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 Life and Lessons on Love Loreen-Parke        (More) 4/27/2015
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Life and Lessons on Love

Who are you?
Sweet Girl
Talk to me
Keep talking
Lay it on me
I'd do anything for love
Feel like makiní love
I just wanna make love to you
Love stinks
You make loving fun
Say you love me
Say you love me or say good night
Close enough
Give it up
I do
Rock me baby
Slow ride
All night long

Iím a dog
I must of got lost
Too late for love
Burning Bridges
Love hurts
Love bites
Let her cry
Go your own way
Ainít wasting no more time
Say Good - bye
My little T & A

Forever never comes
Think about it
For crying out loud
Between a laugh and a tear
After the glitter fades
The games people play
Wasted words
The end of innocence
Everybody knows
Won't get fooled again

Loreen Parke
April 27th 2015

Written for the 'Song Title' Challenge
Hosted by Sue Pinkston

Theme for this challenge is to create
a poem using only song titles

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