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 WHY DO THE FRENCH EAT SNAILS? Biggus        (More) 5/26/2017
 WHAT DO YOU CALL A SHEEP TIED UP Biggus        (More) 5/26/2017
 LAST YEAR I WENT ON HOLIDAY TO AUSTRALIA Biggus        (More) 5/26/2017
 WHEN DID YOU LAST HAVE SEX Biggus        (More) 5/26/2017
 Nothing But A Bird Suvasini        (More) 5/24/2017
 Was Applied panther811        (More) 5/23/2017
 The End panther811        (More) 5/22/2017
 SELECTIVE IGNORANCE MissSharon        (More) 5/22/2017
 I WON AN ALL-EXPENSES PAID Biggus        (More) 5/22/2017
 WHAT COULD THE POSSIBLE REASON BE Biggus        (More) 5/22/2017
 IS THERE ANYTHING WORN UNDER THE KILT? Biggus        (More) 5/22/2017
 A MAN WANTED TO GO SWIMMING Biggus        (More) 5/22/2017
 MY LUGGAGE GOT TRASHED AT THE AIRPORT Biggus        (More) 5/19/2017
 MACARONI MOTORS Biggus        (More) 5/19/2017
 THE FRUIT AND VEG WHOLESALERS IN TOWN  Biggus        (More) 5/19/2017
 I WENT TO THE RESTAURANT LAST NIGHT Biggus        (More) 5/19/2017
 Brussels sprouts........ dave.wynter        (More) 5/17/2017
 I HEARD ON THE NEWS THAT A HIJACKED SHIP Biggus        (More) 5/15/2017
 HIGHER EDUCATION IS A WONDERFUL THING Biggus        (More) 5/15/2017
 SEND ONE BAG TO TOKYO Biggus        (More) 5/15/2017
 MY UNCLE IS A JOVIAL MAN Biggus        (More) 5/15/2017
 RICHARD GURLEY DREW Biggus        (More) 5/10/2017
 POPPERS Biggus        (More) 5/10/2017
 GRANDAD BEAT HIS WIFE TO DEATH Biggus        (More) 5/10/2017
 COLIN TOOK A PORK PIE Biggus        (More) 5/10/2017
 I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE MEAL Biggus        (More) 5/10/2017
 Sofia shakysphere        (More) 5/8/2017
 THE HEAD CHEF Biggus        (More) 5/5/2017
 I UPSET MY ENGLISH TEACHER Biggus        (More) 5/5/2017
 WE NEEDED A FAMILY HOLIDAY Biggus        (More) 5/5/2017

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Why do the French eat snails?
Itís an odd habit, without being rude
The only explanation I can find
Is that the French donít like fast food

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