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 Thinking Of You - (in a special way) David A. Doolan        (More) 4/22/2019
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Thinking Of You - (in a special way)

The Poet can be like The Cute White Rabbit who is loveable yet has weaknesses and limitations and over-reaction - which strangely enough strengthen the bond with the reader (and inparticular with his love)
where his Cuteness and gentleness over-ride.
Let's seek out The Cute White Rabbit in the following love sonnets where the Poet aims to be loveable in the eyes of his loved one.


My pleading pen asks to learn more than most
While our limbs and minds can dance without aid,
Of life when belief in all things you boast
And precious play claimed worlds, where pen's too staid.
Let boyhood good thoughts mingle with good dreams
So this boy leaves his rabbit traps behind
For sweeter things that build the mind that gleams
And polished pen can tell all men its find.
Hearing your words will soften hard men
As pen's ears and ink delight to retell.
Make this boy wish to lean and kiss often,
Take me from rabbit traps to on sweetness dwell -
With your words, leave climbing to dance awhile,
Sternness softening, growing less stern to smile.


Yes in the Poet's poems you can see creatures that he owns - like a turtle a goldfish and maybe soon a rabbit. A big step from the boy trapper for pocket money to a pet owner - never to part with the rabbit.
Where has the lion tamer, dragon slayer gone? Will the readers read the Poet who has just learned in time not to put his turtle in with his goldfish because Turtle will harry the fish and eat her, not out of love? (where the best movies show mass killings?)

The Poet wants to go back to childhood with his love so that her softness (like a cute white bunny rabbit) changes him, makes him fall more in love. - Will the readers follow or seek the Poet who beds his love every poem?


Can the bee be lustful with his sweet flower
And would the flower be best served by one bee?
How it is, is how it is which is sour
For the bee and flower who are taught wrongly.
To fill the bee's head with rules based on not
How it is and how it will always be
Puts that cloned bee's flight poorly in a spot
Unless he knows how it is, quite clearly.
Be not worried other bees benefit
From the rules hiding how it is to be
For the happy bee can see how to fit
Amongst the rules, amongst all one can see
And being lustful with his sweetest flower -
Know how it is, will be so every hour.


The scientist would say, that a bee has lustful thoughts like a human has not been proven and is not likely to ever be proven so.
But this only aids the Poet to suggest humans are like bees and we should do away with the notion of lust being BAD. Here The Cute White Rabbit steps where he is not qualified yet he has rights to his thoughts and his answer to 'best served by one?' is answered by his being WHITE.
The Poet hints that in earlier years he had wrong notions in his head about love but now has learned 'How it is' - works with it - discards notions from books and other sources that fail him. The reader sees a growth in the Poet's knowledge of love, and emotional depth in reading early sonnets to later ones.


'I Heaththick, love novel's writer am peeved
That some little known poet claims great things
For poetry, saying his loveship's conceived
By words, that I know flesh, my flesh brings
And handsome men's silence can wrench girls' hearts
No matter how professed love's for wordsmiths.
Readers wish read of sordid love and tarts
For truth, life's full of false love not poets' myths.
He sings her praises, play-says her mind's sharp;
He seduces himself, women want naught -
Rough men, men's self pleasure - not goldfish - carp!
To think gentle words could take the novel on if faught -
Readers wish read how his love's destroyed -
I Heaththick will act and write how I've toyed.'


Have you ever seen a bunny jump straight up into the air?
Very dramatic and so too is the Poet's suggestion that poetry could reclaim supremacy of the novel especially when the novel makes for such box- office viewing.
The rabbit has done it, can do it today -
Can the Poet convince that the beauty of language, coupled with the beauty of love can ever be carried by young lovers in the pocket? let alone all those who are, or who have been in love and can sweetly remember.

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