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Please dont cry

Please dont cry for me,
For i am safe,
Here in gods kingdom,
With all love and grace.
I know its hard now,
I promise ill be okay,
For i am home at last,
And this is where i'll stay.
Dont cry for me,
It was just my time,
I will see you someday,
On the other side.
I have gained my wings,
Now its time to fly,
I promise ill visit,
And be by your side.
Dont cry for me,
For i am not alone,
I have heavens angels,
Here to guide me home.
I want you to be happy,
And try to be strong,
I know this is painful,
But im where i belong.
A place with no sorrow,
And pain deep within,
I was given my chance,
To be happy once again.
I know you are hurting,
And feel heavy inside,
Your stomach's knotts,
As you try not to cry.
Please dont cry for me,
For this isnt goodbye,
Ill see you again,
And then we will fly high.

In memory of michael anthony alvarado jr. Loving, son, brother, uncle.(etc)

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