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Happy First Birthday 'Jed'.

If you saw his angel face and rosy cheeks
you'd have a smile upon your face for weeks
At the first time that I looked into his face
his bright eyes gazed back at me beaming grace.
With pinkish pale complexion on his skin
(I thought it was a cherub there as I peeked in.)
Jedediah, darling grandson,you are one today
though I've only seen you once (as I live far away)
you have been inside my heart as has your smile
you gave it to me at the start (and I've kept it all the while.)
The hugs of you that day I warmly keep
as I do the joy of walking you 'til your pram lulled you to sleep.
What a wonderful day in Gympie Town
pushing your pram around and 'roun'.
And there in Gympie park your cousins played
with your brother on the slippery-dip
(so well behaved!)
And your mum and dad an' aunty Jo were there
as we picnicked happily on that day so fair.
Sometimes when heaven touches on my heart
it stirs a love up in me that makes my teardrops start
and so it happened to me on that day, I said 'goodbye'
...then sadly drove away.
The beauty of that perfect day,still makes these blue eyes cry.
That joy of meeting you it swelled my heart
(a memory so precious I will never let it part.)
So darling Jedediah on this very special day
remember you are dearly loved by your so-fond 'Granny-Kay.'

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