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It's 3 A.M. and I'm awake...
And sleep deprived, it's no mistake.
I'm sitting here with eyes wide shut,
I lay me down.....then get me up.

I toss and turn for hours on end,
And think about the time I spend
Just trying hard to get some sleep...
It makes me angry...then I weep!

It's been this way since who knows when...
Yes I was young when it began.
Mom put me in my room at night...
I stayed awake without a light.

I heard the T.V. silent when
My folks went beddie-bye and then
I felt the darkness closing in...
No....sleep would not be found AGAIN!

I hate this curse of sleeplessness!
My mind's room's a mess!
I guess I'll get me up and write...
And smack the Sandman just for spite!

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