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The Unknowns...

The kiss of death bids them goodnight too long before their time,
A block of stone with no name nor birth, only when they died,
There's nothing stated to give credence where they are laid to rest,
No one to mourn or to shed a tear, no final bequests,
All hopes and dreams come to an end before their life is lived,
The ultimate sacrifice is the last thing they could give,
Loved ones are left in denial, all thoughts of death dismissed,
Hoping their shadow will cross their threshold from the abyss,
Only keepsakes and loving thoughts of them in prayer remain,
and the heartache of not knowing will never ever change,
When duty called they did not question, only forged ahead
over the terrain of fallen comrades, those marked for death,
Medals are given to all who have served proudly and well,
To the living, those in spirit, absent because they fell,
A block of stone with no name nor birth, only when they died,
They are gone but are not forgotten under freedom's sky.

Jack E. Bilek
All rights reserved.

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