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New Horizon

Completion finished, untouched memories disappear,
dark blue haze surround a pasture of serene blissfulness
softly touching down. Saying good-bye.

New horizon lightens a path known has today, still light
shines dimly upon where it will continue to grow with
every days determination.

Where colors are found in orderly fashion, each symbolize
a reason of being created at the right moment in time for
connection to take place

Imagination brings knowledge, holding keys of understanding
how the circle must close in the end to become perfect with
the law of the Universe.

Secure your steps under foot, they are your new beginning
where that path may lead you, strong or weak, your
mind is connected to all light.

Be forgiving to those that hurt, may hurt no others than the
pure understanding where it all came from, the beginning
life and death.

Tomorrow may not be at hand as you live it now, only touch
your heart and hope for the best, it is there for the taken
if you give it one more last chance.

New Horizon makes a day new, fresh with love, understanding
forgiving, and a reason to touch another that has lost there

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