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 Black Friday tony parsons        (More) 11/27/2015
 Trite tony parsons        (More) 11/27/2015
 Jake's Style Lou1216        (More) 11/26/2015
 Bellyache Redux . . Reflux .. .Aw Shucks tony parsons        (More) 11/25/2015
 Belly ache tony parsons        (More) 11/25/2015
 THE CLAUSíS SAT BESIDE THE FIRE Biggus        (More) 11/24/2015
 ARE YOU WEARING GREEN TINSEL? Biggus        (More) 11/24/2015
 Took the Chance panther811        (More) 11/23/2015
 Mary Had A Little Lamb Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 11/22/2015
 WHEN CHRISTMAS DAY WAS OVER # 2 Biggus        (More) 11/20/2015
 DALMATIAN poetalthomas        (More) 11/19/2015
 the naked and the dead  jan oskar hansen        (More) 11/16/2015
 SCROOGE HATES CHRISTMAS Biggus        (More) 11/14/2015
 IT WAS INEVITABLE THAT RED BULL Biggus        (More) 11/14/2015
 AFTER BEING CAUGHT, WITH NO EXCUSE Biggus        (More) 11/14/2015
 I WANTED TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT FEMINISM Biggus        (More) 11/14/2015
 DONíT MOAN ABOUT FUEL ECONOMY Biggus        (More) 11/12/2015
 ON THE WARD FOR UNWELL BOYS Biggus        (More) 11/12/2015
 TO MANY THE TIME ARRIVES Biggus        (More) 11/12/2015
 OVER CHRISTMAS THE AMBULANCE SERVICE Biggus        (More) 11/12/2015
 I WANTED TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT MACHISMO Biggus        (More) 11/12/2015
 PERCEPTION AND PERSPECTIVE Biggus        (More) 11/11/2015
 MY GARDENER HAS OCD Biggus        (More) 11/11/2015
 I VISITED NIGEL FARAGEíS GARDEN Biggus        (More) 11/11/2015
 WHINGING HOLIDAY MAKERS # 6 Biggus        (More) 11/11/2015
 I WANTED TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT INDEPENDE Biggus        (More) 11/9/2015
 I WAS CAMPING OUT AT THE WEEKEND Biggus        (More) 11/9/2015
 I CANíT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I DISLIKE F1 Biggus        (More) 11/9/2015
 WHINGING HOLIDAY MAKERS # 5 Biggus        (More) 11/9/2015
 THERE WAS UPROAR AT THE BAZAAR Biggus        (More) 11/8/2015

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Black Friday

three strophes of five, five and two syllables - aab aab aab

Black Friday, a sale
Discounts - an arrayal
of stuff
Slashed past wholesale
to less than e-tail -
no guff!
I'm crushed, can't inhale!
I'll just have to bail!

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