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A Place in a Dream

You once told me there was a place and if I believed, it would be true.
A place we could go to in our dreams.
A place that belonged to me and you.
You told me of this place and said that it exists
Just beyond the realm of our subconscious mind
You said it was a place that if we both believed
We would always know how to find.

I dream so I can go there
So I can touch you just once more
And tell you I've never missed anybody so desperately before
So I can tell you I love you more than words can say
And I would trade a thousand tomorrows
To have just one more yesterday.

I dream so I can go there
To tell you the unconditional love you gave to me
Is the truest and the deepest love that I ever knew
And I hope you know that you were loved unconditionally too.
And that I am so grateful for everything that you taught me
And I am a better person for having walked through life with you

But you never told me how to go on living
In a world that knows how to keep turning without you
You never told me how much grief would weigh on my heart
Or how my world would shatter or that I would fall apart
You never told me I'd be so lost, or that the light that always shined
Would go out and everything would become so dark.

So I dream, so I can go there and say to you
My Lobo, my one true blessing in this life time, please help me.
Please tell how to live in this world, now that it exists without you?

Loreen Parke
May 20th 2012

Written for and dedicated to my Lobo
Aug 5 1996 to Aug 11 2011

A Mexican Gray Wolf that I rescued from a shelter where
He was dropped off to be put down only because he was
a full blooded wolf. He went home with me that day
He walked through his life on this earth by my side for 15 years.
The whole time I thought that I rescued him, I never knew that
It was he that actually had rescued me. Life has gotten better since
the day I wrote this, but it will never be quite the same

This photograph on the bottom is of Mexican Gray wolves in the wild. Although the photograph of a lone Mexican Gray wolf on the top is not my Lobo, the wolf in that photograph could be his twin, that's how much the wolf in that photograph resembles my Lobo.

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