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 delete delete        (More) 4/25/2016
 We Are Family. just_little_me        (More) 4/23/2016
 Golden The Realist        (More) 4/21/2016
 Words of a Poet sassyone        (More) 4/16/2016
 Oh Joe The Realist        (More) 4/16/2016
 Wherever She Goes Adele Kaye        (More) 4/13/2016
 MISA IS A LOT OF FUN ( Free Verse ) ladydp2000        (More) 4/10/2016
 Just An Old Vet norman        (More) 4/7/2016
 Merle Haggard, thanks for sharing jvaughan        (More) 4/7/2016
 SOME SUFFER poetalthomas        (More) 4/2/2016
 SILENT poetalthomas        (More) 4/1/2016
 PYTHON  poetalthomas        (More) 3/20/2016
 THOUGHTFULLNESS georgeporge        (More) 3/10/2016
 For Sir George Martin dave.wynter        (More) 3/9/2016
 The Bowers Refuge Debera        (More) 3/9/2016
 Rest In Peace, Mom - Part II randy-johnson        (More) 3/6/2016
 Sariah Lesa_Lynn_Wirth        (More) 3/4/2016
 TASMANIA CRICKET TEAM poetalthomas        (More) 3/1/2016
 You Liked the Rain Jaimie        (More) 2/23/2016
 THE ALMIGHTY georgeporge        (More) 2/23/2016
 What I See In You Emotionalman        (More) 2/21/2016
 Turning Back the Hands of time - If Only Jani7744        (More) 2/20/2016
 OUR DAILY BREAD georgeporge        (More) 2/19/2016
 Purr panther811        (More) 2/15/2016
 How Do You Spell Wonderful Human Being? randy-johnson        (More) 2/15/2016
 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY IN HEAVEN TO ED Jani7744        (More) 2/13/2016
 GOD'S ARMOUR georgeporge        (More) 2/7/2016
 For My Friend Michele Loreen-Parke        (More) 2/5/2016
 the lay of the land  jan oskar hansen        (More) 2/1/2016
 an African Queen  jan oskar hansen        (More) 1/30/2016

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A teacher with a heart is a gifted soul,weaved together with threads of gold...
A teacher touches lives of great many,his reward is hearing a success testimony...
He listens intently to give a positive feedback, he keeps a keen eye on the learning steps they take...
Listens to unspoken word's to fathom a heart's needs.,he earnestly cares about what and how he feeds...
Mistakes are often made,he is always forgiving...
Never minding their failures, he is always encouraging...
He is someone a student would look up for his counsel,laced with love is wise and true...
A teacher with a heart is one set apart. To touch lives with the love he imparts.
Thankful for lives turned for the better.....

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