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 Darkness falls olderandbolder        (More) 12/8/2017
 Guise Little Star        (More) 12/1/2017
 Should I Little Star        (More) 11/30/2017
 Mistress of the Deep Blue Sea Klassielassie        (More) 11/29/2017
 Isn 't It Romantic Little Star        (More) 11/24/2017
 Crazy Feeling Little Star        (More) 11/22/2017
 Hallowed Weeping Klassielassie        (More) 11/21/2017
 to Joe wbajeccles        (More) 11/21/2017
 My Old Teddy Bear Little Star        (More) 11/17/2017
 Tired Little Star        (More) 11/17/2017
 What Have You Done Little Star        (More) 11/17/2017
 Call me Little Star        (More) 11/16/2017
 The KeyChain Little Star        (More) 11/15/2017
 ticket to ride olderandbolder        (More) 11/15/2017
 Falling Little Star        (More) 11/15/2017
 So  Little Star        (More) 11/14/2017
 Guardian Klassielassie        (More) 11/13/2017
 Terrible Tuesday olderandbolder        (More) 11/12/2017
 A Widow's Tale  Little Star        (More) 11/11/2017
 Once Upon A time . . . Aspiring Angel        (More) 11/10/2017
 Secrets  Little Star        (More) 11/10/2017
 Are You The One Little Star        (More) 11/9/2017
 Young G Mario William Vitale        (More) 11/9/2017
 Vitale's Fantasy pt. I Mario William Vitale        (More) 11/8/2017
 Sleepy Kind of Rain panther811        (More) 11/8/2017
 Maybe Little Star        (More) 11/8/2017
 delete delete        (More) 11/8/2017
 Come One Come All A Poet's Garage Sale Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 11/4/2017
 The Woodlands Aspiring Angel        (More) 11/3/2017
 Mistress Oak Klassielassie        (More) 11/3/2017

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Darkness falls

As the darkness falls, the shadows cast sudden soft evening shades
An image to create swirls of darkness followed by the brightest stars
Imaginations glee, runs amuck with wonder, the love of God pervades
Somewhere beyond the blue, the sunrise awakening the morning sky

Multi Phrase Challenge

beyond the blue//shadows cast

imaginations glee//an image to create

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