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'There is never a right time to say goodbye
It's just so far to go.
But look guy's, I'm soaring!
The wind, she's carrying me ..
I'm not alone!

Moonlight feels so soft, so warm
Like my lover back home.

The stars feel closer than they use to be,
Life of my river is drifting out to sea
Lifting my soul, solely of me.

I can see goodbye in the light ahead
It's not so far after all.

See guy's ..
War never wins!
The Lord made sure of it!!
Peace has come to lay me down to keep
Peace has come for the earnings of my heart.

One more soar through the moonlight
To feel my lover's warmth depart.

The wind is taking hold of the trees
And as my spirit gently glides ..
Into the request of the falling leaves
All will still be beautiful
When the wind becomes a breeze'!

God bless
A Dying Soldier*.

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