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 Storm The Realist        (More) 4/18/2016
 Sunflowers and songbirds Starlight1        (More) 4/12/2016
 A Summertime Fave pamschwetz        (More) 4/8/2016
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 Spring is delightful Starlight1        (More) 3/7/2016
 Peaceful serenity Starlight1        (More) 2/22/2016
 consciousness unfolds (haikai no renga) moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 child's nightlight  moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 full moon moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 season's change moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 bitter cold moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 winning play moon spirit        (More) 2/10/2016
 monochrone moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 winter breeze moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 winter rime moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 Spring morning moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 snow flurries moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 shallow pond moon spirit        (More) 2/9/2016
 Winter's End AutumnRose        (More) 1/29/2016
 First Snow AutumnRose        (More) 1/29/2016
 Cabin AutumnRose        (More) 1/29/2016
 Keeping Warm AutumnRose        (More) 1/29/2016
 Birds in Snow AutumnRose        (More) 1/29/2016
 Softness of dawn Starlight1        (More) 1/24/2016
 While Snow Birds Soar Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 1/17/2016
 Softness of morning Starlight1        (More) 1/14/2016
 two new haiku  jan oskar hansen        (More) 12/29/2015

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Afternoon storm looms
sullen clouds swollen hang low-
rainfall christens eve.

(C) cvdeese
April, 2016

Midi: Tubular Bells
Image Credit : Pixabay

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