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 CHRISTMAS DINNER WITH THE CYRUS’S  biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 OUR DOG LOVES CHRISTMAS biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 CINDERELLA WAITED AFTER THE BALL biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 SANTA WAS LOOKING FOR THE FUTURE biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 NORTH POLE CRISIS biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 SANTA WEARS A BLACK BELT biggus        (More) 12/13/2019
 HOPE listener        (More) 12/10/2019
 CHRISTMAS DAYS SO NEAR( Fives N' Threes) ladydp2000        (More) 12/10/2019
 May this Christmas be. zuzanna        (More) 12/9/2019
 IT'S OUR ASSURANCE MissSharon        (More) 12/6/2019
 CHRISTMAS WARMTH listener        (More) 12/4/2019
 CHRISTMAS PAST listener        (More) 12/3/2019
 SANTA CLAUS IS A VERY JOLLY CHAP biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE GOT BORED biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ALPHAB biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 SANTA HAD TO INSURE THE SLEIGH biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 NORTH POLE SECURITY biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 THANKSGIVING COMES BEFORE CHRISTMAS biggus        (More) 12/3/2019
 Merry Christmas, Mom - Part VII randyjohnson        (More) 12/2/2019
 CHRISTMAS KISS listener        (More) 11/30/2019
 CHRISTMAS ANGEL listener        (More) 11/25/2019
 SANTA PUT A CLOCK IN HIS SLEIGH biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 I GOT A CHRISTMAS CARD TODAY biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 THEY HAVE PIZZA AT THE NORTH POLE biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 WHAT DOES RUDOLF CALL HIS WIFE? biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 JAMES DEAN LIVED LIFE TO THE FULL biggus        (More) 11/22/2019
 Nothing Short Of Gratitude suvasini        (More) 11/18/2019
 THANKS poetalthomas        (More) 11/1/2019
 IT WAS SO BIG AND ROUND biggus        (More) 11/1/2019

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Christmas dinner with the Cyrus’s
Is kind of Quirky
Because Miley Cyrus insists
That they have Twerky

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