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Some Friendships

Sometimes I feel forgotten.
Sometimes I feel like My friends have left me
I always feel left out and like my friends donít really think of me anymore.
I had 2 good friends, but a lot of times I feel like they arenít there anymore.
I feel that Iím not important to them anymore.
Do I ever cross their mind?
Am I not their friend anymore?
I donít feel like Iím their friend anymore.
All they care for is my other friend even though all three of us are supposedly best friends.

One friend seems to only want to have my one friend in their life.
I am so sick and tired of it.
I reached my limit.
Sometimes I feel like cutting them off.
They never call or text.
They never want to hang out.
When we plan to hang out or ask if she wants to hang she always makes up excuses or hangs out with her other friends.
I had enough.
Iím done acting like I forgive them and not hurt.
A lot of times I wish I have other friends...ones who wanna hang out more, makes no excuses, and have one that is closer to me than any other friend.
I wish I have a loyal friend that is more closer to me instead of another friend and never has excuses.
Friendships just canít stay forever I guess.
It really sucks and hurts.
I donít know what to think anymore.
I guess just forget them and move on with my life.
Now I donít believe in that very well known quote I always went by and believed ďBoys come and go but friends stay forever.Ē
I donít believe in that quote anymore.
My ex always made time for me when we were together unlike my friends.
There comes a time when friendships donít stay.

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