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 Thinking Of You - (with all my heart!)  David A. Doolan        (More) 10/20/2017
 For Me panther811        (More) 10/18/2017
 Ah, Ice Water Johnsonraven        (More) 10/14/2017
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 AS A BOY I ASKED GOD FOR A BIKE ONE DAY  Biggus        (More) 9/26/2017
 WHY IS IT THAT EVERYTHING I LOVE Biggus        (More) 9/26/2017
 I NEED TO START PAYING CLOSER ATTENTION Biggus        (More) 9/26/2017
 AFTER ALMOST FIFTY YEARS OF LABOUR Biggus        (More) 9/26/2017
 THE TECHNOLOGICAL AGE Biggus        (More) 9/26/2017
 I WANT TO DIE PEACEFULLY IN MY SLEEP Biggus        (More) 9/25/2017
 AS I LEFT THE STORE EMPTY HANDED Biggus        (More) 9/25/2017
 NOW IíM NEITHER FOR OR AGAINST BUT Biggus        (More) 9/25/2017
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 I HAD TO HAVE A BLOOD TRANSFUSION ONE DA Biggus        (More) 9/22/2017
 THE KOALA WAS IN SOME DISTRESS Biggus        (More) 9/22/2017
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 MY FATHER IN LAW IS FULL OF IT Biggus        (More) 9/19/2017

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Thinking Of You - (with all my heart!)

The Poet was wrong thinking he would learn
More from reading the great poets of old
Than watching things in the supermarket.
His greatest lesson happened weeks ago
And he took no notes and the lecturer
Impressed him more than any grown man could.
He gave a year's universty course
This boy of five in five minutes on love,
Winning love, selling oneself, anything,
Selling anything at all, achieving.
He danced and talked for this pretty girl
Who did not look so he ignored her
And performed for her friend instead and won
The pretty girl although she did not look.

The zest for life is the greatest gift you can give your partner.
Read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' for zest is catching.
Order through Zora Knight the illustrator


Oh how your smiles love smiles where magic springs
So wizards flock 'round you with spells like me,
Each one to see what his powerful art brings.
Oh how your smiles bring power to wizardry.
'I will give you a great-thrill wand' says one,
Another says his wand's of wealth, pure gold -
I say 'My wand's for happiness, for fun,
Whose magic wills your footsteps, ever bold -
Rejoice much, for the heart not lust serves best.'
Oh how your smiles love smiles where magic dwells
And my wand does dance when your eyes dare test
Its liveliness and goodness of its spells.
Oh how your smiles love smiles where magic weaves -
My wizardry's like child's play to new born needs!


Her lair the lioness lends with love and faith
To you that we might tonight trust instinct
And have fast taste that gains great pleasure, safe
From the world of torn poets and their pained ink.
Three shooting stars, blue as the books show those
In lands where they're bleached and falling, salute you
And knights from far and wide - their number grows -
Wish defend the one whom you choose most true
In heart, most gallant, most dear, most clearly
The one for the lion's den tonight - would I? -
Only fools in love would say the worldly.
Knowing I've won, I'll defend till I die!
Her lair the lioness lends with love tonight
To you and your love, so let's love till light!


The Three Headed monster 'Notenough' reigns -
Let your Good Knight do battle for you dear.
The Low Money head my use of spells maims
'Your talent lent you will triumph this year.'
The Slow Fame head is hard to slay as most know,
Again spells not lance deaden and give life -
'Your talent lent you will touch with fame's glow.'
The Flesh-Love-Need head gives the knight much strife,
Neither spell nor lance, only heart has might
With your help and then 'Muchtoomuch' appears.
Some say 'Muchtoomuch' is the dread of the night -
Too much money, too much fame, best loved years?
Sounds like a monster we could both handle -
Let your Good Knight needle, to have our hands full!


Two friends have I when sad, fun and laughter
For home alone forlorn fingers stroke beard
And then with pen recall laughed the finger
Yours and mine, everyone as shyness reared
Though hot with desire and each touch restrained -
The eyes had much fun - played a funny game -
My eyes caught your eyes look and steel-feel gained.
Your eyes made out my eyes with short sight came
To allow secret looks be stares I took.
I love my two friends I have when home sad -
Each part of me wants fun's laughter to book
Tomorrow, tonight, right now friends - our pad!
No doubt that when noses rub it's fine fun
But more creative will be we poets than some.


Who hears loved happy men sing that love's lost?
When Nature's birds sing their chorus in rain?
With silver haired love my song's measured cost
For where was such high feeling past years' pain?
To clutch now will crush, to be gentle's best -
My love's not glass goldfish bowl held all time
For daily while happy songs I invest,
The best investment ever of tired rhyme.
Alone - with her - alone - with her does raise
My care, my listening, my giving to heights
Though we kiss not, caress not this fun phase.
Oh may my lust never lessen long nights!
All hear this strange happy man sing love songs
Wondering if she belongs where she belongs.


The Wizard and the Princess took shelter
From the sudden storm that frightened the night -
With dry black robes they laughed hail did pelter
Windows lit with their candles that lit bright
Her golden stars, his silver stars on black.
She had beauty, she was wiser than he
But the Wizard loved her and wished it fact
That she loved him without his spell - hence free -
Yet her beauty bewitched brave hearts who saw
And thousands sought her hand with shallow mind.
The Wizard lifted his spell 'cause she swore
She would only choose a man deep and kind.
The Wizard studied her every word well,
Learned Nature's nuture but cast one more spell!


They that have crystal power for love yet pause
Who do not do the spells that prove work well,
Approve choice - inspire, not compel heart's cause,
With poetry wake their sleepless love at twelve -
Oh they should win the lady, win rose lips,
Know her downy pillow as their own
When others seek secret truths of her hips -
Through spells and chants and candles love make known.
'Crystal in the love corner of my room
Catch the candlelight and let love shine bright
Of your ruling star that rules this poet's moon
So trembling begins in moon and star tonight!'
All's fair in love and war - I claim the edge.
Use my chant, then I'll use other knowledge!


Your love gives power that youth cannot yet know
For they who look and test are fooled by age
But worth on earth comes not from speed you go
Nor things you move nor changes bring as sage.
This Poet has treasure seen as his eyes peer
Out from slowed frame and lost signs of vigour
That thieves would do years for if they came near
To knowing such teaming wealth, such glamour.
This man is loved which shows in his eyes' fire
Which comes from every cell and his young mind
Of which they who hear and measure may tire
But Kings and Wizards have not wealth combined
To match the Poet and the man loved by you.
You've given him power of the universe too.


The Author of Hate said to me today
'I'll grant you one kiss of your love tonight
If you agree it's your last and you'll pay
The penalty of love planned with Hate's might.'
Dying for her kiss with boldness I said
I'd concede for how could Hate beat Love's greed?
I'd kiss a kiss all night till dawn in bed
And while we kissed write notes how we'd be freed
By some way Love halting Hate's death threat
When my kiss ended, my life ended.
My love wrote a note and grinned-kissed me wet
And I died in her kiss and Hate losing fled,
So she kissed me warmly with love till dawn,
The spell broken, died twice more then reborn.


To feel for those who are sad though we're not
Has double count through love, praps triple too
Where hands of Love above touch those who aren't
With disbelief, say those who see Love hates too.
What worm can survive where triple love grows
And devour silken cords 'round kind lovers?
The Poet looks not for worms and weaves as he goes
Silken cords while his Lady's love hovers -
Her heart is his, he weaves some more to bind.
The worm loves threads that own and constrict her.
Loving him, keeping love's riches in mind
The Lady leaves the worm little succour.
Which of the counts counts most in the Poet's heart?
He'd squash the worm and bind her with words' art.


Since we know the power of love you and I
'Work for less or you are not wanted here'
Is not the best way to make profits sigh.
Improve products so to customers dear,
Just what they wanted and workers work hard
Not from some fear but have something to gain.
Workers and customers, love no facade
Should learn of owners who from love abstain
And favour those who aren't so obvious.
Millions of favours millions and millions
Through favouring love's methods as their focus (texting?)
Can raise up industry's and commerce's sons
And daughters to show the world love has power -
You and I my love feel it every hour.


I close my eyes and think and choose my thoughts
And assume that The Maker Of All thinks -
Has choice in thinking as I do right now.
I feel love and assume The Maker does
And chooses to love those quite hard to love.
Those who steal food where without they would die
Would God's response be 'Say you are sorry'?
And what is more loving giving some food
Or pronouncing forgiveness for stealing?
I close my eyes and think of you my love
And I reason that loving you is sound
For I feel so good and it feels so right
And assume The Maker of All must smile
As I smile or He or She's missing out.

This old guy thumbed through the book in his hands;
Admired the pictures of youthful love's zest
And read how one man through courting expands
His world, his love of life, to give his best.
He was waiting to die, the next life live
And lifted his bowed head and some things said
To ladies chaired near him who bright smiles give
And shallow breaths deepened, they shun their bed.
He passed the book and the pages they thumbed
Winking, the youthful love stirring flirting
And spoke of old times and one lady hummed.
The old guy held up the book eyes skirting
For signs of new times of zest for love new
And said 'I'll read and dance all night with you!'

The zest for life is the greatest gift you can give your partner.
Read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' for zest is catching.
Order through Zora Knight the illustrator

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