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The Moon Full Of Worth


She sends me poems but poems never written
By the hand of a poetess here on earth
Or using thoughts of hearts with eyes smitten,
With moon props and candles to propose worth.
Her words the day salutes on this planet
As on every planet with love's spirit
Which feels wonders as felt through the earth's net.
We age, have ties, are creatures of habit;
The spirit world works with truth only
And my love's poems are not written down here
But up there claiming more, claiming early,
Forever, that down here can disappear.
She sends me poems but poems never written
By her hand and heavens I am love bitten.

What makes the fire - what makes the passion in the Poet's words? He suggests there are not earthly things happening in his Lady's poetry for him but can Heavenly love ever be said to be of high temperature? Remarkable love or not your ordinary love but it is not in Heaven you find fire surely. No! you are right - the love bite is hot earthy love!


Let's compose a poem perfect in meter
With strictest structure and in finest form,
Flowing with emotion, high in matter,
One so rare these days, as a unicorn
Or as my sweet love in her desert bower
Who alone turns my woe of night away
With pure poetry on her page every hour
With much skill and will to enrich each day.
Since we're rushed for time we dash off some lines
So compose a poem with depth of thought-clear,
One that is rare these days in hurried times,
Rare as my true love's words reaching my ear.
Relax! Who can turn heads or catch my breath
As my love now and past the pain of death?

Yes fire is out of control in its greatest burn so a poem with strictest structure would surely be a dampener? The Poet claims his Lady's poetry forsakes such boundaries with its emotion, even the boundary of death.


I'll never stop telling you Baby Doll
That your beauty beside me I desire;
Golden girl, gardenia, lovely coral,
Pleasing my eye - of telling I'll not tire.
I'll never stop reminding you my dear
Of the special woman you are to me;
Number one, rare lover, loved to have near
Making me feel warm, oh know this to be!
I'll never stop convincing you my love
You're the best event in my entire life;
Lighting fires, inspiring my every move -
I'll carve our names with a pen not a knife
Reminding you always that I love you
In poetry proving to you it is true.

The Poet will use a pen not a knife to carve their names in love - not very fiery one might think for a knife conjures images of out of control passion but one tree in the backyard carved pales to millions and millions of words.


A strong girl with a strong grasp on life's grant
You are my love even in troubled times.
Though you cry, though you're really soft you chant
With the best for the cause true your heart finds.
To the cause you bring a woman's soft touch;
You refine the man, make the man complete,
Make him think, make him at your values clutch
For he was a baby with tiny feet,
Tiny hands, bright eyes smiling at mum,
In need of care, in need of milk of love;
In your poetry spread would then in sum
Present love that conquers hate's every move.
A strong girl with a strong grasp of love's power
As you my love can turn the tide this hour.

'Love that conquers hate's every move' is just a few words of the poem yet the meaning is the most important conquest of the history of mankind. A very fiery speech to the Poet's love.


Pardon that my poetry prefers my place
Yet my heart would live anywhere with you.
Here the river runs with slower pace,
The language's the language of casual folk too
Yet my heart would live anywhere you choose.
Here butterflies tell of nature's softness,
Women are praised and women gain not lose,
Oh here pleasure and fame would us caress
Yet my heart would live anywhere you said.
Here we see God in the clouds, in the wind,
Men are gentlemen, more gentle in bed,
Oh you're gentle too to my heart and mind,
Forget that my poetry prefers it here
For I would live anywhere with you my dear.

You would have to say the fire here is under control. The Poet tries to paint such a glowing picture of his place that the burden of saying no falls in his Lady's court but to play fair he says he would live anywhere with her. Any stipulations not mentioned would further increase the control of the fire unless completely waived.


We are embracing again on the net,
Words show your face divine contentment wears,
Murmurs in the mellowed wind the stage set
For not passion in passing but for years.
How often hope, prayer, wanting and wishing
Bring together lovers with greater force.
Publishers, readers come to you singing
For of the sky's bright ideas you're the source.
Call me, call me from south to north to you,
Flattern summits between us, drain oceans;
Love rekindles a magic light - quite true,
Promising anything-power love potions.
You can do anything and so can I;
Embracing again brings out a double sigh.

Great fire is burning with the impossible being made possible.


Know that I'm behind you in all you do;
Your gift, your phrases are within my brain
Fully published and purchased world wide too
Which will above all poets of worth remain
Memorized beyond archived work on earth
Forever your dearest dreams fulfilling.
Know that I'm behind you; I know your worth.
Branch out if you wish and let your soul sing;
Leave your computer, mix with God's people,
Give with word of mouth and bright smiling eyes,
Refuel your engines with real garage fuel;
Know I am behind you; your soul is wise.
You are free - my love does not restrain you
Crippling your soul that longs to leap anew.

The Poet is giving advice which is a bit of a dampener - 'mix with God's people' etc reflects judgments on his part though he does say 'you are free'. His praise of her poetry is passionate.


Let me give you straight down the line love dear
No codes of hard to understand meaning,
Obvious will be my looks, touches clear,
Fresh whispers in your ear and murmuring.
Let me give you freedom to be yourself,
Not to follow my dream, my needs solely
For I want you whole, fulfilled, in good health
To give a complete woman's love to me.
Let me give you much praise in all you do,
No undermining - building up's my thing;
Let me give you love, all that is your due
So you grow to full womanhood and bring
All your love to me as I give you love
Boasting all our love comes from up above.

The emotion here is that the Poet wishes for his Lady far greater freedom and self growth than many men are prepared to give or even think a woman should receive.


Let me take you touring here, though you're there,
Our common muse of love loiters mid vale -
The winter swift river warns us beware
Of standing still missing his telling tale;
Note how his deep-worn bed is quite shallow
Compared to some famous pompous rivers
But he could show us lakes that carved a hollow
Not as pretty as his reed curves and swerves.
Should we move, should we wander like the river
Or loiter as the lake reflecting light?
As you slow walk with me, let us wonder
Should we linger, should we rush - which is right?
Let me take you touring here though you're there,
Watching while walking with wind in our hair.

The Poet says together they should consult Nature for wise answers which his Lady showed to him to be a sound approach to living. There is a controlled burn in their hearts.


There is one thing to be sure of here on earth,
Birth, death and taxes pale in its presence;
Living celebrates its beauty and worth -
It's love, our being - its our essence.
In loving you all pain is wiped away,
Childhood fairy tales are made true,
Wonders of womanhood come my way,
I see Nature's beauty beckoning too.
Far cleverer men than I have dull eyes,
More handsome, stronger men feel less power;
I boast in our love my love, but love-wise
I will let no thief enter our love bower.
There is one thing to be sure of here on earth;
It is our love - it has infinite worth!

There is passion here - passion that intends to last. Fruitless is a once and over passion and if a whirlwind we would want it to come again and again.

We overlook the nice act or smile
As having effect in our world of headlines
Yet multiply them by billions they eclipse
One person's newsworthy efforts local
Or overseas in importance world wide.
A policeman in a country town up north
Tipped his hat and smiled at a lady
Who had never been so greeted before
In the ways of our polite society.
Later that day he called at a camp site
Of Aboriginals in the line of duty
And when a drunken man went for him
Madly with an axe his wife stopped bloodshed
For the policeman had shown her kindness
Earlier that day and she was grateful.

Your words of romance might not hit the headlines as the most expensive engagement ring in the world would but they will save your life from loneliness.
Read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' where two hearts become one. Order through Zora Knight the illustrator of the love of two cities joined.

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