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 Leftovers from Atlantis pamschwetz        (More) 10/12/2015
 Oberon and Titania. Ron_S_King        (More) 10/12/2015
 Star Man. Ron_S_King        (More) 10/11/2015
 Time for Two Lou1216        (More) 10/10/2015
 TWO CLOCKS Lou1216        (More) 10/10/2015
 A Pretty Smile jack137        (More) 10/7/2015
 Morning Remedy Lou1216        (More) 10/4/2015
 Aging Glue Lou1216        (More) 10/3/2015
 Stars and Moon Lou1216        (More) 9/27/2015
 Breathless Run Lou1216        (More) 9/26/2015
 Neptune's bed. Ron_S_King        (More) 9/26/2015
 A Whisper terriwilliams33        (More) 9/22/2015
 The Willow Tree's Secret KittyChajin        (More) 9/22/2015
 Just Where Are We MrBob        (More) 9/20/2015
 Butterfly Bible Lou1216        (More) 9/12/2015
 I Wrote A Poem On A Butterfly's Wings Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 9/8/2015
 Dusty Words Lou1216        (More) 8/30/2015
 Imagination Sets Us Free pamschwetz        (More) 8/21/2015
 Heartfelt Lou1216        (More) 8/20/2015
 Calm of Night Lou1216        (More) 8/19/2015
 The Blind Poet Lou1216        (More) 8/18/2015
 The Last Guardian Of The Forest LkSkyFlyRose        (More) 8/15/2015
 Arcadian Celestialand        (More) 8/14/2015
 I AM HERE Lou1216        (More) 8/10/2015
 The Unborn kolafumi        (More) 8/10/2015
 Lost Horizon Lou1216        (More) 8/6/2015
 end of democracy   jan oskar hansen        (More) 8/2/2015
 Pandora's Box Lou1216        (More) 7/31/2015
 Night Catch panther811        (More) 7/28/2015
 Dark Things panther811        (More) 7/24/2015

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Leftovers from Atlantis

Leftovers from Atlantis
lurk in the deep blue sea
leftovers from Atlantis
could there really be

Leftovers from Atlantis
truly fascinating
leftovers from Atlantis
am I imagining

did it truly ever exist
why do stories still persist
sure would be fun to visit
leftovers from Atlantis

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