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The Silkie's Promise

They were too fine to be seen with the very best lens
They came from the oceans, the lakes, the fens
Fled here and stranded by Man's dreaded means
Looking down on Earth in pale blues and greens

Earth's legends of old had no place in their home
From the waters of Ness to St Peter's dome
All driven out by a most inglorious age
Where no respect was given to Silkie or sage

Each secret crevice of Earth's sweet lore
Man had delved in to expose and explore
No mystery was unsolved, no tale unscorned
The world of the Elders was now truly unborned

They gazed on their old world with a visage sad
How had it come to this? To a time so bad?
The Earth looked the same as it had before
When they danced and were legend in days of yore

They had enlivened the very air itself
The collective spirit of angel and elf
Imbuing the woodlands and lakes with elan
And mighty among them stood the god Pan

Familiar then they had been in those days
Seen as wisps of smoke or golden rays
Glimpsed they were through a corner of eye
Whether goblin or goddess they'd raise a cry

Now bereft was the planet, all driven from home
Each gremlin, gorgon, griffin and gnome
All fled to a refuge grey, stark and so cold
On a pumice mountain never to grow old

In the fastness of lakes or at Earth's deep core
They were Essence, the life force, but no more
Now Earth was in drought, dying from within
The fluid energies gone, cracked was her skin

Storm, drought and pestilence, each malign force
Now seemed destined to take their course
But the Kelpie, the Silkie and the Harpie had vowed
They would not stay forever here cowed

Looking down, the legends now made common cause
To forgive at last Man's manifold flaws
To seek some way to re-new His mind
And another, far older way to find...

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