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The Outsiders

The Outsiders

No love or respect for the outsider kind
that hold their heart in their hands
and enjoy the sounds that make them dance

we, the frustrated and young at heart
old in mind, infused with art
are fed up and annoyed at those who made us paranoid,
who kicked us out of the line
we, the intelligent ones of time
simply caress the idea of sublime
we are of stars that are never seen
we are ones of service that are never worshipped
we are the heros that are simply unnoticed
and the ones who have wilder dreams and ideas
we are the theatrical leaders and natural artists

Yes, we are the ones who are absolutely temptatious
the overwhelmingly rebellious,
we are the ones who fight the hardest
the ones who never give up
and bend time like the tardis

we are the ones who will never give up
the ones who care and give all that we build up
we're the ones who create and protect
life to us, is like a project

we are the lovers stuck in a fiery passion
we're the ones who show the most compassion
even if we look on the outside like hell itself
we are privileged to give a hand and help

We are the philanthropists
and the melancholic opportunists
the courages optimistics
we are the poor
the ill, the weak, the steel
the goths, the punks, the meek
the damn best kind of scum
the giving and the ugly
the beautiful and fugly
the rejected, neglected
the spawns of hell
the best of heaven
and the rebel yells
we are the lost and the found
and we have found in ourselves
we are the leaders of ourselves
and the lovers of the damned
the clinging to neglected hands
the ones who are there
because we understand

We are the spiders
the twisted writers
we are the old-timers
we're the outsiders.

By Larna Kira Kourtis AKA LkSkyFlyRose

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