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 My Soul never fades WILLIAMSJI        (More) 9/20/2017
 Dance to Cherish... WILLIAMSJI        (More) 9/20/2017
 Orville Redenbacher randy-johnson        (More) 9/19/2017
 CITY OF MY JOYS WILLIAMSJI        (More) 9/19/2017
 The Dead Were Not Actually Dead Mario William Vitale        (More) 9/8/2017
 Stacy III randy-johnson        (More) 9/7/2017
 Curt randy-johnson        (More) 8/31/2017
 Aunt Ria  ScotsLass        (More) 8/29/2017
 The Fight Of Her Life norman        (More) 8/27/2017
 SIR CHARLES SPENCER CHAPLIN (Acrostic ) ladydp2000        (More) 8/26/2017
 Just A Baby norman        (More) 8/25/2017
 The Nigtmare Mario William Vitale        (More) 8/25/2017
 Mom JTRACKRAT        (More) 8/19/2017
 A LITTLE GIRL LAY SLEEPING MissSharon        (More) 8/16/2017
 Raise The Roof Mario William Vitale        (More) 8/13/2017
 Forever Fly hhazlett26        (More) 8/7/2017
 Celebrate Sight hhazlett26        (More) 7/27/2017
 Crazy Tracks Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/25/2017
 Decade of Gratitude hhazlett26        (More) 7/21/2017
 Death Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/15/2017
 Warhol Mario William Vitale        (More) 7/14/2017
 Four Years randy-johnson        (More) 7/13/2017
 Heart ConfusedFighter        (More) 7/3/2017
 A MOTHERS ODE blueeyez        (More) 6/29/2017
 Mrs H blueeyez        (More) 6/29/2017
 The Sniper norman        (More) 6/25/2017
 ODE TO HELEN STEINER RICE(Blood Quill) ladydp2000        (More) 6/20/2017
 ALZHEIMERS PRAYER joye        (More) 6/19/2017
 The Loss of Adam West randy-johnson        (More) 6/11/2017
 The Coal Train norman        (More) 6/10/2017

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My Soul never fades

Do love me with a deep kiss,

My soul never fades to miss,

Your touch of a heavenly season,

Death will resurrect with a reason

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