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Kate...My Sister, My Friend

How can I possible express my love for you, sis
When I am troubled youve always been there to comfort me,
You listen without judgement and give me wise advice
And if I have a problemyou help me find a solution
That I can live withcomfortably.

I admire your strength and your big heart
I appreciate your loyalty,
And I love your sense of humor too
For you can make me laugh so easily.

You are a good friend, my best friend, as well as a sister, Kate
I feel that I've gotten the luck of the draw,
And I am so very grateful...
To have a sisterwhose HAIRDOis her only flaw.

I wish I still lived in Ohio
So youd be living close to me,
And we could see each other often like we used to
But, you still have the bitter cold and snow of winter there,
Which is NOT my favorite place to be.

I still miss spending time with you, Kate
And delighting in your company,
So, I promise Ill come home and visit you soon
Then well have lunch, like always, and visit over a cup of tea.

For the Best Friends Challenge
With Brokenangel79

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