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 Imperfect cherryk        (More) 12/2/2016
 Realistically cherryk        (More) 12/1/2016
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 Masquerade annabanasiak        (More) 11/29/2016
 Rainbows and Stars cherryk        (More) 11/28/2016
 MY GARDEN GaryJ        (More) 11/27/2016
 Shadows Of Light pnewport        (More) 11/26/2016
 Voices of Angel's  Myth        (More) 11/26/2016
 God reigns olderandbolder        (More) 11/26/2016
 Distant Drums DavidRankinLymn        (More) 11/25/2016
 Mountains To Climb Mistymaiden        (More) 11/23/2016
 One Thousandfold cherryk        (More) 11/23/2016
 The Ultimate Happiness cherryk        (More) 11/22/2016
 Thankful cherryk        (More) 11/22/2016
 Breath of Your Life Song Myth        (More) 11/21/2016
 His Love cherryk        (More) 11/21/2016
 A Feeling Such As This goldenspirit        (More) 11/20/2016
 It's Christmas Not Xmas Mario William Vitale        (More) 11/19/2016
 Thanksgiving in My Heart cherryk        (More) 11/19/2016
 God's Gift of Existence randy-johnson        (More) 11/18/2016
 Becoming perfect in God olderandbolder        (More) 11/18/2016
 Blessed and saved olderandbolder        (More) 11/18/2016
 Sunrise Canvas... KnightHawke        (More) 11/18/2016
 Be happy, laugh a lot olderandbolder        (More) 11/16/2016
 HIS LOVE IS DIVINE ( The Bell ) ladydp2000        (More) 11/15/2016
 Without Exception cherryk        (More) 11/15/2016

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Redemption, ours only through God's good grace,
is granted to those who pardon receive,
not without fault but with hope to embrace.
Perfection belongs to The One, we believe.

The faithful surrender, contrite and humble,
redeemed, see themselves as they are, warts and all.
Must they still sin? Yes, all of us stumble,
realise we are human and humans may fall.
Their failings admitted, forgiveness shown,
imperfections shed on nearing the throne.

Quote: John Piper

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