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The clouds release the full moon bright, Shadows come to bear,
The chilling mist bringing night frost gathers in the air,
Sealed avenues lie fractured for only this one night
allowing spirits to roam free and the dead to rise,
Bolt your doors and cross yourself waiting for dawn to come,
Shake with dread with every creak, There's no where to run...
All Hallow's Eve bore the breath of evil incarnate,
All the mind could conceive festered deep within their breasts,
Shallow hearts were led by fear, Reason had no place,
The devil ruled the darkness, Your life was cast to fate,
That's the way it used to be when superstition reigned,
Now lost in time are the tears, replaced by fun and games,
Ghosts and goblins rove the night with cries of Trick or Treat!
Stories of the past still scare though lessened by things sweet,
Imaginations will run wild with a howling scream,
After all, what's left to say? You know it's Halloween!

Jack E. Bilek
All rights reserved.

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