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'A Baby Is About To Be Born'

A new baby is just about to be born.
It will be called,' The Baby New Year'.
It will be a He or a She,
but we don't know which one yet,
until it actually arrives.
We do know that he/she
will be bringing baskets full of cheer
for the bright, shiny, new year.
It will also be carrying lots of bags of peace,
caring, sharing, and love.
There will be no tears shed, at this time
unless they are happy ones.
We will be asked to make some New Years Resolutions
which should help us solve, some of our own solutions, too.
This will be a whole brand new year
one filled with no shame or fear.
We are all starting out fresh, as the baby comes in.
We will all shout with happiness and glee
when it(2009)finally arrives.
It will be a big event to say the least.
So get ready and please join me
in this big joyous occasion, to the countdown,
of the 'New Baby New Year'.
Welcome 2009, soon to arrive.

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