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I Bear Many Gifts


May I bring fresh showers for your thirsting flowers
From streams within and seas around my land?
May I give summer warmth with more light hours
From downunder to your cold winter hand?
I bear many gifts I've gathered for you
Even before I knew your name to sing.
I'll bring seeds of the giant gum tree that grew
Where shade was scarce - nothing else was living.
I have smiles from years ago on my face
For you from when I was dreaming manhood.
May I bring all my love for you with haste?
I have more than I ever thought I could.
May I bring fresh showers for your thirsting flowers?
May I bring summer warmth and make it ours?


A song of enchantment you sang me there
In the heat - heat of the desert's moonlight;
Words of gathered greatness made my heart aware
Hiding was futile, till our lands unite,
America fused solid to Australia.
Like an enchantress you overcame me
Weaving love into me never to waiver
So this man loved, yielded whole heartedly;
Love took my hand and sang 'Who made your eyes
But I to see such beauty to become yours?'
'Oh Enchantress' I sang 'Make all your sighs
Of love larger to enlarge my heart's cause
To be in love with loving you always;
Sing on so your spell keeps me in a daze.'


Go, for they call you internet poetess.
Go to your webpage knowing they are there
Reading day and night needing your caress;
Lovers loving less find more, some to spare,
The lonely aren't lonely for your voice cheers,
The happily married seek a safe spot,
The young can sing your song as love appears,
Mature readers and listeners, lovers not
Can relive yesteryear with a friend dear.
Come poetess expand your flock world wide,
From where the sun cannot sink far or near
On your pages perused by all with pride.
Here will I sit and wait as my day ends
To read sweet poetry from afar your pen sends.


What seas what shores what desert what flags gleam
What moon what shooting stars blue in the sky
And the scent of your land, birds seen, unseen,
What images return to tonight's eye?
Those who kiss those whom they have missed for months
Meaning something special not just hullo,
Those who eat meals of love, why even just once
Meaning something special, their love does glow.
Oh what is this face, less clear then clearer
Over the oceans then nearer than the eye,
A pulse in the wrist less strong then stronger,
Whispers and laughter on lips passion high?
Oh what seas what shores tonight fill my soul?
Those in moonlight nearer you Baby Doll.


I know a lady, lovely in silk is she;
When the sunset performs glorious treats
She paints in words its performance grandly;
When she moves she glides and my blood she heats;
Motion, colour and sound borrow from her
To make movies of sweet love and romance.
At her wish I cross vaste depths of water,
Mighty mountains and deserts just to dance
And she teaches me steps and turns all new,
To learn of love from wise nature's beauty
And how man-made mirrors can help the view
As she moves in circles, as she circles me.
I know a lady, lovely in silk is she;
I measure time by kisses she gives me.


Our love's not a sickness, rather good health;
We need no remedies, we eat and drink well.
The plant well cared for or left to itself
Fares better? Which or why we need not tell.
The more we enjoy love the less it fades,
Long between kisses increases longing,
Distance can torment our sore flesh but aids
The brave heart when love is long running.
Where's the tempest that some lovers tell of,
Love not well, not full, much fasting when near?
Our poetry waters and warms our love,
The more we enjoy it the more it's dear.
Prevention is better than cure it's true;
Glad good health has happened to me and you.


Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom
That breathes on earth the air of paradise
And into my mind breathes thoughts - 'now not soon.'
In good and loving things I gain advice
And in hope of endless peace I grow bold
As your love betters what's best even now
Though more when you in my arms I will hold
Knowing my heart's best treasure in your bower
In neither present time nor years unborn
Will be less counted upon in poetry,
Or in painting, which love they both adorn.
Oh my lovely, how I crave your beauty!
Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom;
I want you now, not tomorrow nor soon!


He who has his heart's desire on this night
With fruit and cream dished up before his eyes,
May he know he sees Nature's sweetest light
Which though divides his senses which move's wise -
Close the eyes, touch not, taste not nor inhale -
The sight unites in a most wonderful way
For the light that never dies will not fail
To make the man die to his need that day
To live forever in love if he's wise.
I know she never dies but lasts all life
And more, for her heart is proven through sighs.
Oh I would never die to waste a wife
So may I have my heart's desire tonight
And not die alone without your sweet light.


Star that begins the day's end with baby light
And catches the soft eyes of lovers first
If any star signs peace it's you at night
When I'm troubled way down here about to burst.
Seeing you I see her in her silken gown
Far away, sweet eyes shining from within.
Come to clear skies way down south from her far town
While summer's heat rises with the day's din
As her winter sings songs to Nature's band.
Star of love you give interviews to all
Who are parted from their lover's warm hand;
You hear delicious details of the soul.
Oh first star in the night shine tonight
On my lady and reveal my heart's delight.


From where does come this vale's bloom in summer,
Health of rose and elm and early star shine,
Flowers with morning dew making my heart murmur?
To make me give lie to what my eyes find,
Not ignore the breeze's spicy kisses,
Odours deep of flowers sweet talking to me
Then, though summer, from the cool wind's whispers,
From light showers showing all the clouds agree,
From the sweet love songs of birds telling,
I knew my love was to meet me in sound,
In colour, in all silence in the clearing.
I heard light steps, her glory did astound,
Her silken gown, the vale's summer bloom, shone;
I picked a rose for her hair but she was gone.


Hope rules the vale for long flows clear water:
All spirits who serve you sweet Love Goddess
Are confident and love fun and laughter;
Clouds disappear if you think it is best
And lovers walk in the sun with warm hearts.
Not so in vales where wishes rule the way
For fruitless day dreams thrive and lovers part.
To cross the wooden wishing bridge today
In the next vale would be foolish indeed.
Oh sweet Goddess what is your wish for me?
You could bid great distance dissolve in need.
You are love; I live in hope, hence happy!
Hope rules my vale for long flows clear water
But need dear Goddess more love, fun and laughter.


Words from the mirror sadly passed today
Out of the window with a sigh without smiles
'Why should I groom myself feeling this way,
She loves less because of ten thousand miles.'
Words from the mirror danced and sung tonight
Out of the window with much fun without frowns
'I feel handsome for what she says is right,
Being friends takes away distance's downs.'
Words from the mirror picked up pace and flew
Out of the window with whoops and chuckling grins
'Being friends means I can secretly woo;
I feel awfully handsome now the plan begins.'
I echo she is the loveliest bloom;
It will be fun trying to be her groom!

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