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I passed a homeless man on the walk
“Too bad,” I thought, not missing a beat
I had important people with whom to talk
and I was late for the executive suite.

I did catch a dimming in his worn face.
and dismissed it as a natural reaction.
“Another loser,” I said, “in the human race.”
Thus I quieted my conscience by inaction.

The meeting’s agenda was not clear.
We were simply told attendance was vital.
“Everyone here got a raise last year,”
the CEO began, “regardless of title.”

All agreed they had been treated well.
Then I relived the homeless man’s plight
and a pain in my gut had a tale to tell.
“Raise hands if for charity you gave a mite.”

No hands were raised, faces were red.
“You know our firm gives back to our city.
We give money, scholarships—enough said.
The fact you give nothing is an ugly pity.”

I saw again that homeless man on my way.
He embraced me tightly in a loving smother.
Handing him cash, I said, “Hope this is OK.”
In a tear-soaked voice, I heard him say,
''Thank you, Brother.''

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