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Faithfully Unfathomable

Dear Yearn,

Deep down in my soul laying quietly
Is the depth of your meaning
Where my perennial heart cracked
Then stopped beating.

Only for a moment that lasts forever
Something beautiful needed you,
Laughing painfully fit well together
Persuasion always wants so much!

Shall we meet again in a rainstorm?
In the light of penumbra, evermore?
The beginning, the ending, now faraway's touch,
The soul of our rainstorm where we never part
Where persuasion wanted so much!

Beyond undying, no longer enough
I lost sight of your burn,
Broken pieces scattered
Never to be the same miraculously un-shattered!

Drifting in between wake and sleep
Deep down in my soul of your meaning I keep
'Never drown in the depths of your sea'
Where too many rainstorms Yearn and weep.

Beyond ordinary understanding, an impractical dreaming
It is so quiet now comprehending impossibility.
Drifting gallantly
On my present day watery moon - glade,
Every price twas ever paid, priceless never fades.

To My James.

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