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It Is What It Is

Call me outspoken, blunt, forthright,
But I’ll say it as it is,
Straight-from-the-shoulder direct.
It might hurt some feelings, upset a few;

The only solution is to tell it like it is,
Freely speak my mind,
Only way to make a clean breast of it:

Man, they say, is made
in the image of God,
But inherently,
he is more malicious than the beast--
The epitome of evil.

Lurking in him is
A Jihadi, a Crusader, an Inquisitor,
A rapist, a ravager, a marauder, a warmonger—
The very incarnation of the Devil!

~The Brain Tease Challenge
~Unscramble word: 'Osokutenp' - Outspoken

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