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 Praise Starlight1        (More) 10/31/2014
 Joy Starlight1        (More) 10/31/2014
 Today is a sweet gift Starlight1        (More) 10/31/2014
 Autumn rain Starlight1        (More) 10/31/2014
 THANKFULNESS OnePurpleCrayon        (More) 10/31/2014
 the life you lead riki_ryme        (More) 10/30/2014
 Gods light shines bright Starlight1        (More) 10/30/2014
 THE KINGDOM OF GOD poetalthomas        (More) 10/30/2014
 PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU poetalthomas        (More) 10/30/2014
 The Spirit Watch amazingkate        (More) 10/29/2014
 Always beside me Starlight1        (More) 10/29/2014
 Gods beautiful bird Starlight1        (More) 10/29/2014
 The path of life Starlight1        (More) 10/29/2014
 Be A Rainbow cherryk        (More) 10/29/2014
 CHATTING The_Pip        (More) 10/27/2014
 Instructions cherryk        (More) 10/27/2014
 Precious is your love Starlight1        (More) 10/27/2014
 Reverie to a Mayfly gms583p        (More) 10/26/2014
 LORD, Abide With Us! William Layton Nelson        (More) 10/26/2014
 BIRDS EYE VIEW  poetalthomas        (More) 10/26/2014
 Eternal love Starlight1        (More) 10/25/2014
 Light Starlight1        (More) 10/25/2014
 CHRIST LIVES IN ME NOW poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2014
 LET HIM BE GOD poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2014
 TILL THE STORM PASSES BY. poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2014
 FOR ME TO LIVE IS CHRIST poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2014
 You make me smile Starlight1        (More) 10/24/2014
 You are my guiding light Starlight1        (More) 10/24/2014
 PARADISE  poetalthomas        (More) 10/24/2014
 '2 Struggle' sprngn1        (More) 10/24/2014

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Today I feel so uplifted walking along
My heart full of praise and sweet song

I love the mist of the fog on my face
Feeling his most loving beautiful amazing grace

Short and sweet
Phrase- Mist of the fog
Hostess- Autumn Jewel

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