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My Enchanted Garden

In my Enchanted Garden
thats where the magic starts.
My garden is a special place
and so dear to my heart.

My flowers are all blooming now
in colours so bright and fair,
and its in my garden that I find peace,
and shed my every care.

The flowers smell so sweetly
growing along the stone made fence,
the grass manicured, rich and green,
giving off a freshly cut scent.

The trees are dressed in pretty colours
they look so beautiful and so bright,
and the bushes that are in my garden,
are also a truly splendid sight.

The bird bath has its own domain,
in the middle of a stone pond,
where birds come to drink and bathe
flying from far and beyond.

Melodious sounds of chirping bird
floats through the air under suns ray.
Notes dance freely with flirtiest breeze,
adding beauty to the birth of the new day.

Strolling through this tranquil garden
by pond and pretty flowers all around,
chiming breezes, zephyr gently,
floating bird song over fairy giggles sound.

There is magic in this Enchanted Garden
it is where the fairies stay.
And throughout the sunny hours
you can sit and watch them play.

A garden of magic enchantment,
where the elves dance and fairies frolic,
upon melodious breath of gentle air,
along with parading pixies in a scene bucolic.

Its their time to dance; its their time to sing,
see their world through eyes of wonder.
Enjoy the magic that fairies bring,
and on their beauty you are left to ponder.

Among the daisies there was a fairy,
sitting on petals of white.
Watching her flutter her tiny wings,
I sit quietly, not wanting to give her a fright.

She looked up and saw me with pen in hand,
as I sat next to the morning glories.
She said You love to write I understand,
especially fairy poems and stories.

So Ill fly off now and let you be,
so you can keep on with your writing.
Then with her tiny wings she flew,
to some other bloom alighting.

Now while angels dance in heavens blue
among Gods mysteries,
our fairy folk fly with garden bird
midst the flowers and the trees.

In my Enchanting Garden
I could sit here writing for hours and hours.
And this magical garden of heaven on earth,
Im surrounded by beauty and scent of flowers.

Please come share with me in this magic,
theres more than enough for all,
here in my Enchanted Garden,
growing against a green hedge wall.

re-printed (c) jenikawhispers 2019
(c) AngelsWhispers 2013

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