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After the Storm

After the storm comes the calm;
The devastation left in it's wake
will remain in the hearts and minds
of those who were affected by the
damage it created.

The hands on the clock do not stop.
Who can bring life back again?
Who can make it whole?
Who can fill the chasm in the aftermath?

When we say,”Peace and Safety”,
Are we certain there will be no storms?
Who will shelter you in these perilous times?
Where can we hide? We are never safe.

What ere betide, in this troubled dwelling place,
where we reside,
Know that God is at the helm;
He is the great physician.
He is the balm that heals the wounds.

We can know that God's hand is on our back;
After all is said and done, time heals the wounds;
Scars left reminds us of what once was.

Only time can put the pieces back
together again.
Nothing will be the same.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler

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