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 Seek The Huge Deep Well Of Love Besma        (More) 6/19/2019
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 Waste Not the Gift cherryk        (More) 6/16/2019
 PROMISE ME The_Pip2        (More) 6/15/2019
 Home The World To Which We Respond Besma        (More) 6/15/2019
 In Perspective cherryk        (More) 6/15/2019
 He's with Me MARYT.LIVE        (More) 6/14/2019
 Just for Today Copperpenny        (More) 6/14/2019
 Her Song of Peace MARYT.LIVE        (More) 6/14/2019
 Triumphant cherryk        (More) 6/11/2019
 Hallow panther811        (More) 6/11/2019
 You Are Enough MARYT.LIVE        (More) 6/10/2019
 Dreaming macwriter        (More) 6/10/2019
 You Got To Have Balance macwriter        (More) 6/9/2019
 Broken Angel KKD ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ        (More) 6/9/2019
 GO TO GOD MARYT.LIVE        (More) 6/4/2019
 High Upon a Mountain MARYT.LIVE        (More) 6/4/2019
 Smoke Free randy-johnson        (More) 6/3/2019
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  Encouragement cherryk        (More) 5/29/2019
 Love and Peace Abdul_Malik        (More) 5/25/2019
 Would You Be Willing frog        (More) 5/23/2019
 A Prayer On Bended Knee frog        (More) 5/23/2019
 Dear God MARYT.LIVE        (More) 5/22/2019
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 MY DREAM OF HEAVEN frog        (More) 5/20/2019
 WEAR HIS ARMOR ( Lanterne ) ladydp2000        (More) 5/18/2019

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Seek The Huge Deep Well Of Love

Need I drip my words for you one by one
and hum my tune from dawn to setting sun!

Need I recite the finest of poems and Art
and let my flute breathe into your heart!

The dearest of friends, words do not ever need
rather, to every true throb give genuine heed.

Great souls would reach the depths for a sip
and taste the glory of sharing fine kinship.

Life, so sweet and wondrous for those who share
the wonders of the Self, the Light of Heart and a raw flair.

In Nature Haven, seek the huge deep well of Love
attuned to the beauties of a hawk and a dove!

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