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 Making Adjustments cherryk        (More) 9/20/2018

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Read The Instructions

WHY complain of lack...are you not living?
STRESS not over things past your control
ABOUT which you can do naught but forgiving,
TRIFLES are but distractions on the whole.
YOU worry over stuff that doesn't matter,
FANCY have plenty.
WHEN more don't come, will your poor heart shatter...
SO what -you're not a millionaire aged twenty!
MANY lonely folk are poor and needy,
MUST struggle, just to find enough to eat.
LIVE out your life friend, being not so greedy,
WITHOUT the masses bowing at your feet.
BASIC Instruction Before Leaving Earth are thus:
NEEDS of others thought well worth it for all of us.

Quoting words (vertical) from one of my own poems.

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