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Our Short Honeymoon

My husband and I were married and couldn't take a honeynoon
We were wed in September and said we'll have to wait until June

We drove up North and cross over into Canada and went to Niagra Falls
They're absolutely awsome, to see the hundreds of people and a few sea gulls

Watching the falls in the clear evening, with my guy was such a sight to see
We're standing there his arms around me and he said I love you, do you love me

I said ofcourse my Darling I love you and will love you until the end of time
It was an beautiful day at the falls , but the falls dance to their own rhyme

We took a trip by boat there, and believe me we got soaked to the gills
Both of us ended up getting sick and both of us were having chills

So we said good bye to Canada and the falls, an came back home to Kalamazoo
It was alot fun but, since we both got sick, it was a short honeymoon boohoo

Challenge: Photoshop Talk
Narrator: SuperSlimJim
March 3, 2015

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