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I just wanted the dream to never end

I lay awake while everyone sleeps
alone but yet all are near
I close my eyes to hide that I've not slept
no one knows the voices I hear
pillows soaked from tears I've wept

its almost like I'm passing through a tunnel but never see the light
I keep trudging through and the darkness creeps in
but yet I push through again and again with all my might
and visions of you steady my steps as I reach for the next bend

Why cant I let you go? why do you chase me in my dreams?
no one would believe he things we've shared
yet you vanish with awakening and my heart begins to scream
why di I have to wake up why did I have to leave you there

I wanted more time I just wanted the dream to never end
my visions of you and the talks we had
but then I'm alone and awake once again
when does time heal us? , me , your dad

nothing is the same we have lost ourselves in despair
I try to think .. ' if only this or if only That'
if I could just take your place out there
OH DEAR GOD ! we want you back!

I wasn't your mother , I'm sure her faith has been shaken
but as your step mother I loved you as my own
I held her hand with our hearts breaking
we said goodbye to you together but we were both alone

there is no amount of time that will erase this pain
and I know that your life was carelessly taken
please come back and tell me more cause I feel like I'm going in sane
trying to figure out why our baby boy was taken.

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