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That Wait!

The very waiting was exciting, exhilarating!
I dreamt of the day counting seconds, milli seconds.
Visions of my imagination danced with rainbow colors.
What was it going to be, I thought of all my favorite things;
Counted all the things I had wanted, I had listed.

Days seemed to pass super-slow even with school!
All that home work, my friends and my favorite TV shows;
Life was good, I would say, but for that one thing, nagging.
It is there, coaxing, here I come, but teasing, hard-to-get,
My sixth birthday, not to repeat itself, a vital affair, waiting!

The day, the all distinctive day, came stealthily when I slept.
But. But, I am not seeing any preprations, any cakes baking!
Observing them surreptitiously, I had every right to be nasty!
Dad was still in his night pajamas, unshaven; is he ill. NO!
Oh! Things began to move so fast that I forgot to be nasty.

An earth-shaking moment; in slow motion, I see my parents,
Dangling air tickets to the Disney Land in front of my face
Never in my wildest dreams had I anticipated a surprise gift.
I hugged my Mom and I kissed my Dad, crying hysterically!

I never expected this!


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