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I Only Want To Be With You


Without flesh passion dies says Earth thought poor,
Poor, because wealth's wasted where love's concerned
And missing much that's praps heaven or more -
Foolish where vast lands lie foolishly spurned;
Promise long way off empowers man's poor thoughts
From desert to flowering fields - praise deserts!
There must be such deserts in heaven's courts,
Deserts where lovers dance and sing though hurts,
Running towards the flowers, foot-sore smiling.
Would Heaven ban love's pleasures with wisdom -
Limit the limitless Maker's planning?
I wait pleasured - where's the pleasure come from?
All 'round me men cry out they are lonely,
Where your love makes desert cries pure poetry!


How often does my love speak to deafness
Not through hearing loss, more voice unheard?
When with her, her eyes tell things, I confess
Side tracked by beauty, fail her softness' word.
The music of her walk I miss at times
Through peace and plenty, through her company.
The noise of barefeet foot falls much like rhymes
Sometimes is missed which would show ecstasy
And missing this, miss a woman's voice sweet
Not feel lowly things have high wished for speech -
Be lost in full moon's borrowed light - small feat
Compared with love's shine found within one's reach.
They who claim love's a myth are deaf indeed
And hearing aids off do not turn off need.


The weekend calls the workers, rabbit like
Along the river 'mongst green grass and flowers,
Here where the rabbit's great, seen without flight
And then giant rabbit comes, bearded he towers -
It's said his great love's beautiful as night.
The rabbits off work grin and laugh with fun
And envy him who comes night and day there.
When they go off to work his love words stun
The Princess who's won his heart with flair;
His praises as wind make the flowered grass dance
And they say two lovers run nightly along
The banks of the silver river to chance
That love may sweep while all in sleep belong
Their spirits to fields where limbs never tire
And fur rubbed rabbit soft heightens desire.


As we live our parted lives within hope
Look at my picture and know well, I dwell
In your heart and you in mine with wide scope.
My eyes would die if ever your face fell
Though hand unseen would touch your arm, you know;
And hear my lips say in my smiling way,
For I smile more than not with you it's so -
Hear me say 'Your sadness will pass away'
Which truth from me, can fail the heavy heart.
Think my lips childish which with milk grow wise -
Let loved hair fall on my face and love chart
Then hear me say all truths looking in my eyes.
As we live our parted lives love makes whole,
Let lips sweetly kiss with not just my soul.


In seeking your kiss, praise you see through well
And therefore with will this Poet tries all things;
I've found and know I've found - should I dare tell
The way to win sweet kisses though strength thins
And fast a foot and leaps and bounds are gone
But now I've will to win where youth lacked plans,
Where youth knew not which one to look upon -
Now with words I'm fast again, leap great spans.
My secret's well tried, the little boy well knows,
To impress girls anything goes, non-stop.
With words I'll still praise and though praise still grows
My words dance, sing and leap now, never to flop.
The universe with me just as the boy,
If I never stop your kiss I'll enjoy.


'Her beauty brings you pain?' queries Envy
'For only those blind would not wish her theirs -
My manner claims men's eyes for misery;
Your precious jewel pleases me with their stares.'
Cruel Envy you can cause hearts to connive
For her face has power to draw unfair play
Yet love shields my mind from your dangerous hive
And boldness nestles well with me, to stay.
Cruel Envy some good you do that you hate-
How gracious men can be where beauty shines
And jealous of their new swaggering gait
You Envy, make me, with love talk goldmines.
Her beauty brings some pain that poetry heals
For her face has power my every word steals.


I chastize shattered words that won't perform
'Spell passion's trance, let it not pass unplayed,
Word midnight moon be here, romance be born,
Show power of looks of love, remove all shade,
Make shine The Morning Star, make her name me -
I pant for her voice, her lipped poetry clear.'
Foolish world, life's dreary rarely, rarely
When her sweet love spirits sweet thoughts more near.
Step aside frown, let her kisses word-bliss,
Let pressures bow to pleasures, words dare smile.
Foolish world silent in toil, love we miss -
Release me to gather new words awhile
Yet I fear her kisses will take my will,
Though shattered, reform my words death-still.


My pleading pen asks to learn more than most
While our limbs and minds can dance without aid,
Of life when belief in all things you boast
And precious play claimed worlds, where pen's too staid.
Let boyhood good thoughts mingle with good dreams
So this boy leaves his rabbit traps behind
For sweeter things that build the mind that gleams
And polished pen can tell all men its find.
Hearing your words will soften hard men
As pen's ears and ink delight to retell.
Make this boy wish to lean and kiss often,
Take me from rabbit traps to on sweetness dwell -
With your words, leave climbing to dance awhile,
Sternness softening, growing less stern to smile.


What flows through the throne of thought of woman
When in love that was not made truly sweet?
What's shown as her eyes linger on her man
That lifts, removes man's rough bark, smooth to greet?
Nothing more beautiful my love than yours
For fine my talk, my walk, my heart are hewn
Showing no cross thing cross - now soft adores
From day one moved by first words' softest tune.
So how could love not love to linger long
Though the heart had been hacked before full sore
And faith in goodness having power near gone?
Oh the delight, oh the poetry heart saw
Finding that which might have been missed on earth
Yet surely everyone's right gained before birth.


To sing praises with wrong worthless love planned
Of romance and passion to pass some hours
Through pen improved from long pleading your hand
Would prove worthless poetry as one ploughs.
Let lust filled males' wins fail with shallow verse
And my lines laid in love prove love's power deep;
Each word a candle, each vowel a kiss.
With truth, to urge your heart plus flesh my keep -
Not caged at home to visit tired from work
Rather find me caged ready to nude dance
Then put me back and no whim should you shirk.
It's now you've found what you want, not by chance.
I sing with a worried pen raised -
You may have found another to be caged.

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