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 YOU PROMISED listener        (More) 4/27/2015
 THE MAN GOES ON TOP AND THE WOMAN UNDERN Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 HOORAY HENRYS AND HENRIETTAíS  Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 MY DAD JOINED THE NAVY Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 IíVE BEEN INVITED TO GO AND SEE Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 WHEN YOU ARE IN A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 ITíS BEEN TWENTY FIVE YEARS Biggus        (More) 4/27/2015
 The Wig Maker randy-johnson        (More) 4/26/2015
 THE ART OF MODERN MEDICINE Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 WHEN YOU HAVE TEENAGERS Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 THE ONLY CUTTING EDGE THAT Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 GEORGE WASHINGTON CHOPPED DOWN Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 MY YOUNGER SISTER HAS SOME HABITS Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 MY BROTHER HAS BEEN SEEING A PSYCHIATRIS Biggus        (More) 4/26/2015
 WEEDS standardnorm        (More) 4/25/2015
 YARD WORK standardnorm        (More) 4/25/2015
 Poet's Plea panther811        (More) 4/24/2015
 CHEAPER THAN THERAPY standardnorm        (More) 4/24/2015
 HUNGER PAINS standardnorm        (More) 4/23/2015
 DONíT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 THE GENERAL CONSENSUS Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 FALLING IN LOVE IS LIKE POETRY Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 POETRY CAN BE VERY ROMANTIC Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 ARE YOU WEARING A CROWN? Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 HERE IS AN INTERESTING FACT Biggus        (More) 4/23/2015
 WEDNESDAY standardnorm        (More) 4/22/2015
 TUESDAY standardnorm        (More) 4/21/2015
 WHAT IS THE POINT FOR WOMAN Biggus        (More) 4/21/2015
 WHEN I GO AND PLAY GOLF Biggus        (More) 4/21/2015
 WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS Biggus        (More) 4/21/2015

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Oh! Come love me
Oh! My darling,
Let's not wait
Until we are wed.

We can do it
On the floor,
We really don't
Need a bed.

Oh! Algie
You are so naughty,
What would
Father say?

Who gives
A s..t about father,
You promised me
I could have my oats today.

Just for a laugh, Tony.

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