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My Promise to you

The day you went away, was the day my whole world changed.
It was turned upside down and inside out.
The day you went away, was the day the whole sprung forth.
The hole that would never be filled, that would be carried until my dying breath.
The day you went away, was the day I crumbled into a heap.
The mile deep, century long, infinitely horrific heap

I made you a promise, one intend to keep.
I promised to always love you, to hold you forever in that place.
I promised to always listen, hoping you would speak,
For a year, a month or even a week.

The day you went, you took my every hope,
For so long I was sick and all I would do was mope.
The last breath you took, was the breath with which I shook.

You have a job now, a task I hold you too.
Dad, you have my babies, its time to show them what is true,
Time to show them what real love is, the kind I have for you.
I'll be with you too someday, its a hope you know is true.

But for now my darling daddy,
Ill hold you in my heart,
And that is just the start.
My hero at midnight,
my eternal shining light,
You'll always be my daddy,
you'll always be my start.

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