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 Unexpected Screams pamschwetz        (More) 8/1/2015
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 The Moon Goddess-Dorothy and the Wizard Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 7/20/2015
 Journey of a Lifetime jamieclaire        (More) 7/20/2015
 Angela Merkel   jan oskar hansen        (More) 7/20/2015
 words in my mouth  jan oskar hansen        (More) 7/19/2015
 THE DEFINITION OF OXYMORON Biggus        (More) 7/18/2015
 ECCEDENTESIAST DESCRIBES SOMEONE Biggus        (More) 7/18/2015
 I TOLD MY DAD THAT I HAD JOB TEMPING Biggus        (More) 7/18/2015
 MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR IS FAT AND BALD Biggus        (More) 7/18/2015
 ADIDAS IS AN ACRONYM ADIDAS Biggus        (More) 7/18/2015
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 IF I HAVE A FIGHT WIFE MY WIFE Biggus        (More) 7/10/2015
 IF AS THEY SAY, MARRIAGE IS A WAR Biggus        (More) 7/10/2015
 MY WIFE IS A SEX OBJECT Biggus        (More) 7/10/2015
 WASP IS AN ACRONYM Biggus        (More) 7/10/2015
 the plot  jan oskar hansen        (More) 7/9/2015
 TASTE GREAT standardnorm        (More) 7/8/2015
 LESS FILLING standardnorm        (More) 7/8/2015
 ANOTHER BITE standardnorm        (More) 7/8/2015

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Unexpected Screams

Outside an open window
a burglar lay in wait
you better close that window
before it is too late

Outside an open window
a curious bird was there
decided to fly in solo
to see what was in there

Outside an open window
a squirrel collecting nuts
decided in there he would go
just cuz he had the guts

Outside an open window
outside there is so much
make sure you have a strong screen
if you're not into unexpected screams

Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge
In this particular challenge you will be given a phrase that you MUST include in the body of the poem EXACTLY AS GIVEN (no modification can be made to it except with punctuation and capitalization when applicable), but as with all the Just For the Love of It challenges you may write in any style or genre... free verse or structured and it can be happy, sad, humorous, inspirational etc.
The phrase for this challenge is 'outside an open window'

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