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The Rain Maker

The Rain Maker

He dances around the bon-fire
Holding his feathers high
Dancing and chanting around
While looking towards the sky

The summer has been a hot one
With no rain yet in sight
As he dances both night and day
Never giving up his fight

His life just depends on
For the rains to come soon
So does many in his family
As he chants under the moon

The ground is dry and cracked
The leafs are turning gold
Almost as if it's autumn
And it's ready to turn cold

Suddenly there's thunder
As lightening lights the sky
Then the rain comes pouring down
As if all of Heaven began to cry

He keeps right on dancing
Though the rain pours on
His loved ones are happy
For they felt he has won

Yes, he's just a rain dancer
Dancing for rains as he needs
Some just for drinking
As well as watering his seeds

When a drought hits
And it gets high and dry
Just call on the rain man
He'll call water from the sky

Written 3/24/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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