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To Follow

My thoughts are circumfluent, ebb and flow here in the night.
Your soft smooth skin does draw me in all is warm and right.
The mysticism in your eyes belays fleshs' ragging passion.
The ways in which we will make love set no limit nor a ration.

Enraptured by your full moist lips hot lashing of your tongue.
The life within the soul of me sings every song was sung.
Slow undulating rhythms our bodies sway and pound.
Frenetic beat from head to feet new ecstasies we've found.

Tiny droplets on your face the moonbeams set to glowing.
I taste them gently with my mouth sets more juices flowing.
With growing hunger follow shimmering luster of your form.
With each heartbeat find new treat travel toward the dawn.

All through the night before the light we'll share fantastic pleasure.
The scent the touch amazing rush forever our minds will treasure.
And as I wake my body aches, bed disarrayed and hollow.
A dream like this I tell you miss is a real tough act to follow.

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