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Once Upon a Time and Far Far Away

Peaceful are the waters as they flow gracefully by
Flourishing from every tear that was ever cried
Flowing rivers lead to the lakes that flow into the oceans
Where there are enough tears for the waters to thrive

As the thunderheads grow angry they begin to roll in
Darkness emerges with all of its powerful might
Swallowing the blue of the sky and devouring the light
As the storm rages, thunder & lightening ravish the sky
Making way for the angels that must return
To this place where they always come to cry

In the distance a wolf begins to howl
Calling to his pack with all of his alpha pride
Telling them he needs each of them to come home
It's time for the pack to unite, and to be by his side
For the power of the pack is the wolf
And the power of the wolf is the pack
So the pack stands united in its power and its pride
As the storm rolls in, its fury raging with anger
Across the darkened and tormented skies

Loreen Parke
November 24th 2014

Written for the Starlite No Frills Challenge

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