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Happy Mother's Day

God sent these Angel's to earth
They took the name called 'MOTHER'
Precious beyond all measure
There could never be no other..

The sweetest name, a heart of gold and a Angel's face.
Who walks with dignity, love and grace
Year after year, a mother's love lives on...
Day after day, with God's blessings on each one.

May you feel His peace
As you celebrate today
And see all the love and joy
That will come your way

God bless these special Mothers,
God bless them each and every one...
For all the tears, joy and heartache,
And for the hard work you've done.

On this Special day for Moms
We wish the very best for All of You
We hope you know in your heart
How much we really love you.

May God richly bless you
In HIS most special way
As His Angel's watch over you,
On this Special Mother's day

Music: Thank you for Loving Me.

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