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Ode To A Night-In-Gale

my heart aches as the storm rages
outside darkness,swallows my pages
little for me is left for words of morrow
tonight is gone,peering a morning sorrow

a bird in storm trembling,wet to the bone
perching on a branch of an old bare tree
the night is dark and the gale loosing free
a night bird the steets hear his moan

while all inside their home is busy asleep
one bird in the thundering gale
shakes from cold and from wind
just one bird facing a fateful storm

i saw that bird as i peeped from inside
i thought,in the night it was a broken branch
his wings were down,wet through like a rag
only a fainting twitter,as the eye did flash

the morn came with golden rays to smile
silence reigned in the washed steets
some few steps were heard down the lane
and no bird would sing to me at dawn

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