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the child in her ...

O how swift four seasons pass,
fluttering angelic birds and butterflies; all change
While, content at peace, at home sweet home
strolling in then out, she dreams on open range

Fleeting dawning day unto the next,
quickened by each breezing stopping station
Yet with time enough today to still and contemplate,
stilling my storm into your calm duration

With summer's beauty hushed, it appears
for another metered medley climbs
Like skipping quick, pausing fall, a rose she held,
a photograph was froze in time

From fields of perfect grace like rainbows
of their lovely flora blooming blossoms
Unaware that winter swept right back around
to here again to coloured leaves of Autumn

Our minds can take us anywhere ...O help us
keep us steady through her accelerated pace
Let your hazy mist rise soft again every sunlit morn,
deeming life ... for hers is such a rapid race

In tranquil rolling lapping tide or dazed in crashing surf
without loss, those precious images sometimes are fading
Just pray the way on sandy turf in time and seasons flow
'pon a shoreline where she goes, a child in her
___________________ explores her dreams while wading

Video Courtesy;
Kathy Mattea
'Time Passes By'

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