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 A FRIEND poetalthomas        (More) 12/2/2018

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Starlite, Starlite, happy days of poetic pleasure
That have been so full of friendship and a treasure.

A treasure of wisdom from young and old
I will remember my time at Starlite like a bar of gold.

The love the compassion loyalty right through
It has filled my heart and soul with elation too.

A pleasure to know and read such beautiful ink
That has filled my days and made me think.

Of friendship beauty and the love of life
Thank you all for the sunshine not strife.

For sharing your poetic creations with me
The laughter the joy the happiness to see.

Happy Christmas to all concerned
Its been a pleasure.

Thank you to Steve and Brandy
For all your hard work
And all office staff.
Tony the Listenerxx

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