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I got up but I was still in bed,
I had fame and fortune
Going round in my head.
I was the leader I wasn't in the pack,
I was the leader of poem attack.
A great idea sprang to my mind,
But when I asked my brain
It wouldn't find the words,
Of a great poem attack.
I looked back in my bedroom
To ask myself in bed,
What the hell was going on?
But I was watching the tele instead.
I said, I thought we had just had a poem attack?
We said we have but I'm not sure,
How come I am still in bed then,
And you are stood by the door?
That's a funny thing said the one by the door,
There is another one of us downstairs,
He's composing I'm sure.
There is some confusion here, said Tom in the bed,
How can one of me be by the door,
And one downstairs he said.
To add to the confusion or maybe the illusion,
One was in the garden cutting flowers for the table,
As he came indoors he was reciting a fable,
As he looked out of the window he was washing the car,
Which was very dirty and full of road tar.
Gloria their wife said have you been far?
Said Tom in the bed have you seen the others?
Gloria said yes, he's round at mothers.
Tom in bed said I better get up,
My head feels rather strange,
I've done a lot of work today,
I've also got a lot of things to arrange.
I could have sworn I had written a poem,
No said Gloria, you've been in bed,
The only poem you have written
Is still inside your head.
Must have been a funny dream LOL

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