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Looking Again

The're many stories that show we might not
Value things we already have and hence
Go searching further afield and miss out.
With this in mind the Poet re-looks at poems
He hardly remembers writing and they
Haven't caused a stir among readers at all.
Fearful of judges rating his poetry
Of less merit than most other poets
The Poet has devised measures of merit
That are concrete and beyond all refute.
Using these measures he will sift the poems
Selected to see what finds come to light.


We get some meaning from our names, more yours
Where things left yesterday are triggered back.
Your name invites the traveller rest and pause
So thoughts that stray hence from frowns do not lack
As night's soft darkness gently runs past days
While changed from child to man to more I thrive -
We live while we believe and believing pays;
The worn-out world we know, could come alive
By saying your name, gaining meaning, comfort.
With firmer manhood, weeds of sad days die
And star-sown nightly skies tell wonder's brought -
There's meaning in your name and I know why!
You are so strongly in my heart and head
The world will know well, long before I'm dead.

Line one and others have a beautiful sound with over 22 repetitions of letters - something that is found repeatedly in Shakespeare's sonnets. There are 17 negatives which boulster greatly the depth of the thoughts and feelings of love.
10 metaphors add to the meaning of the poem greatly also.


Will come for you when earth's time's right, now wrong;
Nothing can stop love that loved women want.
Live life to the full, leave little though long
Enough friendship to flower when I come flaunt
All of me, give all of me forever.
Taste flesh, feel spirit but save some for me;
Will come for you when earth points time's finger.
All your poetry's true, the world wants to see
Success stories - poesy's powerful, love wins.
Leave a little spark, be kind to your soul,
Poetry's our heart, poetry's our earthly wings.
This man's bonded, responded with his all.
Live life to the full but I'll come for you
When earth's time's right making poetry true.

With 25 reps line one shines in its sound. 10 negatives working for the poem - less than the first poem but the 15 metaphors is as busy as Shakespeare's sonnets.


In what manner do our two loves combine?
Nothing ties love though one moves the other;
Thoughts of ownership don't apply when fine
Though our two loves are as one fine weather.
Not as one lives in a mansion lovely
Nor spider in its web nor bird in nest
But as moon beams play in your hair for me
Or light up your eyes with gold to invest.
So does your love, my love fill each other
Being all in all, not forced but free,
Applying daily to be together
Like I'm applying right now my lovely.
So as the sun above the light does bring
My love's to yours as an eternal spring.

With 16 metaphors readers can have many amazing word pictures to enthrall them.
Yes as many as the greatest poets of all time provide.


High light your image, describe its design
That you project through poetry to the tuned.
All have colour though colourless time to time
And you're multi-coloured, brightly festooned.
Your words lip mark me showing I'm desired
Your hair in my grey, warmth giving, mingling,
Silken form sliding, pressing so I'm wired,
Soft eyes of love colouring my smiling.
Speak of spring with blossoms sending cheer
Its colours borrowed from that which you show;
Lips, hair, eyes, dress to your readers appear
But rich are your colours only I know.
Oh if I your image had to high light
I'd be too overwhelmed to get it right!

16 metaphors!


Your eye light rays increase with each new win
So youth for you is slow to run its race.
My rewards are based on daring loving
And each love word gives soul to my creased face.
Worry not that I grow old and strength wanes
For every moment I measure major;
I see it so through future aches and pains.
Who would fall in love on some distant shore
And have love that towered despite fasting?
Oh few would have been loved as I have been,
Oh few would dare hope for such a darling
Till your eye light rays like I they have seen.
When words of your soul are penned as poetry
Awards light up you eyes - more so praise from me!

Line one 23 repetition of letters. Some others too. See the lines with all single syllabled words. Shakespeare does it very often in his sonnets. Long words don't make the man.


I have a wish, more want than wish at times
That the dear sun would bronze me like a god
In your eyes before the full moon climbs
So that love might lust like the plough turns the clod
And poetry of sun, moon and earth rains long.
I have a wish, more need than wish it seems
That the bright stars would not feel it wrong
To leave silver for my hair so your hand gleams,
And spreading starlight, overwhelms each touch.
I have a wish, more desire than wishing
That the soft earth would leave prints in ways such
Your bare feet feel drawn to be mine following.
Wished caring love's touch can be beautiful
But your touch, in love, with love, through love's all.

This poem has merits other than measured at the moment


Who's the sweet woman waving in deep shade
To invite winged steps and points down river?
My Love! moving with grace that God has made
Dressed in black lace but lacked not cheek's colour
Oh ever beautiful, ever friendly;
Is it foolish to love so much, afar?
To have so firm a heart so tenderly,
To act lovers' parts yet our bodies bar?
Are there no flashing neon lights displayed
For those who love bravely so beautifully?
Smiles of bad angels so loved would ne'er fade
And in their breasts be glows continually.
Under the narrow bridge down the river
My longest best kiss I did deliver.

16 negatives gives this poem much depth.


The woman of summer stood beside me;
I saw not the coloured dream of life gleam
Nor how to the moon thoughts hollow could be
But she perceived this the poplar tree's theme.
Listen! the woman of summer then said
'Have love that is true to one another';
'Begin again if need be, heart and head',
Did murmur the poplar tree that summer.
Years after I would sit and wait to hear
About secrets of the art of love's heart
Under the poplar tree and call my dear
When summer murmurs appeared to impart.
Now we dream coloured dreams under the moon,
Under the poplar tree murmuring our tune.

The poplar tree is one of the lover's dearest symbols of love. So they would rate this poem with amazing merit.


Dear brown, green grassed banks of the river 6e 16neg
Under flowering gum tree's shade, you welcome
Each searched for, searing summer - blessed giver -
Lovers who love to flee in droves from the sun.
Blackbirds in bright bushes singing sweetly
So break my heart as they sing there hidden;
Far out of sight, not mind, over the sea
Is my love whom distance makes forbidden.
'You break my heart happy blackbird singing
With your answer call to your nearby mate,
For sing as I might, day and night sing
My tune hasn't matched yours to make a firm date.'
On the brown, green grassed banks I dream a scheme -
Bend knee to my blackbird in white - no dream.

You can't miss the amazing sound of the first line. 16 negatives lift the poem up to great heights.


Your eyes were love-lights seen screened through sweet thoughts 12e 17met
Where beauty lived as flowers marvelled by all
Yet turned to me - tuned into love's lust sports -
Having arrived from far off to your call;
A long internet love match set-up scene.
The power of poetry wove love in our eyes,
Thousands of email thoughts lingered unseen
And arms squeezed as tight as thought it was wise.
In you holy things, pretty things I saw
And my summer became well watered green;
No ornaments needed to grace you more
Girl of fairytales yet real to be seen.
Now back home I have hundreds of thoughts held,
Chief of them your eyes how your love they spelled.

Say the first line over and over and savour the beauty of sound like wine to the taste. There are 12 Es in this line. 17 metaphors. The reader is well and truly spoilt.


Since your eyes, your lips, your poems, your smiles 6s 14neg 15met
Are not mortal to the eyes of my heart,
How with this fire burning thousands of miles
Over here out of control could it spark
Interest? - except that your beauty reigns
Oh not only in your blossoming breasts,
In your kiss, your touch, your glide that spreads flames
But through all seeing, pouting, smiling guests,
Silver words slipping tongue for us to keep.
My fire's rage then's no stronger than a flower
Though a flower in your hair has power of sleep
Producing dreams of sweet love forever.
Spoil not can my words spilling out poet's praise
For beauty abounds and my pen just obeys.

6 Ss in line one. In our language the S like no other letter catches attention.
There are few more commanding lines than this in love poetry.
14 negatives has power. 15 metaphors steals the reader's soul.


I want a secret fantasy with you,
Wish hidden thoughts treasured forever,
Feelings not shown by touch, souls showing through.
Be my one and only secret murmur?
My heart sound, my breath sound, my limb's sound - life?
Have a touch life but return my love's fire?
Oh be my secret sweet fantasy wife?
Let's parade past lusty love's loud desire,
Build with poetry blocks all that's perfect
Yes! pursue a secret heaven on earth,
Books of our poems published when we have left.
Bold plan to save love that promised at birth.
I want a secret fantasy with you
Yes! returned but alone might have to do.

If the Poet writes so well with measured merit then surely this can't be a dud either.

Swift Spirit, swiftly with wings through the night,
In glory, in good faith coming for me
In darkness yet your garments bright with light
Where brush strokes, painted beauty painstakenly
Show splendour, show the sun's mystic power
To portray woman, poetry for man
More than need and want, more heart beat each hour.
Night birds know of your approach; tell and plan
With awakened flowers to sweet kiss the air.
I feel the freshness of the breeze and bow
To your beauty of the night rich and rare
And in a wondrous trance in emotion plough.
Swift Spirit with wings you come here to me -
Bereft I would be without your beauty.

To feel the spirit of your love even if he or she is only in the next room is a beautiful romantic notion. Distance to the spirit of love is nothing whether in the same city as you or a far distant city. Read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' to see the spirit of love at work.
Order through Zora Knight the illustrator of love no distance can divide.

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