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 Awoken tazdragon83        (More) 5/3/2015
 Morning has broken firebird918        (More) 5/2/2015
 Wallflower firebird918        (More) 4/29/2015
 THE CYCLE OF LIFE g.riveros        (More) 4/27/2015
 Wintry Sighs Lou1216        (More) 4/25/2015
 THE MIST OF ALBA GaelicRogue        (More) 4/23/2015
 Sweet nothings SuperSlimJim        (More) 4/22/2015
 Meadow Dance jtoddunderhill        (More) 4/21/2015
 Sleepless Night firebird918        (More) 4/20/2015
 Open panther811        (More) 4/20/2015
 A Town Called Poetry pamschwetz        (More) 4/20/2015
 Kandy jtoddunderhill        (More) 4/20/2015
 KGAMI TSUKI GaelicRogue        (More) 4/16/2015
 Purple Lace panther811        (More) 4/13/2015
 Becky N Cookie SuperSlimJim        (More) 4/11/2015
 Playmates panther811        (More) 4/8/2015
 Goblin jtoddunderhill        (More) 4/5/2015
 I Am Ready For A Change Suvasini        (More) 3/21/2015
 The Glee hearmymind        (More) 3/21/2015
 The Midnight Dolphin George_Martin        (More) 3/18/2015
 Under nights rays poet4luv        (More) 3/15/2015
 Childhood Castles poet4luv        (More) 3/14/2015
 A Gentle Fire Consumes Me Gaelwynn        (More) 3/14/2015
 Times of Merlin The Magician Ompapa        (More) 3/14/2015
 WINDOW CLEANER listener        (More) 3/12/2015
 Wings of Beauty mizclaws        (More) 3/12/2015
 Just My Imagination BlueeyedBandit        (More) 3/10/2015
 Believing in Dreams pamschwetz        (More) 3/8/2015
 Tears From A Broken Heart MrBob        (More) 3/6/2015
 Life Upon a Day Lou1216        (More) 3/6/2015

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Lightness and hope has been subsided
In this darken soul
For the chaos has so little
To be stronger in the new
The demons are silent and still
The first for this wicked tormented one
Thought was lost and scared
Storm has passed
Is it real or just a dream?
For you have awoken what once was lost

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