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 Delicious brown_linda        (More) 8/26/2016
 MY BROTHER AND I ARE CHALK AND CHEESE Biggus        (More) 8/23/2016
 SUICIDE IS PAINLESS, ACCORDING TO THE SO Biggus        (More) 8/23/2016
 PUT DOWN # 60 Biggus        (More) 8/23/2016
 MY WIFE DROVE HER FIRST HUSBAND Biggus        (More) 8/23/2016
 THAT'S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS THAT IS # 2 Biggus        (More) 8/23/2016
 Running Beagle Dogs norman        (More) 8/19/2016
 THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTITUTION Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 SHOTS WERE FIRED AT THE CHOIR Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 I QUIT MY JOB AT THE REFINERY Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 THE SEX WAS SO GOOD LAST NIGHT Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 I MADE MY GIRL BIMBETTE Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 SOME PEOPLE ARE UP BEAT Biggus        (More) 8/18/2016
 MY BROTHER IN LAW IS FROM STRATFORD Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 PUT DOWN # 59 Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 MEN LIKE LOGIC AND SEX Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 A CONFUSED SPERM ASKED FOR DIRECTIONS Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 BIMBETTE IS NOT THE BRIGHTEST Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 WHEN THE PRINCESS FOUND THE FROG Biggus        (More) 8/15/2016
 PUT DOWN # 58 Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 FOGHORN LEGHORN LE ROOSTER Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 MY WIFE WAS IN THE BATHROOM Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 A VERTICALLY CHALLENGED MAN  Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 I'M A GARDENER AND I'M OK Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 IF THE MASCULINE PRONOUNS Biggus        (More) 8/12/2016
 SHE SAID SHE WAS A BUSH DOCTOR Biggus        (More) 8/11/2016
 I REGULARLY DONATE BLOOD Biggus        (More) 8/11/2016
 A MAJOR FIRE CAUSED PANIC Biggus        (More) 8/11/2016
 WE MUST REWRITE THE HISTORY BOOKS Biggus        (More) 8/11/2016
 WHEN WE SPEAK OF A BROTHER Biggus        (More) 8/11/2016

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'My darling, we shall meet again'
She whispers ever close
'Never forget tis you, my friend...
I will always love the most'

'We'll be together once more
When I know the time is right'
And as she turns to walk away
She catches one last sight

Oh, how the days were glorious
Fulfilled when she was young
So much living yet to be
And much more already done

'But now is not the time for us
I have to walk away'
As tears begin to fill her eyes
There's nothing left to say

One last glance before she goes
Shimmering in the light
The package glistens perfectly
'Oh...Ok, just one last bite'

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