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Photographic Screens

Blankets covering evening with quiet solace and beginnings
of contemplation, a fullness, an essence, opening up it's
blossoms to fresh scents of nighttime air.

Wafting along, tantalizing my mind with new and exciting
adventures and discoveries, ideas being uncovered and taken
up into the universe just to be blessed with special graces
from above.

Heaven creating places of safety for beauty of nature and
mankind as it contemplates prayerfully, the holiness of
our environment and planet.

Beautiful and SUCCINCT, subject to nothing evil or unjust,
finding pathways leading into the night, taking us into the
deepest parts of nature.

There expecting the impossible, gathering ideas into
particles of imagination as they are strewn upon the photo-
graphic screens of this interior mind and intellect.

The Potpourri of Poetry Challenge (POP)
#5 succinct

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