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 broken glass dance reality1        (More) 10/8/2015
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 I caught a leaf Starlight1        (More) 10/5/2015
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 LOVE CAN REARRANGE poetalthomas        (More) 10/1/2015

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broken glass dance

My inner proctologist just diagnosed how far my head was up my ...,

Sparking introspection..., my heart was shattered, scattered,

and I walked on it with glee, it is life, not me!

Sojourning gave way to daydream, the vision of words dancing,

Kaleidoscopic, an eager pen to awakening,

Remembrance, the reams of waiting pages call....

On homecoming, ink spills into quill, alighting on tree's leaves.

'Life, is indivisible, potential illimitable,

Agua uncontainably articulating wee(e)!'

Challenge :) Multi-phrase: with Kajuncutie;

'the vision of words', 'waiting pages', 'the ink spills', 'an eager pen'

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