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Limitless Limits

In life you set boundaries, you draw the lineó
Sometimes you are at peace
Sometimes you suffer heartaches.

When you venture out in pursuit of pleasure
You can have more fun, live a little more,
Be more adventurous, a tad more notorious,
Walking in the shadows, roaming the back-alleys.

Everyone has to make that choice,
Everyone invariably pays a price.

Life in due measures lives within the limits
But untethered soul soars beyond all boundaries,
Mind binds us in a Gordian knot
Only heart surpasses all norms,
Hope traverses the uncharted realms
Flight of imagination soars to heavens.

Hate transcends all boundaries
So does revenge,
Manís appetite for war is limitless
So is his yearning for peace,
Love surpasses all.

Sin descends to the bottomless pit,
Envy broaches all limits,
Only justice dwells within the bounds,
As does faith and family;

If one learns to tell the difference
One can bear the consequence.
You gotta know the difference
to make the distinction.

~'Know the difference' Phrase Challenge

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