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With Certainty A Friend Is

They named her.
No rhythmic beat to it;
So not yet set to a melody by Nelson Riddle
To be sung ny Frank Sinatra.

No sweet notes of lyric phrases by Paul Williams
Or Stevie Wonder...
Even Beethoven wrote no classical music score,
Keats nor Frost wrote the name in rhyme,
Being before her time, they knew nothing of her.

Shortened 'Gerty'
But either way she is
Lady Love
Lady Wisdom
Lady with heart so big
It must encompass the world.

Treasured friend,
Met her yesterday when we and the world
Were younger.
Now sixty years hence,
I offer no rhyme
Or musical score
No melody
and without pretentious flare
I which her love
In abundance
and happiness

Entry for the Challenge on True Friends Are Forever hosted by deeny107

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