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Walking down the lane
A child I saw,
Of cheerful smile
Threw at me an apple core.

I laughed to witness such play
I caught it in my hand,
As she hid behind the hedge
I thought such mischief just grand.

Then I heard a voice say
I didn't know you were there,
Sorry mister big nose
And laughed without a care.

She laughed so much
It was contagious,
I couldn't help but roar myself
She was a lot of fun and so outrageous.

I had not laughed so much in years
This child was such a delightful treasure,
Just through her cheeky ways and grin
She had given to me this day so much pleasure.

As I went on my way along the lane
I couldn't help but laugh out loud,
Bye mister big nose she shouted
She would do well playing too a crowd.

There is always a lesson to be learnt
Laughter is a medicine you cant buy,
That little child brought that home to me
Because children's honesty can never lie.

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