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I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

How do you say goodbye
to such a beautiful soul.
Itís selfish to beg you to stay,
when I know that you must go.

You are the heart of the family
and forever you will be.
I donít know how to say Goodbye
to such a big part of me.

Heaven will have a beautiful Angel
the sun will be your smile.
Raindrops will be your tears,
as they blend in with mine.

Rest well My Sweet Tootsie
on the soft clouds above.
Look down and see us here,
sending up our love.

We will love and miss you
but know that youíll rest well.
For youíll be in the Fatherís arms,
away from pain, safe from harm.

©July 14, 2017 Janice Jarnagin

R.I.P. Beatrice (Tootsie) Jarnagin

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