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 The Universe Awaits shakysphere        (More) 5/2/2017

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Fondly I hope, fervent I pray
That today I'll find a way
To begin to see the light
And thereby relieve this blight

Walking through the secret door
That's been there forevermore
With the loving golden key
That has always rescued me

Is the answer...this I know
For the Father told me so
It is written in His Word
This I know from what I've heard

Why I oft forget to see
All the good that beckons me
Simply, I can't comprehend
Why I choose to cry...not mend

Father, now I ask of You
Please forgive the things I do
Help my eyes to see Your face
And my feet to run the race

Footsteps we leave behind the veil
Will remain and shall prevail
To prepare the road ahead
For those left here in our stead

Just For The Love Of It Phrase Challenge
Challenge Phrase: (footsteps we leave behind)
Challenge Phrase Used:
(footsteps we leave behind the veil)

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