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The candle burns low, and my thoughts are deep.
They are about the living and togetherness we knew.
There are things that must be said before I sleep
they are easier to say with my life near through.

Days would pass without my saying I love you.
I was busy with causes both shallow and slight.
Besides, I assured myself, you already knew
so why waste words in a time-eroded rite?

A loving touch from me was much too rare
it came only when I knew you were in pain.
How were you to know how real was my care
when I failed to listen as you tried to explain?

For all you did, my thanks you seldom heard.
I took your service for granted, filling your role
why I wonder didnt I summon a grateful word.
The candle burns low and Im dying to know.

[This isn't autobiographical. It's about a man
who began to reflect on his life (a deathbed
confession) as it neared its end. I think of
it as a tragedy.]

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