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 POETRY poetalthomas        (More) 12/12/2018
 I'm a Wanderer Abdul_Malik        (More) 12/12/2018
 I Will Return panther811        (More) 12/10/2018
 Write I Penned panther811        (More) 12/7/2018
 WORDS poetalthomas        (More) 12/6/2018
 Taunt panther811        (More) 12/5/2018
 Mark 10:9 NSIDEOUT        (More) 12/4/2018
 Love Works Both Ways NSIDEOUT        (More) 12/3/2018
 My Mind panther811        (More) 12/3/2018
 The Tree of Woe poetotoe        (More) 12/3/2018
 SUNSHINE, SON SHINE poetalthomas        (More) 12/1/2018
 Autumn Leaves poetotoe        (More) 12/1/2018
 Juggenaut panther811        (More) 12/1/2018
 Where Must Be panther811        (More) 11/29/2018
 Ageless Heartsong        (More) 11/29/2018
 HOME poetalthomas        (More) 11/26/2018
 SMILE poetalthomas        (More) 11/25/2018
 THE SILENCE OF CHAOTIC NOISE GaelicRogue        (More) 11/25/2018
 STEP TOWARD CHANGE poetalthomas        (More) 11/23/2018
 Awaiting dawn Abdul_Malik        (More) 11/21/2018
 I'm Not A Mistake NSIDEOUT        (More) 11/21/2018
 Not To Late panther811        (More) 11/21/2018
 Fog WolfPoet        (More) 11/20/2018
 I've Fleed panther811        (More) 11/20/2018
 TODAY IS THE DAY poetalthomas        (More) 11/17/2018
 Transformation WolfPoet        (More) 11/17/2018
 FREEZE poetalthomas        (More) 11/17/2018
 Nature's Balanced... 1st line is title reality1        (More) 11/17/2018
 Garden of Graces WolfPoet        (More) 11/16/2018
 Be ready for his return olderandbolder        (More) 11/14/2018

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Poetry in motion,
Other words in devotion,
Even in a notion.
To be elaborate,
Remember the fabric.
You can study the lyric.

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