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 LAST CHRISTMAS I GAVE YOU # 2 Biggus        (More) 11/20/2015
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 YOU CAN KEEP THE SLEIGH # 1 Biggus        (More) 11/18/2015

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The Yule log is set ablaze after Halloween,
Ghosts and goblins have been replaced by Christmas themes,
Stores bypass Turkey Day 'cept for Macey's Parade,
Besides food and decor no money's to be made,
Somewhere, somehow Thanksgiving fell between the cracks,
There's far less hype about the joy of giving back,
What transpires behind the scenes is what marks the day,
Others helping namelessly, each in their own way,
They're sharing what they have with those who have far less,
Donating time and goods to those who are hard-pressed,
Trying to make a difference, showing they care,
lets God's children know there's still magic in the air.

Jack E. Bilek
All rights reserved.

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