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Thanking God for Christmas

It is Christmas morning
And I awake with a strong need to take a stroll,
So I get myself dressed, donning my scarf and my coat
Heading out towards OHenrys Knoll.

As I am enjoying the crispness of the air
And the crunching sound of the hardened snow,
I feel compelled to take a different route
Through the woods where I used to go.

At half past nine, I find myself drawn
To an old red bench abandoned in a familiar glen,
It is obvious that the chair has seen better days
Yet it beckons me now to sit in its welcoming arms again.

The red of the bench is becoming a sparkling of white
Due to the freshly falling snow,
And I sit smiling as I remember my time here
With lovers and friends from so very long ago.

There is an inexplicable joy that begins filling my heart
And the longer I sit the cold air around me ceases to be,
For my body is overcome by a tremendous warmth
As if I am being hugged by someone familiar to me.

Thats when I knew that Jesus had come
To invite me to walk with him to the very end,
He is holding me close to his heart and loving me
As if I am his closest and dearest friend.

My eyes start to tear as I bow my head in thanks
To the good and gracious god up above,
For sending his son on this Christmas morn
To be born of man so he could teach us all how to love.

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