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 WHEN TWO APPLE DEVICES Biggus        (More) 4/24/2017
 THE CHICKEN AND THE EGG LAY Biggus        (More) 4/24/2017
 THEY’RE REMAKING OLD TV SHOWS Biggus        (More) 4/24/2017
 HOW WAS THE OP DOCTOR? Biggus        (More) 4/24/2017
 NO ORDINARY DAY! MissSharon        (More) 4/24/2017
 A Poem for Martin Atkins pamschwetz        (More) 4/23/2017
 Morning Coffee norman        (More) 4/21/2017
 WRITTEN FACTS MissSharon        (More) 4/20/2017
 Many A Clink panther811        (More) 4/13/2017
 Time Upon a Once (A.K.A. oh my) pamschwetz        (More) 4/12/2017
 WE WENT TO THE SEASIDE Biggus        (More) 4/12/2017
 DRIED FRUIT TRADE Biggus        (More) 4/12/2017
 THE WOODPECKER LOST HIS BEAK Biggus        (More) 4/12/2017
 WHY ARE BABY FLAMINGO’S Biggus        (More) 4/12/2017
 THE BEST EASTER ACTOR OF ALL TIME # 3 Biggus        (More) 4/12/2017
 Meet You panther811        (More) 4/4/2017
 PRINCE OF CHOCOLATE BLISS MissSharon        (More) 4/4/2017
 Have Another Drink panther811        (More) 4/3/2017
 The Mirror, Loud and Clear! Suvasini        (More) 4/3/2017
 A DRIZZLY, DOODLY KIND OF DAY MissSharon        (More) 3/27/2017
 SNOWSHOE MADNESS! MissSharon        (More) 3/23/2017
 Mel Picklelickers Carte Blanche Cartel assisi        (More) 3/23/2017
 delete delete        (More) 3/21/2017
 PRIOR DAYS AND DISTANT MOONS MissSharon        (More) 3/21/2017
 NOT READY MissSharon        (More) 3/19/2017
 YOU'D NEVER KNOW MissSharon        (More) 3/18/2017
 Three Pews Long poetryaa3        (More) 3/17/2017
 NO ABSOLUTE USES MissSharon        (More) 3/16/2017
 delete delete        (More) 3/15/2017
 ''HOW CAN I BELIEVE?'' MissSharon        (More) 3/15/2017

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When two Apple devices
Interface when meeting
They don’t do a handshake
But do an iFive in greeting

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