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The whispers could be heard, my heart was pounding!
Who do we all think we are!?
Laughing at others, turning up our noses.

Look at us! LOOK AT US!
Self appointed goody-goodies!

It took all I had to remain silent!
We were all having lunch,
Friends, colleagues, strangers, and clients
The whole resembling' bunch!

She walked in wearing platform heels
She sat down next to me, kind as could be,
Everyone was staring at her height, forget the meals
They were staring at the man she use to be..

Her head held high, confident that most people were wry
Oh, I just wanted to cry, not for her, but for everybody else,
All the way up to the surface I did cry inside
Im so tired of all the stereotypical ostentatious felt!

Do we sleep better,
And oh so soundly after a roll in whispering taunts
Completely, conveniently misplacing our own faults!?
Each, and everyone of us are an outcast!
We talk about others as if we have been granted self perfection.
We are excavators of the human spirit!
Poop disturbers, dis members, blind blunderers.
Self appointed prissy prudes! Judge and jurors!
Always playing God!

We're a mess!
We are so afraid to feel good..about somebody else..
That we are more than happy to hand over our faults, our resemblance..
through negative reaction to another living soul.

When will we stop?
When will we all finally get utterly tired
of all the negative vibes that we
all have been putting out into the world against one another,
so that we may have the world in which we all dream of?

Even The Lord gives a little Thunder and Lightning now and then!
Every day can not be all sunshine, and roses.
How eles could we have the possibility of change? :)

Thank you for the understanding that this is just a poem,
no anger was applied. And for the private replies.

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