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Every Day is Now Satyrday

It's emblematic of today's mumbling incoherence
The blank stare of eternal teenage numbness
Extending deep into the middle-aged spread of us
Like some viral force transformed to mental pus

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse on auto-pilot
Sword of Damocles rusted through, a lazy lot!
The hordes of hell watch XXX-rated reality tv
as sinners play cards in eternity

The shallow surface is inert, turns stagnant & smells
A festering thickness of skulls blinds with spells
Of more to come of the stupidly same
Of life as fantasy, entertainment; our race insane

A sated Satyr snores, he's not seeking sex any more
All lusts are allowed, material passion, blood & gore
He's done it all too many times to now feel the thrill
What once made us bright-eyed... now makes us ill.

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