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Thought it would be a new better journey
Choosing here and not there
With all the hurt and drama there
It is all the same no matter where
Same cycles and outcomes
Same ending in the story
Whether I end it with crimson red or a different road
Dark and weary either way it goes
Staying strong for the one true that holds the key
Will conquer anything with her no matter if it kills me first
Final show, final mask
No more hiding and running
Standing for the final round
Will it be the end or a new beginning
Done with all that I was chosen to fill
Resent holds heavier everyday for thy had the warnings
Same road travel with the same end
Last hope in this end will change
For there is nothing left or to give
More darken and lost but can't say it's more
Just building with everything that comes it's way
More cold and broken
For I know the journey
There will be more than one causalities along the way
Innocent will endure the pain that I leave behind
Hopefully will be put to rest for this wicked soul
Memories no longer overflowing in tears
Putting a end to the battle from decades ago
Floating to the beyond which no one knows
Secluded in the safeness that has always been true
Only thy mind can make it work for the heart is dead

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