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Underneath the Exterior

Underneath the exterior beyond the depths of feeling shallow drifting in solitude,
Here the silence ebbs, it whispers unsure, weighs me down within this quietude,
Every artery filled with sorrow unmask behind these curtains hold dark and true,
Yet the thoughts flow like a river, darker still calling from the past I once knew.

Each scene articulated that draws itself as just a dream en-wrapped in translucent pages,
I sigh deeply, dark and true as sounds fill the dark room with envy kept in these cages,
Mine mind flows with images, dark and deep in murky depths etched beneath my skin,
I dream on an empty heaven that loses its archetypal beauty where love once did begin.

As spirit stayed and body fled such as the dying of a rose, as blank lines upon paper flow,
The memories keep, holding depth deep whose currents still run of a love that still holds,
Painting these night’s with bitter loneliness and solace, stares transfixed that solely take,
But in these dreams where her memory flows my love still holds still mine Heartaches.

Posted thestarlitecafe 03.01.2015 7:43 PM

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