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~Turn On The Heat~

Baby you know me so well

what more is there to tell

I want to be your only Love

that shines like a star above

Let me give you a very hot kiss

with your love i feel all this bliss

I can be for you all really want

and all my true love is not just a rant

So come on and lets have some fun

I'll always be your true Love, your Sun

Baby just take me now and forever more

I wait here for you, I keep for you my opened door

Let me be your in your life your bright Star

I am the one that never ever for you is far

You know exactly where i am with you by now

Meanwhile my Love for you can only grow and flow

Just come back to me my darling my sweet honey

Your sweet and radiant smile to me is so sunny

So come on and lets just start to heat the night

Make my heart burst with your all your passion bright

My Love is your healing potion and for you it shines

And so forever and always it is also yours to mine.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


For you my Darling, my True Love, forever and always. smiling.

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