gaze.
Lord, we must give you praise,
Divine Authority with hands raised.

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