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Thinking Of You -(heart revels too)


Bought some Bergamot that problems can bring
For too much money my parents hinted
Might over rule the soundest, best thinking
But the incense I've bought, let it be said
For more wealth for you, word-smith wealth for me
Doesn't seem against nature, or man, nor God.
With much thinking of you, your thoughts freely
Visit me, though spirit not body's odd -
Do you kiss me? Does your hair touch my brow?
Never have my thoughts been this delightful.
Oh tonight Bergamot will bring each hour
Riches beyond wishing, beyond earth's soul
Oh and if more money corrupting comes
Let's in our corruptness spend till it numbs!


The day mirrors your love as mirrors do
Not first hand with kisses yet clearly well
And sitting alone the search brings sighs new;
I count the signs like a banker can dwell
On misplaced funds found, not found by pure luck.
Your beauty drives me to look back deeply
So not to miss one ray the mirror's struck.
Once found the love-thoughts, love-actions please me
And I marvel at earth's love's warmth and grace.
Would your kiss bring such delight? I wonder.
Oh yes! yes! but the act I must retrace -
The mirror would cloud from breathing closer.
The day mirrors your love as mirrors can;
I tremble at what a kiss might make this man.


Oh who is that outside my bedroom door?
Who can it be but Love's Spirit for me;
Candles lit, incense wafting - which called more?
I might seem eager but to gain entry
Where is your name-sake? Promise me she'll come.
'Let me stay till morning and we will see.'
I might seem eager but she and I are one;
I fear by break of day forgetful I'll be.
'You treasure love and love you'll have tonight
And I will pass on our passion to her.'
What passes this night will surely flame her heart
But hide from her excesses that might deter.
Oh Love's Spirit I know I'm in love with Love
Yet whole love I want - Yes! love, I want all of.


Lord Byron, troubled yet passionate poet,
Handsomest of men with a flaw that knifed
Into your soul - we all have a cleft foot -
We must beware of those 'Have not' they've said.
Trickery is used to devour not love;
In nature openess is beautiful -
True deceit's there, an underhanded move -
Praps there's no good or bad in nature's call?
And it's all in the minds of men - beware!
But harm caused through deceit surely cuts deep.
Love is best open, love is best aware,
Love on a sure footing avoids lovers'-weep.
Lord Byron my love and I dare tell all -
Take off our shoes and all defenses fall.


Tonight my mind's slow; well your quick mind knows
My winter before spring, my winter rest.
Youth's outside, in my prime inside I chose
Not to savage you with poetry's waged best
Rather show love that millions of ways show
Yet one alone like the sun hiding warms
With its power and goodness rivalling earth's go.
In mellow mood, not wishing circling arms
But rather love shows that show arms lessons -
Never removed, never tiring, never!
Yes, never unsensing, parents not sons
Nor daughters to Love - could I be so clever?
Tonight my mind's slow; your quick mind knows well
Though hearts, my heart 'I love you' can long tell.


Don't fear failure in Love's hands held proudly
Unless such feelings lead to faster ends
Unless only seconds will is stilled deathly
'Such fear's not weakness, such fear Love commends.'
Yes! Love that's loved lightly is not our wish -
A feather's tickle matches not fond holds,
The lover with two minds halves Love's sweet dish.
Yes! fear forever (for a moment) folds
Then know your love and beauty has won me -
The blood of wars, the full moon lost, can't shake.
Yes! I've feared but not after eyes did see
The sweet peace in your moon eyes that Love makes.
With fear dispensed and failure discounted
Nothing bars the door to a candlelit bed.


I held the hand of Dream today, Tuesday;
You held his other hand and walked with me.
I held gently and tickled that he may
Pass it on to show dreams connect truly.
I'll hold the hand of Dream Wednesday too
And be pleased if you pass back a message.
Hold the hand of Dream everyday - will you?
See the sunlight colour Dream's hair and gauge
The warmth with which Dream laughs at our desires.
Let's hold Dream's hand from Monday to Sunday -
Dream loves lovers, loves love that never tires.
He has connections with bright future's say.
I'd hold the hand of Dream without meaning
If you were not holding too with yearning.


These are the best times - but are they really?
If I think they are, they are, yes! they are.
Yet the act of love's no closer to me -
Surely the kiss, while the kiss takes one far,
In the actual act of kissing, it's then
We're in the best moment or second best?
Now earth and sky speak through your heart often -
Happiness this hour shines from your caress
As words of your voice wander all 'round me -
Born are the children of my tomorrow;
Eye wrinkles from smiles, large heart - born proudly.
These are the best times - they can't be bettered
Unless love's said with a kiss, pre-love's word.


I Look in her eyes and say with my eyes
'Let's make love never made before'
But she hints neither yes or no - no sighs.
Some men would look in her eyes one time more
And their eyes would say what they shouldn't say
But I look with a smile and my smile knows
Though her lips are silent it's best to stay.
Some men would leave her side nursing their woes
And miss the look in her eyes that said less
But more of her heart that moment of time.
Better than to bed her I must confess
Is her heart smile now, later her sublime.
When men look for gold and their pick strikes stone
It's foolish to forsake the mine and moan.


The Possum
Your beauty brings sun to this wintery place,
Your song pleases those even underground -
Pardon I watch you in feathers like lace.
The Bird
You are strong and listen and love my sound -
That you watch means I'm wanted not wasted.
This song's for you, this dance no one else sees.
The Possum
I'll leave on the ground a leaf and twig bed;
Tell me all your needs so you I can please -
I can make loud noises to scare off foe.
The Bird
You are romantic and have much passion
And though you're a Possum I love you so.
Meet me here often, we have a mission.
The Poet
That the bird's and the possum's love's doubtful
Is the mind of only the unmindful.


If one's dear love could not decide some course
Then the male with lesser means no sense makes
Yet in love, with love he can well be source
Of breeze that sways his sweet flower from mistakes.
No, in matters of love the male lacks wind
Gentle enough or strong enough that's sure
To hold sway of love or even begin.
But something, some wonder brings love that's pure.
The flower has opened, no one thing the cause
Yet everything I am now, the breeze, the moon,
The sun, the stars, the dew, without a pause.
Everything I will be on earth soon.
If my dear love has yet to decide
How will I live with love I cannot hide?


Be pleased that in my plenty, less am I
Likely to think not of how this place formed
With doors opened to where windows don't lie,
Where fresh fruit's eaten and no doom is forewarned
And coins spent with love become notes of note.
Without your beauty and love this place dies
And barren soil grows not sonnets that gloat
On rich love, beautiful love, love that sighs.
This land of plenty was formed by your hand
Where poetry's the rock on which safe love towers
And words in love's name jump and skip dressed grand
Play grown up but at heart children - wear flowers.
This land of plenty would be less pleasing
If swayed that I earned the riches shining.

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