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A Conversation With Grandmother

Grandchild: Osda, Grandmother! It has been a long time since we talked.

Grandmother: Indeed, it has. Come near and tell me your current situation. Is it like you wanted?

Grandchild: It is hard to say. Some things yes, but some things no.

Grandmother: You seem troubled. What has made you so?

Grandchild: I have learned some truths.

Grandmother: Truths should make you glad!

Grandchild: These are hard truths. I had suspected they were on my trail, and now it is sure. I have been given an honor, but it's price is dishonor. It requires the greatest sacrifice of self.

Grandmother: What is this honor? Surely it cannot be as bad as you describe?

Grandchild: Grandmother, I have dreamed the thunder and lightning.

Grandmother: Oh... you are a...

Grandchild: Yes, I am one of those. There is no one around me who understands. There is no one to teach me! I understand and practice the medicine well, but this 'honor' is beyond me.

Grandmother: It cannot be so far beyond you if the old ones have given it to you. You are needed. It may suit you better than you think!

Grandchild: In some ways, I can see how I have been led along this path from the beginning. From my youth I endured hardship and ridicule, always being the outsider. I have long been the weird one, the oddball, the freak. Most people prefer to laugh at me rather than get to know me and understand. No matter how hard I try, I remain isolated.

Grandmother: Yes, those are some of the characteristics of your role; but be careful, my grandchild, who you listen to. Those attributes are not carved in stone. Perhaps you can choose your own kind of walk along the path.

Grandchild: I am backwards and say things that people don't like. I make a lot of people angry.

Grandmother: Sounds like you've got the hang of things already. You must be pleasing to the old ones!

Grandchild: Inside, I always wanted to fit in and be ordinary, but there was also that little spark that reminded me that I was not meant for that. Must I sacrifice every ounce of dignity for this honor?

Grandmother: You are sacrificing pride, not your dignity or yourself. Through your good deeds of healing and medicine given to those in need, you open up other worlds to their minds. What greater honor could there be?

Grandchild: So personal dishonor to help someone in need is the highest honor?

Grandmother: What do you think?

Grandchild: Somehow I knew that too.

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