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In The Day Of The Divine.

I envision a day in the future when I depart this mortal reality; so many instant questions to ask

why, once again why was a born into a family of 3 born under the sign of Gemini, the sign of a mind

set of

going in two different directions at the same time. The humor shown by them is most self centered,

its ok to humor one's self, but, it gets tiresome due to its juvenile nature over time. I'm I to suppose

as said to me by my younger brother once 'you are so strong in nature' I ask for what purpose does


strength serve me, to be bonded to them is my/was my heart's quest. We carry so many burdens

across time and space, many times it is the alone mode, strange the group Enigma wrote 'man is

the dream of the Dolphin' or is this a sink or swim reality to be answered..............

In The Day Of The Divine.

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