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In our word stock.we have arms
Verbs.nouns.articles and pronouns
And more stuff to make a word-war
Yet.we use blank bullets to make fire

World wars have changed natures' decor
They made orphAns,they made horror
Natures' face has taken freaky mask
And the outlasted still live in terror.

Wars has their words to say
But words have their tears to shed
They could never change a way
They would never bring who is dead

Still.,wars rage around the earth
They still kill.who is about to birth
They still hide a glimmer of mirth
They still make endless deaths

Words still challenge themselves
They still crown poets with wreath
And more,they still celebrate
Using blank bullets againt the wars

Why don't we just make a little change?
Gather our gleanings to make one word
And face the world,by standing in one range
And say with one voice''stop the war''!

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