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I am Living

'Speak to me,' you demand.
I am all moments between
birth and death.
I am Living.

Embarrassed mother drags
an albatross,
her little tantrum.
Older eyes, above
barely perceptible smiles,
drop to the floor.
I am speaking.

A beast discretely reattaches
his suspender strap.
Another beauty passes
before him. He sucks in
that suspender-popping gut.
Theres an ab-salute,
I have spoken.

Students burn with desire.
They cant decide
whether to read or stare
into eyes only
innocent love can paint.
They surrender to what
is truly important,
they think.
I will speak to them.

The broken gait
of a man, helping
a woman his bride
of more than sixty years,
screams the pain of age.
She pretends not to notice.
He looks away; her eyes sing
his hidden beauty.
I am still speaking.

Three Marines huddle,
their backs to the world.
Young, weathered faces
tell where theyve been.
They re-member
their dismembered buddy.
I spoke.

The claxon blares,
Final call! Final call!
This is the final boarding call
for flight three forty-nine
to Orlando.

I am all moments between
birth and death.
I am Living.
Now, speak to me.

Challenge phrase 'Speak to Me'

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