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The Old Yellow Truck By The Tree


I daily take the pathway to the hilly plains

Cast a glance on that car wreck by the tree

Time and dust have left a visible glossy stain

And the rust, is a wiser sign of misery

Among the growing plants and the green

The iron entity holds its old solidity

The aged machine of what has been

Still keeps the charm of the old serenity

A gaze along the walk, a dead-living car

What left is only the outer hard shell

Emptied from inside, the rest, put apart

A hollow body where green life dwells

That rust and that aged face of the thing

Between life's green spirit, is only beauty

That harmony of space gained just casually

Is like a melody, for a sad heart to swing

And the wind with a light move, sways

Among the dead, and those who live

Sends his breath into heaven's space

And the old Truck, her vigor, she gives

The yellow shape glistens in sunrays

Reflecting her glamour of what once was

Like a jolly bride in Spring does repose

A flower in the green prime of her days.

If the past was tumultuous heydays

The present is better in may ways

Beauty comes from those bright rays

That reflect the power of the old age

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