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Did she forget your name?
Or maybe just your favored food?
Did she become lost
While walking in your neighborhood?

Were items in her kitchen
Being moved by someone else
Or, was she perhaps
Looking on the wrong shelf?

Did she insist that
Her mother needed her?
Did you find a brick wall
With your attempts to reassure?

Of course, she was quite certain
Her mother was as last seen.
It was as though her memory
Had been wiped partially clean.

You feel as though a stranger
To this woman you wed.
Was Alzheimer’s in her mind
Destroying thread by thread?

Then, for such a brief moment,
She knew your name and where she was.
But, you dreaded the knowledge
That your hope was for a lost cause.

No more your own loving mate.
No longer one to share the past.
Though she was briefly sometimes there,
You faced the fact it wouldn’t last.

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