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How it Works

There's nothing more dangerous
Than a woman with a pen
And bad ideas at hand

There's nothing more treacherous
Than looking people in the eye
And telling them a lie

There's nothing more hazardous
Than a man who can't tell the truth
And only wants to deceive you

But there's nothing more murderous
Than the girl who believes him
And seeks refuge within

The world is fueled by hate
But the universe has a principle of putting people in their place
If you make mistakes
Someone will get you one day

There is nothing more gorgeous
Than a woman in love
She destroys herself just for fun

There's nothing more ominous
Than a missed call
Taking pride in being flawed

There is nothing more disastrous
Than finding out the truth
Then realizing it wasn't for you

But there's nothing more miraculous
Than getting what you deserve
Knowing how hard you have worked

We're all in the hands of equity
I'll be nice to you, if you're nice to me
Why must we feel sorry
Passing the homeless on the street

Everyone has a story
Everyone has a past
The way things are today
Has been planned since way back

Take a deep breath
Hold it in
Your time will come
It's all within

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