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 Happy Birthday  Sallee        (More) 10/1/2015
 Something I Can't Bare  LkSkyFlyRose        (More) 9/29/2015
 Answer To Eyegasm For Xrifles Floreann Cawley        (More) 9/19/2015
 Daddy's Touch apachezgirl        (More) 9/18/2015
 Jonah Molina's dash... XRifles        (More) 9/18/2015
 Daddy's Touch apachezgirl        (More) 9/17/2015
 1948 randy-johnson        (More) 9/10/2015
 Mom's Heart randy-johnson        (More) 9/7/2015
 Like a Dream        (More) 9/4/2015
 ~Your Worth~ AbbasEwe        (More) 9/1/2015
 BUILDER OF DREAMS ( Key To My Heart) ladydp2000        (More) 8/29/2015
 Goodbye, Yvonne Craig randy-johnson        (More) 8/24/2015
 In all times. Ron_S_King        (More) 8/22/2015
 Granny AbbasEwe        (More) 8/20/2015
 Songs of the Wind… Poison_9901        (More) 8/15/2015
 long lost friend... XRifles        (More) 8/13/2015
 A DREAM ( Whitney) ladydp2000        (More) 8/8/2015
 forgotten dreams... XRifles        (More) 8/5/2015
 a reflective moment  jan oskar hansen        (More) 8/3/2015
 MY BROTHER listener        (More) 7/31/2015
 Celebrate Sight hhazlett26        (More) 7/27/2015
 as days cool  jan oskar hansen        (More) 7/25/2015
 Look to Heaven Sallee        (More) 7/25/2015
 Happy Birthday Mother Lindy Pyke        (More) 7/24/2015
 D.A.D leeyah13        (More) 7/22/2015
  Dear Steve  Kismetyen        (More) 7/16/2015
 The Thirteenth Day Of July randy-johnson        (More) 7/13/2015
 BEAUTIFUL AMERICA georgeporge        (More) 7/7/2015
 Aunt Lizzie jamieclaire        (More) 7/7/2015
 Great American Literature  jan oskar hansen        (More) 7/7/2015

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Happy Birthday


It's your birthday and we can't be there
So these birthday wishes are sent to you
May love and good fortune be yours
May all your wishes come true

Happy Birthday Brandy
Thirty Words or Less

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