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Donít know where it started,
This feeling that just wonít end.
Iím missing the departed,
Oh how Iím missing my friend.

I miss the two am phone call,
Just to see if Iím okay.
Iím dying inside, giving it my all,
Just to keep from walking away.

Iím getting restless,
Like I need to move,
Like Iím out of my groove.

I canít remember a time,
And I wonít even pretend,
I put my heart out on the line,
To try and begin again.

I remember the heartache,
I remember the tears,
I remember the mistake,
Wish I could take back all those years.

Iím getting restless,
Like I need to move,
Like Iím out of my groove.

I remember the shock,
The anger, the pain,
I'm made of strong stock,
But I wished then it would rain.

I remember the agony,
Of trying to say goodbye.
With all I had in me,
I was trying so hard not to cry.

Iím getting restless,
Like I need to move,
Like Iím out of my groove.

These days I go for weeks,
Just as I did before,
But sometimes it's hard to breathe,
The grief is so hard core.

But I know that thereís an ending,
To all the sadness that this is,
Another life, a new beginning,
Because I know they were His.

Just a little restlessÖ.

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