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The Countdown to Extinction

All these days and counting
and measured by lonesome and decay
Dreams are beautiful but far away
I can't find anything except this void inside
and thoughts of suicide tearing up what little will remains

Life is nothing much to lose
It rips me apart watching all the sad and ugly the world has
Words of love or praise is rarely ever true
Hate feels like hell
and covers the world like a shroud
Praising the coming of Armageddon
let's kill the world
call for nuclear winter
make this world uninhabitable
Why the call for the end?
Our world can live on
without me, our world makes no sense...
Nothing left but suicide
to fix this hole inside
The gun in my hand becomes the cure
and fixes all the pain, and thank you God I hurt no more...

Everything good and happy gone
the years take it all away and becomes done
Anything that shines does so no more
If there is a Hell it couldn't be any worse than right here
Start the countdown toward the end
Take one last breathe then breath no more
The end seems the only solution
Fix by the cancel of life and hurt hurt hurt never more
Life is nothing
It used to be but is gone
The Countdown to Extinction
has begun....

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