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 I'm Not Modest panther811        (More) 8/19/2018
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 I Know panther811        (More) 7/22/2018

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I'm Not Modest

Humorist is what I'm trying to be.
See that I am rhyming words selectively,
Collectively I place them in a bunch.
Punch out a stanza on a hunch.

Crunch the stanzas, see what they make.
Take them apart and give a good shake.
Jerk an adjective here and adverb there.
Share a phrase or line with poetic flare.

Dare I inquire, as you read, what's on your mind.
Timed it correctly I did, and you wisely opined.
Find I'm so pleased you think of me as an artist.
Now she knew she would say soon, I'm not modest.

now she knew she WOULD SAY soon'

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