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 AT ONE WITH NATURE listener        (More) 6/9/2015

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I really like to look at maps
And find places I’d like to go’ta
Like Morrow, Ohio; Knight, Indiana
And the small town Day, Minnesota.

So I began to plan my trip
And to help me guide my way
I went to my telephone,
And called up Triple A.

I told the lady on the phone,,
That tomorrow I’d like to go to Day
Then maybe go to Morrow tonight
If you could find a way.

Because, yesterday I went to Knight
And today I could go to Morrow
Tomorrow I still plan to go to Day
And return to Knight tomorrow.

She then said, “Pardon me,
I fear we have one of those bad connections,
Because I did not understand a word you said
And cannot give directions.”

Well, tomorrow I still need to go to Day
Perhaps to go to Morrow today,
I need to return to Knight tomorrow
To finish what I started yesterday.

“Well sir”, she said I’ve heard you twice,
And still I can’t digest it’
So don’t call us, we’ll cal you,
And next tume just Map Quest it.”

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