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Earthly Things


We'll have it all over those in Heaven
With earthy things of mind not wished deterred
Where like Heaven now without flesh we fend
For love that binds bonds of excited word.
Ten thousand miles are but two where words thrash
With life seeking warmth like death threatens end
And to survive's the greatest strength's our dash
But gentle we should be now, so I send
Smiles and slow word caresses without haste,
Send flowers and murmurs and sing sweet love songs
Like normal lovers, oh but is it fake? -
To have low so up we have higher rungs,
To have slow so high speed can be fastest
So our Heavenly can be 'bove the rest?


Goddess of Health would my mind be healthy
With massage from your fine hands I wonder?
Blood would flow faster where needs the body
And aches would be relieved but thoughts plunder
The fingers' message as massage proceeds.
Does lust destroy all the good delivered,
Do thoughts counter the Poet's tired body's needs?
Would unhealthy thoughts serve best being dead
To let love replace all lust fingers play
And the male mind rise to more noble heights
To live longer, be fitter, think of less grey?
Challenge me in massage to have such sights -
Goddess of Health to Heaven take my mind;
Any man can have Earth massage - deny mine.


Fired by beauty that was and beckons still;
The centre of worship in danger's grasp -
The Poet kneels longest with love not lust's skill
Where handsome men wore her sweet flower as art;
He's grown not old, kneeling, his knighthood gained.
Known before for not much more than his smile
With flowing hair and beard, life never drained
He hears the birds sing Earth's songs and with style
Climbs hills, walks nights, reads, thinks, to find meaning
And every bird, from afar off, has word,
From every hill he hears his love calling;
In the night's sky his Goddess shows she's heard
His moon talks as she hovers all round him
Morning and evening, her love never dim.


Some claim that Nature cares not for mankind;
The full moon feels no more than when crescent,
The warm sea water knows not swimmers' mind
And so the Poet thought until these words sent
'My love, does not love speak between lovers,
Our love, all love speaks, showing care's concern?
Where does more love come from as breeze murmurs
Lovers in moonlight as eyes moon-ward turn -
Those salt water splashing, love seen building?
Where there's love there's love speaking loudly;
Of course there's love in the moonlight shining
And love like light in the water as we
Play games as all creatures of creation do!
Does not love love far more than me and you?'


He said 'Kiss me!' and she said 'Yes! Let's kiss!'
And no one moved, yes, no one moved it seemed
Then without movement, there with untold bliss
The lovers worked miracles of love beamed
Ten thousand miles, nothing so some, nothing -
They eat the cream of love's meal leaving crusts,
Little well kept, that portion lossed, missing
From lips kissing, once rich, poor, one mistrusts.
No 'Promise you're mine' rather something draws
Not mindful of errors, Venus nears moon,
Rabbit burrows deep, turtle paddles no claws;
Sky, earth and water smother love her tune
No movement she makes say some when he's kissed -
No plain kiss. No! - sky, earth and water blissed!


False love was first then followed love's wisdom
Less pleased with danger when waves went swirling
And sought not storms, rather calm's sweet soft song
Yet when through distance you I'm much missing
Welcomed are signs that complete madness stalks
To swallow my being, punish my peace,
Bankrupt stored reserves, gallop this Poet's walks;
Only at your will does violence decrease -
You leave him at his ease well pleased calm's come.
The Poet could push whether love's true or false
But wisdom now waits till two wants are one
Where love grows - the storm runs its fiercest course.
Was it your love, distance or wisdom taught?
If the first then in truth the Poet well sought.


Choosing with love in his room this evening
Incense with many letters in her name
Thought's words, to work like fingers, inducing
That move blood to love's chambers of heart's fame -
Remove ailments, promote youth, love heighten.
The Poet was cross when hungry the flame grew
And fingers placed speed and depth love's token,
Uncontrolled, two bodies grinding, love's due.
He cast out the candle then smiled calmed down -
Retrimmed the wick, gentler words to kindle
Pleased that sharp and sad passion he could drown;
Now peaceful words with little weight soleful,
Not without hope, looking and loving prized
The Poet knew far swifter words, he summized.


Shall I count my wrongs or my successes
And call countless thoughts of love leave, let be,
Pain call up, invite, when love caresses,
Wish youth's longings, chance less than ecstasy?
Would Heaven want fear of death have sway,
Count my wrongs, ponder, worry, sorry claim,
To question if one so loved, Voice would say
Those Earth happy must pay, is Heaven's aim
Which mocks states here and denies love here
As near Heaven's and bars unless less strong?
Oh how sad's the Maker thinking in fear
Happy souls are missed through missing one wrong?
Love does not count wrongs nor demand sorry -
Oh sad are the people who think wrongly!?


While loving more some love less as faults found
For love thrives best not blind but with closed eyes
To those things that steal beauty's growing ground;
And walking through the park, bark off trees dies
Yet we therefore don't visit less often.
Why does love all around us fade with time?
It's meant to, it's meant to go again?
Yes love goes unless our love's so sublime
We close our eyes to falling bark in parks
And asked why our eyes are closed in love lie
To say that this hour and that eyes closed marks
Dust in our eyes, never say love nor sigh.
The wise owl did wink when I had these thoughts
As bark missed my head - and denied in courts.


To impress we must well please with much pluck
Which makes me wonder how silent types win.
Do they disguise much as little - unstuck
For the lady sees not nothing nor thin
But rather more there through heart than elsewhere?
Let me play the poet without word power
Where no sound does offer that my heart's bare
And from the dim corner catch your smile's shower -
In one glance notice eyes non-stop talk,
That lips could say wondrous loud praise with poise
And hands far from dumb could with moonlight walk.
Surely silent types must pound with noise.
Come over to me, motion me to hush -
Let me not spoil the mood nor the moment crush.


Sweet Love how should your power, your force be grown?
With pruning out all that lacks strength perhaps
Or cutting back so beauty's spring's best shown?
Then notions time after time love's truth saps
Like love lasts where love hasn't should be well burnt? -
To tell lies that save, tell truths that harm, stay?
These things sound man thought out without love earnt -
Sweet Love forget pruning, forget what men say,
Let's look to Nature's beauty that men leave
For here beauty and harmony thrive best
And still men see fires - that hate lurks, believe.
Sweet Love you are in my heart to invest,
To prune not, to fault not - your growth to feel -
Your power, your force from my Lady you steal?


There's silence without love, that chills the heart
Where peace and warmth comes from breath kisses fired
When there seemed little chance without love's chart,
Then soft flowers fell forming love's coloured bed,
A magic circle with sweet views of the world
Which below, before silent, calls loudly -
Dark earth bright, feared depth of night with love swirled,
Stars twinkling, even those dull seen rarely;
Our love now like a living meteor
Welcomes the chance to visit earth's green grass
Our two hearts as one, two planets before;
One heart that hears sounds old no-love did mask
And peace and warmth from fired kisses breath
Removes us from those who face silent death.

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