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You are my guiding light

You and the softness of a rainbow shining so bright
On the path of life that I walk along each and every day
U are the warmth that shines so softly upon my face

Always uplifting my heart with the most sweetest joys
Radiating with the most glorious and gentle soft love
Each day you are my guiding light that caresses my heart

Making my heart feel such sweet elation with you beside me
Your amazing grace and love I gently feel soft as butterflies

Glorious as the sunshine that sparkles upon the soft roses
U are the wings that help me to soar, soaring beside me
I rejoice, my heart full of the the most beautiful songs of joy
Dancing on the tiny petals of the happiness of the morning
I give thanks for so many sweet and wonderful blessings
Near me upon the path of life each and every day
Gorgeous colors of your amazing grace I feel close

Lifes sweet blessings that I rejoice in along lifes path
I am so uplifted as your love shines like a loving and
Guiding light that sparkles always so brillant and bright
Hues of soft colors dance upon a gentle breeze today
Today is such a beautiful day. My heart uplifted full of song and praise

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