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Our invisible Protectors

My idea of being invisible is somewhat different
First, my favorite Bible character is Elisha
When his servant thought the huge army would kill them
Elisha prayed his servants' eyes would be opened
Both were surrounded by thousands of Angels in chariots
Now that would most certainly be an awesome sight
Then Elisha prayed for God to blind the enemy
He then led this huge army into the midst of the Israeli army
They were then released to go back to their King
Never again would this King send anyone to harm Elisha
Just remember those who serve the Lord also have Angels
Although we can not see them, they are there to protect us
The day will come when Jesus will return with hosts of Angels
Our eyes will be opened and we will see the might of our Lord
In an blink of an eye we will be taken to our heavenly home
We will see the unimaginable, and beauty will be in the air
Just think being escorted to Heaven by our Lord and hes Angels
As we sing Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

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