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A Letter to my daughter from Heaven

Today is my Mother's Birthday. Out of the blue my
tears fell and I became incredibly inspired to write
a letter as if my mother wrote it herself. Then I asked
God to help provide the words.

Happy 101 th Birthday in Heaven Mother!

Dearest Daughter!

As I am sure you are well aware, today
I would have become 101 years of age.

Seven years have passed, since God
carried me home. I am well, sighted,
no more deafness and I can walk. I
am whole, but that is not why I am
writing today.

God lent me a pen and some parchment paper
to pen this to you. I hope you receive this letter
and tuck it away for future use.

I want you to know how much I loved
you. The day I delivered you, the joy
your brought to me, cannot ever be
measured. You were a special gift
to me. You were the air that I breathed.

Watching your take your first steps,
listening to your first words, was
music to my ears. You walked early
and you talked early. And you never
missed a beat.

I never wanted to let go of those moments,
but life goes on and children grow. Being my
first born, those moments after birth, are tender
precious moments that a mother has with her child.
Only a mother can truly understand those moments.
The separation from the womb to the world is a joy
yet for a short time, you feel empty inside, because for
9 months there was this great internal bond.

I saw how hard your grieved for me, but I also saw
in you a strength the day you stood in the church and
read your poem. I saw that strength in you after you
lost your husband. And yet at times, you would tell me
how weak you felt. In spite of my sight then, I saw
the sadness. Ed and Dad and Nana and Pop - Pop
and so many more are fine. It was grand to see
my mother and father again.

Remember how I always told you to hang tightly onto
your faith. Never let go of it or loose sight of it. God
is your very reason to hang tight. He has blessed you
in so many ways. The car accidents and things you
may not even yet be aware of. He loves and guides
you constantly.

It's really beautiful up here in Heaven. If you think a
sunny day on earth with clear blue skies are beautiful,
'You haven't seen anything yet'.

The Kingdom of Heaven is beyond grand. It has gardens
and walk ways, fields and streams and majestic water falls.

I walk daily with my mother and brother and friends I grew
up with. In the evenings, your father comes to sit on the
bench with me -it is really never dark here. There is always
this amazing light that shines - but I still call it evening,
maybe because it is just he and I. There's a stream nearby,
and it flows gently, the sound of it is melodic.

Often we peak down below to check on our children and
loved ones. We know when you are sad or happy or just
having a disturbance in your lives. We call upon the Angels
to watch over you.

There is always beautiful music playing here. Harps of gold.
Majestic music that fills our Souls and I always hope and pray
that you and your sisters and brother can feel some of it in
your own Souls.

I still pick violets along the well journeyed paths. God says it's OK.
I pet the animals, the cats the dogs, you know how I loved
them. I remember Lady Emma. I bet you still have a picture
of her and me.

Susie Q, I remember the very last talk we had on the phone.
And we were going to talk again that Sunday. But instead
your traveled many miles to come pay me your final respects.
I am glad you made the trip without incident.

I have to tell you how wonderful Nancy and Mandy were to me
on my last day. In fact they were always wonderful to me,
you all were.

But that last day, who knew how that day would unfold except
GOD! Nancy told me that you were all on your way to New
York. To be honest, it would have been wonderful to see each
of my children one last time, but it would have been terrible for
each of you to see me in those final hours. Nancy was so strong
for me and so was Mandy. I was not alone. God was with me too.

I was already in Heaven as you all held the wake for me and
the next day the funeral at St. Peter's. What a wonderful send off
I was given. I knew I was loved, but never crossed my mind to
just how much.

In the days that followed, I saw the heartache in all of my four
children. I saw the sadness in my brother's eyes and that of
my friends, especially dear Bill.

I really want you to know Susie Q how I was able to witness
the happiness you had when you married Ed. I was not sure
at first, but he and I became close and our trips to Dunkin
Donuts how he would tell me of the joy you gave to him and
how much he loved you.

You, even as a young person always had a trust heart. I
know you think you let me and daddy down at times. All
kids do. But it never diminished our love.

You had such a patience with me. Reading me the Sunday
sermons that Father Ford sent to you, and you'd read them
over the phone to me, when I was no longer able to attend

I remember your trying to teach me the computer, but I never
did get it, so instead I dictated my letters and you graciously
typed them out for me, and often would include pictures.

I could go on and one, but don't want to use up all the
parchment paper. I want to save it for future Letters from

Let me just tell you, I see you are getting stronger every day.
I see a smile upon your face, that was void of that smile
for awhile. When I go for my walks and pick my flowers
I always pick one for each of my children.

Tomorrow or when Spring arrives, pick a flower and press
it in your Bible, near your favorite passage and there I will
be, right along side of Jesus.

You, Nancy, Betsy & Peter were my greatest gifts!

With Love from Heaven


And so Susie Q I will leave you with this.
I love you, I will continue to watch over
you and leave you with this poem



life shy faces.
delighting my Soul.
Ladylike, you shade yourself
from sunlight,
maintaining purity of form.

You are Spring!
April bears you on it's breath,
Earth is more beautiful
because of you.

Dear Flower...stay and keep the
love you bring
forever blossoming.

Written by..

Margaret L. Finch

Deuteronomy 4:9 “Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children—

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