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Dear Friend

Dear Friend:

I so sorry to inform you,
I have fallen out of love with you.
I heard from strangers,
You been stringing me along,

I could become your next
X boyfriend, Just like a history lesson.

A thing of the past.
You been quit the blast,
To spend the time with my dear friend,
By two timing me is not the way,

you should respect someone,
you are suppose to love forever and a day,
Like you have written,
In one in your timely love letters, of yesteryear,

For this I am not your pet, I am nothing to you,
For you have abused me successfully throughout,
The past 2 years of our ongoing relationship.
Now you are meddling with destruction,

Of ones mind, body and soul.
You're a crusher with blinders on,
You are moving recklessly,
Stomping on my brains, making me insane.

Driving me to the point of insanity,
Using the infinity plus one rule,
Pushing me to limits beyond control,
Of a perfect society.

This utopia of days gone by,
With the simple words you express,
Is a mile away, you take away my pride,
When we drink a few rounds at a local bar.

I lose control my darling dear,
Your driving goal,
Is to make me go insane,
Not come back with any brains,

Whatsoever you're not to clever,
To figure out I'm gone from this routine.
Don't come back your just too young for me.
You stung me like a bee.

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