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 This little light of mine Starlight1        (More) 8/28/2015
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 The Poets Pen DavidRankinLymn        (More) 8/26/2015
 Beautiful butterflies Starlight1        (More) 8/26/2015
 CHRISTIANS  poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2015
 Beauty's Plagarise. Ron_S_King        (More) 8/26/2015
 The Only Answer cherryk        (More) 8/25/2015
 TREASURE TO BEHOLD listener        (More) 8/25/2015
 NATION poetalthomas        (More) 8/25/2015
 Wind song Starlight1        (More) 8/25/2015
 Inspiration audrey_marie        (More) 8/24/2015
 Wings of lace Starlight1        (More) 8/24/2015
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 AS LONG AS I PRAY poetalthomas        (More) 8/24/2015
 Sipping In His Presence Joyce Porter        (More) 8/23/2015
 Freely write. Ron_S_King        (More) 8/23/2015
 Wind beneath my wings Starlight1        (More) 8/22/2015
 Inspiration Starlight1        (More) 8/22/2015
 Beyond Power of Reason cherryk        (More) 8/22/2015
 ZACCHAEUS MAKE HASTE poetalthomas        (More) 8/21/2015
 SPEAK WE IN CHRIST poetalthomas        (More) 8/21/2015

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This little light of mine

Today I woke up with a huge smile on my face
Feeling Gods gentle and beautiful amazing grace
There is a delightful smile to pass along and glorious light of mine too
You are dearly loved and cherished. Have a beautiful day whatever you do

Pass a smile along today

Four in Five challenge
Hostess- Brandy

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