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Our Hearts Leap On Desert Sand

Know that our hearts will leap on desert sand
Where first we met to part again too soon
For two winds warring never, need warm land
Or lonely sink un-united - death's tune.
We could've survived all ills - we still can
Where fountains of our feelings side by side
Have pearled spray for passing lovers hand in hand;
Their naked heads would know no sorrow cried.
Yet now two deserts where two low winds blow
Gain strength as our vote of love we cast
And put our trust in winds apart that show
A giddy dance and hollow chance love's past,
Since childhood dreams rode twin winds desert warmed -
Had heard and understood before time dawned.


Look here and see yourself mirrored truly.
'I see only my love, and my heart beats,
I love! I kiss her name, name so lovely.
May baby girls named so, fill Christening sheets,
Written on my wrist with my pulse it moves,
Oh name forever in my mind and soul,
It's warmth breathed in sighs and my name it loves,
Brightens my bloom and lingers, said by all,
On the lips a kiss, opening paradise.'
Look here and see yourself mirrored not her!
'I see my passion for her never dies;
There is my love, my life, myself and her.
The mirror would lie if love it not showed
And when I said her name my eyes glowed.'


Poet Wizard said some spells and donned the shell
Of the tiny turtle to speak poetry.
'Dear goldfish where you've beauty, grace as well
I've long life on my side and I'm happy.
If we get along, we two can share in these.
My shell can protect you from spears of hate -
If I pull my dragon face say the Chinese
Food will appear and plenty's our new state.
Lying on my back showing you my softness
Shows all's well for our families' families.
Oh but do I love you, can I this confess?
And dear Goldfish can you love me with ease?'
'Dear Turtle there's poetry when you paddle -
Bear with me for beauty's such a battle.'


As I walked out this evening all alone
Walking along the river as I do
I heard my love say in a lovely tone
Sweet beautiful things to me that are true.
'Oh look at the leaves lying on the lawn,
See how yesterday they miss joined firmly
To the limbs - how we were from dusk to dawn.'
Oh such beautiful things she said to me
'Love has no ending. Oh how I love you!'
To the sea I watched the river flowing,
Touched the grass that will always green lawns true,
Saw the same moon as Elizabeth Browning.
Such sweet things she says to me.
I'm in love and Nature nurtures warmly.


She walked in harmony with her surrounds
Like a harmonica player sweet lipped,
Stepping lightly, eyes dancing to her sounds,
Kiss blowing as her hand in his she slipped.
Oh one tune winked here and one tune smiled there
More than doubled the merriment and dance,
Lovely hair bouncing, full breasts all but bare,
Thoughts her face clearly expressed of romance;
Oh how dear their dwelling place to her lover
Who walked in her surrounds in harmony
Like a clarinet player in clover
Skipping notes in his keenness close to be.
Both in love, in step, in favour were they;
Beauty and harmony in them held sway.


Tell me oh spirit of her whom I love,
My gentle calm thoughts are coming from her
As moods, memories of magic times move? -
Thoughts, moods end but her love's without closure?
Should my world be weary and I dreary?
Should her sweet voice worry me in my head?
Should her smile appearing please or tease me?
There's not doubt I see her lovely form in bed,
Yes indeed, here this side of the ocean
But spirit of her whom I love tell her
To come warm my world and thus thrive then on,
Feel a lover's clasp - sing, dance with laughter.
Oh for lips to kiss more than air with thirst;
Spirit pass on this plea - give my love first.


Oh pretty girl, what heart could have thought of you? -
Past anything man could think computerly,
Fashioned so purely, fragilely, strong too.
From what silky-soft fabric, what steel shiny,
Too costly for cost, sweet enough for sweets?
Who designed you, drew with daring, planned so well
With pure inspiration, feat of all feats?
God was my shaper I am glad to tell,
Pleasing enough, nothing I am cross with -
Don't want Brad Pitt's nose though hayfever's sad.
Oh not your thought did He my design give
Though that He made your heart for me I'm glad.
With His whole heart and His superb thinking
He made you my love, pretty girl blushing.


Star that begins the day's end with baby light
And catches the soft eyes of lovers first
If any star signs peace it's you at night
When I'm troubled way down here about to burst.
Seeing you I see her in her silken gown
Far away, sweet eyes shining from within.
Come to clear skies way down south from her far town
While summer's heat rises with the day's din
As her winter sings songs to Nature's band.
Star of love you give interviews to all
Who are parted from their lover's warm hand;
You hear delicious details of the soul.
Oh first star in the night shine tonight
On my lady and reveal my heart's delight.


When her pretty feet beat across the grass
Her white toes play with white flowers at hiding;
Feet spring and run like puffs of wind that pass;
A child again is my baby dancing.
The sight of white toes playing on the lawn
Delights as a white butterfly's flutter
Or many sparrows on mowed grass at dawn -
She is Nature's child, taught love to utter.
I wish she would see me and skip to me
Oh but I'm just visiting on the wind;
She can't smile at me and sit on my knee.
Oh look at her toes - to kiss would she mind?
Want all of you but this vision will do
Though I must look beyond at the real you!


Tomorrow came and knocked on my closed door
With smiles as when a lover sees sweet love
Relight the eyes and blessed heart as before
Of his chosen one choosing him to move.
Tomorrow came and knocked with but one knock
Whistling as that lover who wished no woe
But happiness for his love 'round the clock
To kindle flushed cheeks from desire he'd sow.
Tomorrow came and said 'Leave yesterday',
With smiles as when a lover sees sweet love.
Smiled back at Tomorrow with hope reborn
For love only in yesterday to prove
Would drown the sad Poet's poetry in forlorn.
Tomorrow went knowing I would follow;
Yesterday's love has not left me hollow.


The Lady caught me in the woods dreaming
Where I was dancing, rhyming, singing songs.
She put me in her golden book thinking
I might escape but my heart belongs.
The book when opened played love tunes sweetly,
The world loved it as the moon shone golden
And her star love actor went on one knee.
In her land saw a lovely lioness den,
A long way off, a pleasure, a poet's dream.
I went there once, I went there twice for more.
I filled her book, she filled mine - sugar and cream,
Many a smile, many a kiss instore.
I'm not trapped in her book, nor she in mine -
Wish I was, wish she was - 'twould be divine!


Oh when a song my sweet songbird sings
Upon the air which is the self same air
That we both breathe in for life and feelings,
Oh my heart envies Song's throat and ears' share.
And I am sad to miss even one note
When the wind blows west and not east of me
For heart, soul and mind want your tune, and vote
You are their song, sung oh so beautifully.
Oh when you my sweet songbird sing a song
I watch your chest rise and fall with love-swell
And wish I could fly in your sky, along
With you today and flaunt my singing skill.
Tonight you are hearing a poet who sings
As sweetly as you, but has stronger wings.


There is a rabbit in the moon tonight
More crouching than sitting, alone but pleased,
In the daisy field of the moon so bright;
Dogs howled at her in the moon displeased -
Let me be the rabbit that is her mate,
I'll long jump into the sweet rabbit's moon,
Protect her with my knowledge of dogs so great,
Then we can come down from the moon real soon.
You and I will grow wings to fly away,
Read the stars and find our way back to earth
Where we will burrow our home for keeps today
Making a life pure and true with great worth.
Once home no need to roam, though run and skip
And jump and hop we will, and back flip.

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