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Garments Bright With Light


Swift Spirit, swiftly with wings through the night,
In glory, in good faith coming for me
In darkness yet your garments bright with light
Where brush strokes, painted beauty painstakenly
Show splendour, show the sun's mystic power
To portray woman, poetry for man
More than need and want, more heart beat each hour.
Night birds know of your approach; tell and plan
With awakened flowers to sweet kiss the air.
I feel the freshness of the breeze and bow
To your beauty of the night rich and rare
And in a wondrous trance in emotion plough.
Swift Spirit with wings you come here to me -
Bereft I would be without your beauty.

Zora Knight who beautifully illustrated 'Two Hearts Two Cities' just published has on her website Knightly Art Images a marvellous illustration that goes brilliantly with this sonnet (wish I could take you there with just a click)


When the candle goes out now there's meaning;
Rude blush on breasts brought by fire needs swift light -
When home alone, two rooms, two lights burning
Romance could dull without heart candles bright.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming your breasts.
When the rose oil's all gone and love seems low
And long's the time since my eyes had long feasts
When on purpose supposed thrill I'd not show
Showed blossom and some, making my blood run.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming sweet you
For love outlasts candles, sensed when oil's done,
Our hearts like roses, like sun ever new.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming praised thighs
So thighs through sighs thrive and love never dies.

Before I met my Lady on the net there were several symbols that were for me sad. The crescent moon dropped a tear in the sky which was Venus was one and another was a candle going out was love being extinguished. The above sonnet shows the second symbol is no longer that drastic and a poem can rectify.


Your hand dangled somewhat near yet removed, -
The couch and chair felt drawn but not with touch:
Your eyes smiled your thoughts, my chair creaked, pride smoothed
For lust laden love filled chair's trek to couch.
All round our nest love's sweet scent did abound
And signs the TV held not our whole soul.
Lust would have loathed the hour without love around.
Love can paint, have poesy and lust fall
Where chair and couch choose not to make merry
For love's in music, love's in much laughter
Oh but I tap my foot, laugh quite loudly
Thinking lustily of bed time after.
I feel your hand dangling though you're not here -
Come bed time promise my love dominates there!

It would be a grand dream for a poet to be quoted in everyday life and in literature. For example when someone says a certain partnership has gone awfully wrong another quotes
'Lust would have loathed the hour without love around' or as it is usually corrupted
'Lust loathes the hour without love around!'
but alas this is in the eyes of the Poet - in the world lust is not hampered by lack of love.


If and only if you circling kissed
My brow, my ears, my neck, in spirit now;
Right this minute would I show I've missed
All the pleasures you have pleasured each hour!
I feel bad that I'm so urgent, so bad;
So needy, so wanting - my good has gone!
If and only if circling kisses had
Would I tell the world of wonders you've done.
Oh I feel so bad I am so in need
Of more than just love before I sing songs
Telling of your beauty out of my greed.
I feel so bad! Are circling kisses wrong?
Right this minute could I plead greed's need fast?
Then I'll win the world - give you all you ask!

You can tell the Poet isn't really like this? That this lustiness is out of keeping with his true nature? He plays at being a terror in bed and would like to perform like the worst of men but can you see what gives him away? Can you pick a lie?
'I feel bad that I am so urgent, so bad'
'Telling of your beauty out of my greed'
and the last line betrays him for the bad man gives gifts before not after if at all.


When in men's eyes their warm thoughts of you waste
I'm pleased with the wastage, pleased you're so watched
Though know some will knock on your door with haste -
You Princess they praise, wish take, wish more they've notched.
The Poet does wish their words well with poetry,
May their beauty the beauty of my love borrow
But deemed stolen when used for new-wish lady;
May their words sound false, and eyes show sorrow -
This is my wish for the male admirer
Who looks and acts though I'm with you Princess -
May your beauty their stable bed badger
And your kind words give guilt, and ways confess.
The Good Knight praises the knight who once looks;
In love falls, and honours claims made through these books.

The Poet gets on well with men until they have seen his Lady.
He values men highly who recognize the bond and are honourable.


What did I dream my dear sweet love last night?
Thought the wicked world was going to end -
The sun and moon had lost their force and light
And all on land, in sea asked me to send
The Goddess of Love a message pleading
'Goddess of Love, love that's kind, love that's warm
Help dear Goddess Heaven, earth from crumbling -
You love the Poet, he too will come to harm;
Save us in our hour of looming death's doom.'
In my dream my dear sweet love you kissed me
For each - the land, the sea, the sun, the moon
And kisses for each life on land, in sea.
What did I dream my sweet love last night?
Felt earth's safe with your sweet love of such might.

That's a mighty lot of kisses. No wonder the Poet felt the world was safe.


Wrap those legs 'round dear with love as their lack
And squeeze and tremble; think I'm but dead wood
And then love as sweet desert rain holds not back,
Wished for, wanted, in changing the earth's hood.
Then as Shakespeare words' powers for poetry stole -
He will envy - from your great love I'll steal.
Even in death, no love, wood would be bold
And with love would like great gums think and feel
But your squeeze and tremble when two loves mount
Then rain comes down with a down pour blinding -
Birds are wet, yet they will sing songs that count -
River runs, tremendous noise - love's living!
Wrap those legs 'round dear with love not their lack -
Lessons on no love are on the wrong tack.

The Poet has learned that opposites like 'I am dying to live with you' increase the meaning of say 'live' in this case so he is experimenting with no love and then love present to savour the love more.
He was more than impressed.
But wouldn't between a beautiful woman's legs be pretty impressive even without love - say many men?


Why can't everyone have love like I do?
It's 'cause no one would pay the price I pay?
My days are green leaved, flowers and fruits thrust through,
The bee, the butterfly with happiness play
Yet few would pay the price, alone at night.
Why can't everyone have love like I feel? -
With fire in my bosom, volcanic might
That torches the hate-thoughts, makes darkness kneel
Yet few would pay the price - love's fleshless touch.
Why can't everyone have love like I do?
The hope, the dance, the song that's loved so much,
Soul shaking stuff, awake to life, things new!
Alone at night, yet our thoughts have grand lives;
Hands don't hold hands, lips kiss lips but love thrives.

The Poet must be touched, the Poet must be mad. The Poet would bet that many would think so that love without flesh contact was worth bragging about. Does this sonnet give an indication of the quality of love?
If not this one, then over a thousand sonnets? It is madness to think a mad Poet would write so many for one Lady and not be madly in love.


The sun loves your place and my place though split;
Mine here says to yours there with much envy
'You house loveliness whereas here's spirit
That wishes to leave me cold for beauty.'
Says yours with welcome non caring of mine
'He loves me, lounges in me, adores me
And in spirit stays all night with her mind
Her flesh, her soul, her talent that's homely.'
'More space have I, more lawn, more trees, private
More rooms but he wants to walk parks with her.'
'Yes he loves her, wants her, not her estate
You and I in their love could well wither.'
The sun loves your place and my place though split,
May he shine in while our love's just spirit.

Here the two places of abode of the two lovers 10,000 miles apart are talking to each other which gives a novel view point of human love. They both realize home love takes second place to heart love so may the sun shine on them before their use withers.


Who has visions real and claims them more charged,
More ripe than this poet's delight 'pon you based? -
Where soft adorings received are enlarged
As honeyed middle of the night's embraced -
With no equal, suitors can well reach heights
And visions seem real for you're an angel
Yet without your deepest love, real lacks smites
As though supperless to bed, lonely, unwell.
Through your love things unseen you thrice reveal -
Poor suitors plain visions have, three planes mine -
Heart-wise, body-wise, spirit-wise - the deal
So the best, the seen and unseen combine.
You to your beauty add earthly love's lust
And visions without it see dust as dust.

The Poet slams and mocks those who think sex without deep love really assured have anything worthwhile. The church says a straight NO but the Poet says they are very much short changed.


The blackbird's SONG came through the dark window
And threw warmly herself 'pon my ghost chair
Making kind comments on fled poetry's show;
SONG in woman's form lowered her loved long hair
That touched her bosom that brought glory's groan
But we talked of all kinds of things with zest
Though from apart lips pretty feet made eyes roam.
She pardoned my word slips; my lips at breast,
Tasting between toes - guess my eyes showed
But truly SONG's mind, her voice not breathing
Makes me love her, makes poetry - poems that flowed.
Passers-by think someone is visiting;
The blackbird's SONG comes through my dark window -
Throws warmly herself - helps this poet's pen flow.

Surely the Poet is mad and having visions. Ever since a boy the Poet when he walked in nature he tried to imitate the bird's song and in particular copied the blackbird to get back a reply - people with him verified that he does seem to have some sort of interaction. What's the point of making the blackbird's SONG like a person?
Nature gives comfort, Nature supports the notion of love - the Poet's lover revealed the truth of this to him - a gift of insight worth more than any man can own.


HE (to himself)
Frankincense prevents NO from passing lips?
SHE (to herself)
His eyes have that something it seems, today.
Good morning, good morning for sailing ships!
No! on land with you I'll spend my day.
Would be romantic in the park to walk.
No! - let's wait till dark and kiss by moonlight.
HE (troubled by her NOs)
Is it true today you can't make YES talk?
No! - come let me kiss you - YES? - don't take fright,
I know you can't say NO - am right in this?
Your beauty, your warmth like Frankincense works,
I'm powerless to say NO-words I confess -
In your presence NO-acts my body shirks.
Massage me all over till all words say
YES, YES, YES and body knows no NO way.

The Poet has left no stone unturned to find ways to win his Lady body, heart and mind - hence the use of Frankincense.
He did try Bergamot for money to travel 10,000 miles any time he liked. Without the cap removed, on his keyboard was a letter for a sum of money you would have trouble guessing it's amount to the nearest 100,000 dollars

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