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 Rap To The Rhyme And Rhyme For A Reason Mario William Vitale        (More) 6/19/2018
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Rap To The Rhyme And Rhyme For A Reason

bust up the beat to promote its tempo
taking you to places you need to know
rap is the harmony to take away my anxiety
not since the old famed Redd Fox boy that homeboy do think a lot
boogy down to the socks
I sit as a rose without its thorn
some may curse the very day they were actually born
but you got to wait your turn
one soul soars while the other will burn
like the world watch it turn

Rap to the rhyme & rhyme for a reason
its like the changing of the seasons without any reason
in time the seed would grow into a healthy stalk
come with me let's go for a walk
the more you breath the less you talk
folks in the numbers under the satin covers with home made lovers
by choice we often wander friends growing fonder hair getting blonder
the message is getting bolder have to look over your shoulder society's getting colder
yes that seed would grow into fruition to late on your tuition start listening
when I'm alone in my room then i stare at the wall in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call
like a bird please light the flame walk the walk away from the criminally insane
why should I complain I'm making the green bling living in a land so very mean

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