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 FOGHORN LEGHORN’S WIFE ONLY LAID Biggus        (More) 2/7/2016
 DONATIONS TO SPERM BANKS Biggus        (More) 2/7/2016
 back at the ranch  jan oskar hansen        (More) 2/6/2016
 truth be told  jan oskar hansen        (More) 2/5/2016
 Horsemeat And Other Stuff FlowGee        (More) 2/2/2016
 GROUNDHOG DAY 2015 Biggus        (More) 2/1/2016
 Aisle Not AlwaysMyWords        (More) 1/30/2016
 Carnival Barker, 1st line below is title reality1        (More) 1/28/2016
 Ted's 'Cruizin', 1st line below is title reality1        (More) 1/28/2016
 The Darn Sun randy-johnson        (More) 1/27/2016
 On the Way panther811        (More) 1/26/2016
 Changing Names Lou1216        (More) 1/26/2016
 WE’VE ALL HEARD ABOUT THE MUSHROOM Biggus        (More) 1/24/2016
 SHE WENT TO THE DOCTORS WITH A LETTUCE L Biggus        (More) 1/24/2016
 I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO FIND PRAWN BREAD Biggus        (More) 1/24/2016
 AN ENGLISHMAN WALKED INTO A PUB Biggus        (More) 1/24/2016
 A MALE STRIPPER Biggus        (More) 1/24/2016
 Should Be Apostrophe. panther811        (More) 1/23/2016
 A little lookinh into my gaming BizzyBo        (More) 1/22/2016
 WHAT WOULD MUMMY SAY? listener        (More) 1/22/2016
 Sir Don of the Urinal Lou1216        (More) 1/20/2016
 MY HUSBAND MAKES LOVE TO ME Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 AT WORK IT WAS THE BIRTHDAY Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 I HAVE A CAR THAT CAN TRANSFORM Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 HAVING + 1 CHANNELS Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 ONE DAY IN A FAR MORE CARING WORLD  Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT Biggus        (More) 1/20/2016
 Something from Andy Johnsonraven        (More) 1/18/2016
 Habit Johnsonraven        (More) 1/16/2016
 Out of the Box... Fargo Williams        (More) 1/15/2016

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Foghorn Leghorn’s wife only laid
Her eggs in the winter or fall
But that made sense, as she was
No Spring Chicken after all

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