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 MOTHER'S LOVE ( Rondelet) ladydp2000        (More) 5/8/2016
 MOTHER'S LOVE'S IS THE BEST ( Trine) ladydp2000        (More) 5/8/2016
 Happy Mothers day mom Starlight1        (More) 5/7/2016
 NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER georgeporge        (More) 5/5/2016
 A Big Apple Christmas starlass        (More) 5/4/2016
 Easter ....Ishtar 8 point star Leon_Newton        (More) 4/7/2016
 HAPPY EASTER ( Tanka) ladydp2000        (More) 3/27/2016
 Happy easter sweetheart Starlight1        (More) 3/26/2016
 EASTER PARADOX Biggus        (More) 3/24/2016
 MY SON WAS A MASTER EASTER EGG HUNTER Biggus        (More) 3/24/2016
 MORNGY THURSDAY Biggus        (More) 3/24/2016
 Happy Easter Starlite. just_little_me        (More) 3/22/2016
 Happy St Patricks day sweetheart Starlight1        (More) 3/17/2016
 HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY ( Acrostic) ladydp2000        (More) 3/17/2016
 HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY 2016 ( Hotan) ladydp2000        (More) 3/17/2016
 VERY HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY(Free Verse ladydp2000        (More) 3/17/2016
 May today be blessed- Happy St Patricks Starlight1        (More) 3/17/2016
 Three Crosses Stood on the Hill. just_little_me        (More) 3/15/2016
 A special valentines day toast Starlight1        (More) 2/14/2016
 Happy Valentines day wishes for you Starlight1        (More) 2/13/2016
 Happy Valentines Day to our Father Above just_little_me        (More) 2/12/2016
 Happy Valentines day dear starlite pals Starlight1        (More) 2/11/2016
 KISSING FRIDAY Biggus        (More) 2/10/2016
 ASH WEDNESDAY Biggus        (More) 2/10/2016
 Happy Valentines Day to All. just_little_me        (More) 2/9/2016
 NICKANAN NIGHT Biggus        (More) 2/8/2016
 COLLOP MONDAY Biggus        (More) 2/8/2016
 QUINQUAGESIMA SUNDAY Biggus        (More) 2/7/2016
 EGG SATURDAY Biggus        (More) 2/7/2016
 SHROVETIDE Biggus        (More) 2/7/2016

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MOTHER'S LOVE ( Rondelet)

~Mother's Love~

Mother's loves great

Good Mothers for their children pray

Mother's loves great

Nothing equals hers, loves first rate

Forever with you her love stay

So don't let yours from her just stray

Mother's loves great.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Authors Notes:

The Rondelet is a typical French form or style.

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