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a summer remembered

Summer Remembered.
It is odd in a country where winter last 8 months is it spring and summer
we remember and there were not too many of the good days either.
We took a ferry boat to a small Island for bathing now it is connected to
a bridge and parking spots take up the most land. Mother liked to go
there on Sundays she enjoyed the water, she swam like a seal and floated
like a wine cork thrown from a yacht, I was waddling in shallow water
collecting shiny objects that had the ability to lose its gloss when we came
home. My mother divorced at the time her lover was the ferryboat skipper
I think he wore uniform, it is jeans now for everyone and anyway with
a bridge who needs a boat, but they did go on camping holiday together and
I looked after myself. Mother loved him and he wanted to marry her but didnít
want me it was silly of him to ask a mother will always choose her children.
Anyway it was winter approaching and Norway sleeps like the brown bear for
eight months if not going to boring places like Ibiza back then.

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