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When I saw you walking
Through the park the other day,
The years rolled back for sure
I spoke but you looked the other way.

I guess you didn't recognise me
With dark glasses and a beard,
Funny you haven't changed much
It's me I suppose I do look a bit weird.

Some people change more than others
But you shouldn't judge by what they wear,
What age they are or look like is trivial really
It's what is inside and how much they care.

That doesn't change with time or clothes
You broke my heart when we were young,
But I found forgiveness in my heart
We had everything we were only on the first rung.

And when I saw you walking in the park
I suddenly thought how things could have been,
I thought we were so much in love you and I Fiona
But you preferred someone else and spoilt the dream.

I don't want to talk about the past anymore
That's many years ago I believe in fate,
I can't stop thinking about you since I saw you
Please come out to dinner before it's too late.

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