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 Crazy Tracks Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/25/2017
 Decade of Gratitude hhazlett26        (More) 7/21/2017
 Death Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/15/2017
 Warhol Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/14/2017
 Four Years randy-johnson        (More) 7/13/2017
 Heart ConfusedFighter        (More) 7/3/2017
 A MOTHERS ODE blueeyez        (More) 6/29/2017
 Mrs H blueeyez        (More) 6/29/2017
 The Sniper norman        (More) 6/25/2017
 ODE TO HELEN STEINER RICE(Blood Quill) ladydp2000        (More) 6/20/2017
 ALZHEIMERS PRAYER joye        (More) 6/19/2017
 The Loss of Adam West randy-johnson        (More) 6/11/2017
 The Coal Train norman        (More) 6/10/2017
 Sojourner's Song. Debera        (More) 6/3/2017
 REMEMBER listener        (More) 6/1/2017
 GRANDPA AND GRANDMA poetalthomas        (More) 5/29/2017
 OLD SOLDIERS poetalthomas        (More) 5/29/2017
 This Memorial Day norman        (More) 5/29/2017
 Have Pen Will Write poetalthomas        (More) 5/29/2017
 *Soaring* Myth        (More) 5/27/2017
 Thank You panther811        (More) 5/26/2017
 THANK YOU poetalthomas        (More) 5/25/2017
 Roger Moore randy-johnson        (More) 5/24/2017
 The Starlite Cafe dave.wynter        (More) 5/21/2017
 Darkness and Light dave.wynter        (More) 5/20/2017
 The Coal Miner norman        (More) 5/18/2017
 Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part IV randy-johnson        (More) 5/14/2017
 BROTHER AND SISTER-IN-LAW poetalthomas        (More) 5/12/2017
 Photograph Myth        (More) 5/8/2017
 Mothers Day panther811        (More) 5/8/2017

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Crazy Tracks

My heart beats
faster than a locomotive
with no stop
She doesn't need a token
to get on this ride
It doesn't matter though
I can go slower
I can go faster
I can shine myself up
to look all nice and pretty,
but she won't get on this ride
No matter how loud my engine howls,
No matter how loud my horn screams,
she won't get on this ride.

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