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Dawn and Darkness Opened

A doorway to hope the light in the corner of darkness, echoes like a wounded cry,
Senses of a hundred emotions, in this force that surrounds me here found so spry,
Here the voices stilled away from the complexities and vices here absent of soul,
My empty eyes are evidence, illusion of unspoken reflections of each printed scroll.

I write this book with endless pages painted by a blackened heart on these sullen days,
Here preying on every breath from these glowing embers that here still light my way,
In love with the ghost of you still born in dreams opened in darkness blackened gown,
This life that I speak, moments raped of the joy that should have been now cast down.

Crowned, sky torn now a blank canvas once held those stars no longer shine in the sky,
Startling realizations taken in stride now wondering if I will ever gaze again in your eyes,
For we were like twin clusters of stars in those shores of eldest light, Love shining down,
In the womb and shadows of the old also holds now in suns erring down now memories born in dawn’s morning gown.

For Here the Memories hold in the darkness as in the dawn.

Posted thestarlitecafe 01.26.2015 7:08 PM

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