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I Remember

I Remember

-I can see my baby cousin through a glass see-through wall.
-The joys of holding her for the first time and, watching her smile at me.
-Holding her when she couldn’t walk.
-Bathing her when she got dirty.
-Feeding her when she got hungry.
-Reading to her when she couldn’t sleep, and then watching her sleep soundly.
-Listening to her try to say my name and remembering how cute it was.

-Now she can walk with me.
-Now she can talk and say my name.
-Now she can feed her-self.
-Now she can read.
-Now she sleeps in a bed instead of a crib.
-Now she drinks from a cup instead of a bottle.
-Now she can brush her teeth, and she can even count but I don’t watch her anymore because now I live eight hours away from her… I had to move for more space. So now I see her through a different area in time, a different dimension, one that I left along time ago. When I get older so will she be
Maybe someday I will see her again but even though we are apart I will always cherish the time and memories we had, and maybe she will remember how much I love her or how much she means to me.

-I wish I could hold her in my arms again.
-I wish I could hold her and talk to her again.
-But most of all I wish I could be with her and hear her laughter one more time.

-All the joys of getting to know and love someone like her.
-How much it killed me inside to leave her.
But I knew I would see her again, and if not I would always have our memories and that I would always love her.
………. And I always will.


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