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The Contest

The vocal judges made a frown, my graveled voice I cleared
Those who had no ear plugs,put fingers in their ears

I opened up my mouth real wide to sing the song once more
I had to sing much louder, as excitement really soared

They waved and yelled for me to stop,this was their way to ask
I guess they felt the need to rest my voice so it would last.

I told them I would try again,one chuckled and then said,
'You have a voice none other has,lease stop while you're ahead.'

He said that I should not compete, to make the others glad
I guess he's right, so I'll not sing,and make them all look bad.

Instead he said just go back home and practice every hour
He also stated,'Tone it down and keep it in the shower.'

Another contest I have found, I think I'm gonna win
It's not for singing but it's for the world's most cleanest skin!

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