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My favorite things...well...are NOT things at all.
Like friends who come over to give me a call.
With steaming hot coffee to sip by the fire,
And good books to read just before I retire.

The laughter of children is high on my list,
With pink little cheeks that just yearn to be kissed.
The voice of my soulmate still fills me with joy,
And likewise the sight of my girl and my boy.

The view from a mountain I've strenuously climbed,
And tree tops soft blowing by natures' design.
The sound of fresh snow crunching 'neath my own feet,
Awakens my spirit and I hardly can speak!

Well...I can't forget the BEST thing of all...
Is reading my Bible and hearing God's call!
When this life is over...I'll have no regrets.
I'll live with HIM always and THAT is the best!

The All Stars Challenge with Debera
Challenge phrase: ''my favorite things''
Challenge phrase used:
My favorite things...well...are NOT things at all.

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