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Charlie Brown Gets His Valentine

Charlie Brown Gets his Valentine
Hostess Starlass

Charlie Brown
Was sort of the class clown
Yes this everybody knew about
Charlie Brown

He was coming of age
He wanted to have a sweet heart
A Valentine for Charlie Brown
Was it something impossible

Charlie has a swell Personality
He is friendly and kind
Has a good spirit loves his friends
and would do anything for them

But a Valentine is She out of reach
For Poor Old Charlie Brown
So Charlie tried a letter writing campaign
He called it Charlie Brown's In search of a Valentine

He had access to names and address
of the close girl friends he liked at school
and he started his desperate letter writing campaign
The Letter's Started out Dear Girls This is Chuck.

I want to end my bad luck with Woman
and I am on a search for a one and only
Valentine could it be you. I will be accepting
Your replies in the mail and will pick my favorites

I will come a knocking at your door
on Valentine's Day-2016
You can be my woman I will be your Man
My sweet Valentine Forever Amen.

Your's Truly
Mr.Charlie Brown

About a week before Valentine's day
Chuck get a reply from one of his favorite gals
The Little Red Head Girl
Chuck was much pleased to see this Valentine in the Mail

It was full of affections and hugs and kisses
Chuck knew it had one up on any other reply
That he may have received in the next few days
Before Valentine's Day Chuck had his Gal

Chuck wrote down her address twice
so he wouldn't forget where she lived
Now Chuck had someone to call his Valentine
Something he wanted all year long

First thing he will ask her
Is what her real first name really is
and end this mystery to Chuck
And he will know the name of his true love.

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