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 If I Were You I'd Run pamschwetz        (More) 5/27/2015
 I'LL KEEP ON TRYING TO BE GOOD listener        (More) 5/26/2015
 irony: that which is amusingly contrary jamieclaire        (More) 5/24/2015
 Hi Mother Muse! RaymondCook        (More) 5/24/2015
 IT'S A CAT'S LIFE hollydar        (More) 5/23/2015
 ALL THE WRIGHT STUFF standardnorm        (More) 5/22/2015
 A Fan panther811        (More) 5/22/2015
 THE DAY OF THE TRIG TEST standardnorm        (More) 5/20/2015
 ANSWER YOUR PHONE joylene        (More) 5/19/2015
 THE MULE Floreann Cawley        (More) 5/19/2015
 The Little Black Book joylene        (More) 5/19/2015
 WHAT'S GOING ON listener        (More) 5/19/2015
 Blip cherryk        (More) 5/19/2015
 My Phiszog  jan oskar hansen        (More) 5/17/2015
 MORNING ROUTIN standardnorm        (More) 5/17/2015
 THE ONLY SARDINE IN THE CAN standardnorm        (More) 5/16/2015
 IN THE MIDDLE OF A MUDDLE standardnorm        (More) 5/15/2015
 Funny monkey Starlight1        (More) 5/15/2015
 Very Important pamschwetz        (More) 5/15/2015
 As Ugly As A Wicked Witch randy-johnson        (More) 5/14/2015
 MELTED POPCICLES standardnorm        (More) 5/14/2015
 SEEN AND NOT HEARD standardnorm        (More) 5/13/2015
 Nonsense cherryk        (More) 5/12/2015
 Bring on the Margaritas jamieclaire        (More) 5/11/2015
 THNAKE standardnorm        (More) 5/11/2015
 the man who hates Israel  jan oskar hansen        (More) 5/10/2015
 Dionysus panther811        (More) 5/9/2015
 TODAY, TOMORROW, AND FORGET IT standardnorm        (More) 5/7/2015
 And Sinker cherryk        (More) 5/6/2015
 Crooked Undertaker randy-johnson        (More) 5/6/2015

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If I Were You I'd Run

It's clear to everyone
that she has come undone
insanity has begun
if I were you I'd run

Fun with a phrase Challenge
The phrase that must be used is: She's come undone
Host: misskendy

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