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 Love The Answer cherryk        (More) 1/23/2018
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 WORSHIP THE LORD N' PRAY ( Sonnette ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/21/2018
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 POETRY Ja        (More) 1/21/2018
 Learn to Follow your Heart Derena        (More) 1/20/2018
 Angelic dust Zuzanna        (More) 1/20/2018
 Love come down from God olderandbolder        (More) 1/19/2018
 IN THE LORD I JUST REST ( Pensee ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/18/2018
 To rest in God olderandbolder        (More) 1/17/2018
 GOD LOVES US ALL ( Linked ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/17/2018
 JUST SOAR ( Acrostic ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/17/2018
 SING HIM PRAISES ( Free Style ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/17/2018
 FROM YOU LORD ( The Tree ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/17/2018
 The Nature of God cherryk        (More) 1/16/2018
 IN HIS GRACE ( Senryu ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/15/2018
 ACCEPT OR REJECT ( Dodoitsu ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/15/2018
 HAVE FAITH ( Egg Timer ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/14/2018
 Faith In Change hhazlett26        (More) 1/14/2018
 And Rumours cherryk        (More) 1/14/2018
  Memory of Chains cherryk        (More) 1/13/2018
 After His Death norman        (More) 1/13/2018
 Strength of Heart cherryk        (More) 1/13/2018
 Silence is Surely Golden Derena        (More) 1/12/2018
 Think Good Thoughts Derena        (More) 1/11/2018
 STAY FOCUS ( Quatern ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/11/2018
 THE BIBLE TELLS (Mirrored Hourglas ) ladydp2000        (More) 1/11/2018

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Love The Answer

LOVE, the answer to each unsolved question,
YOUR Abba, in His mercy, kindness gives,
ENEMIES transformed by love's accession,
AND peace shall reign, our Saviour Jesus, lives.
PRAY earnestly and with a contrite heart,
FOR those who'd wish you ill at every turn,
THOSE who'd have you meekly fall apart,
WHO trouble in their lives cannot discern.
PERSECUTE not one, let your light shine,
YOU represent the Lord, His love divine.

Quote (upper case) : Matthew 14:23

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