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Blue Heavens

The Blue Heavens Rest Home was very sweet
Well swept and sanitised and kept so neat

The days went by with such great ease
With not a harsh word or dread disease

The staff attended to each possible need
With gentle behaviour, kind word and deed

The gardens were spacious and so serene
Residents walked calmly as in a dream

By the forest fence by the edge of the park
Deer would graze and little lambs lark

Toward the Sunset Mountains was the far rim
A royal blue line shading soft to twilight dim

Overhead the stars shone so diamond bright
As gradually drew on the coming night

Looking down Blue Heavens was a haven of peace
The old ones now wrapped within a woollen fleece


But out at Heavens Rim, in night’s black clasp
Where the dome’s edge met the scratching grass

All was otherwise, unaligned with the norm
Out here strange creatures groaned malformed

Sliding shapes groped blindly for scraps of food
For any organic mouthful that might be good

A red wind seared the sky and burnt the ground
While a world of debris flew around

The denizens there killed by instinct to survive
Just to keep another bestial moment alive


Far, far down below Blue Heaven’s dome
Was yet another and much greater home

One million souls lived here, more or less
Those few survivors of the unholy mess

The burning time had came so fast on them
With a few short years a future to frame

So much was achieved in that short space of time
To create a world here safe from crime

All fell apart as each grabbed what they could
Knowing the end was coming for the human brood

A million souls had escaped the final blast
And now to feed them was a fearsome task

Fresh meat was needed day by day
And with no space for the dead they found a way

Precious human protein was farmed up above
With much care, vast expense… and gentle love

Lifetimes were determined by the greater need
Now forty-five was the limit and then to feed

But this was not known among the saved souls
It was just part of life’s pre-set goals

To reach Blue Heavens was a lifetime’s treat
The hidden purpose: let others survive… to eat

Blue Heavens: a reward for a life lived so constricted
To live overground for one month then death inflicted

A time of rest in a heavenly world, to live and breathe deep
Before being gently recycled in a moon-kissed sleep.

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