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Just For The Love Of It

In my 78 years I have done a lot of things
Just for the love of it!

Writing is not only a passion but I also write
Just for the love of it!

When I was 10 I made a baby dress for my sister
Just for the love of it!

In clown gear I rode a mule throughout the Fort Worth Stockyards
Just for the love of it!

On St Patrick’s Day I dressed in green and wore green make-up
Just for the love of it!

Most mornings I take pictures of our backyard visitors
Just for the love of it!

Daily chores take a back seat to things I prefer to do
Just for the love of it!

Shredding papers with my name, tossing some I did not write
Just for the love of it!

Dusting bookshelves even books even places can’t be seen
Just for the love of it

Writing prayers, poems and prose whatever else heaven knows
Just for the love of!

Like the energizer bunny, this list could keep going
Just for the love of it!

But my husband thought it was
Just for the FUN of it.

He said that I married him
Just for the fun of it!

I then asked him where’s the fun
Just for the fun of it and
Just for the love of it!

Just For The Fun Of It challenge
Note, each line has 14 syllables
then the phrase Just for the fun of it....

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