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Love Will Keep Us Together

Love Will Keep Us Together

Since the fall of 1989 I have written poems
For some people it may touch a more spiritual side or awakening
While others it may reflect a vivid reminder to tap into the mind
With all my heart I firmly believe that we should never hide it
Whether you have a talent for cooking, sewing or teaching others
I firmly believe that you should let your beacon of light shine forth
God has put it on my heart to write poetry to the mass population
At times I feel as though he might be distant from me
However it isn't God that has moved it's me that has chosen to
In this inner struggle called life we are perplexed to las out in anger
Perhaps for not providing for our own selfish needs
There is a direct correlation between trusting & obeying
The simple matter of it is that in our own stregnth we are powerless
People perceive that what they do is who they are
This is indeed so far from the truth from within
Love is the true essence of my existence from the resistance
We make sand castles at the beach so far out of reach
To substitute love for that of lust in a world in such a rush
Let's look inside to mend the fences to begin to fix the trenches
Stay humble enough after the fall share a smile to the know it all
Each of us has been given a unique talent from above
Shaped brilliant colors out of the sky as a unique passerby
Hold open the door for a neighbor it may be an angel in disguise
Share a smile cause it's contagious so pass it on to a friend
Sew seeds of kinds to your fellow brother for we all must live to shine !

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