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 Everyone loves sunflowers Starlight1        (More) 5/23/2015
 Pass a smile along Starlight1        (More) 5/23/2015
 Forever of Friends cherryk        (More) 5/22/2015
 Poetic benevolences of sentiment assisi        (More) 5/22/2015
 Daisies Starlight1        (More) 5/20/2015
 Closest cherryk        (More) 5/19/2015
 Gift of love Starlight1        (More) 5/18/2015
 The Big C brown_linda        (More) 5/18/2015
 Smile Starlight1        (More) 5/17/2015
 For Pete's Sake! cherryk        (More) 5/17/2015
 Strangers brown_linda        (More) 5/16/2015
 For you Starlight1        (More) 5/13/2015
 Love and hugs Starlight1        (More) 5/10/2015
 Sunny days Starlight1        (More) 5/6/2015
 Beach Haikus starlass        (More) 5/3/2015
 Friends Starlight1        (More) 5/3/2015
 For you Starlight1        (More) 4/26/2015
 Diamonds In The Rough AbbasEwe        (More) 4/25/2015
 With ribbons bright Starlight1        (More) 4/23/2015
 A rose of love for you Starlight1        (More) 4/18/2015
 Smile Starlight1        (More) 4/16/2015
 For All Eternity AbbasEwe        (More) 4/15/2015
 Bluejays gift of spring Starlight1        (More) 4/13/2015
 Agape AbbasEwe        (More) 4/12/2015
 Charlie Brown and Heather! starlass        (More) 4/11/2015
 ~Your Opus of Life~ AbbasEwe        (More) 4/10/2015
 Dancing on rainbows Starlight1        (More) 4/10/2015
 Best friends Starlight1        (More) 4/6/2015
 Bunny Trails AbbasEwe        (More) 4/5/2015
 A Rose For Charlie cherryk        (More) 4/5/2015

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Everyone loves sunflowers

Everyone loves sunflowers right
Sun kissed by sunshine so bright

They play a game of peek a boo
With butterflies beautifully blue

How delightful today is sunflowers
Blossoming after the spring showers

Watching them grow is a delight
Today here is a flower just for you
I'm walking on sunshine watching them for hours

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