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The Weather Beaten Relic

A weather beaten relic
still survives
to fluster gale
As memories entertain
they fetch a smile and tell a tale
Its solid composition
the carpenter was smart
for every day
he deemed it play
a most important part
Behind the house
across the yard
twas quite the ways to walk
Beyond the barn
and past the shed
where chickens met the block
Amidst the flower garden
as mother kept it well
On winding path 'neath blooming vine
its scents of smell
The call of nature
filled the air
the evening breeze could flower
More oft' than not
as Grandpa sat
to read beneath the bower
The early birds
would fight the coons
for dew worms on the ground
The richest crop to bless a hook
were gathered close around
Spiders never rested nights
they wove
from every place
The morning mist
befell those webs
that burst upon your face
And honeybees
felt right at home
I always wondered why
I tarried not
nor lingered long
as thunder struck the sky
Winter storms
a howling
it sure could send a shiver
barely touched the seat
as you began to quiver
A discarded gem from yesterday
this yard abode's
Intersects with intellect
and indecisive

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