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As your absence has banished me to this emptiness where my very soul goes dormant,
This longing implanted in my soul from a place once of eternal comfort now torment,
These chains of longing never-ending, growing as here these links grow more each day,
This pain that keeps me alive as every emotion leaves its mark deep, as here displayed.

Here emptiness quickly fills, arrives unbidden found in this dark across this blank space,
That shades into the dull darkness and dims the hue, removes all memories once retraced,
The painful roads this heart travels, once the past of Love in your arms a euphoric oasis,
Now a world in gray driving away hope and elation in an untimely silence her pervasive.

In the dark when I dream of youthou are cloaked in crushed velvet and soft white lace,
When I dream of thee, arms pressed on my chest, head held back remembering your taste,
In the morn when awakened embracing the emptiness I find again my own cold embrace,
That here mocks my Love torn heart, as the echoing silence reminds me of that once beautiful place.

Posted thestarlitecafe 10.30.2014 6:14PM

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