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These Boots

These boots,
Have walked through water, dirt and oil.
These boots,
Are won by one who has felt the earth strain and toil.

These boots,
Are worn by one who climbs up and down off tables,
These boots,
Are worn by someone who often wonders if they’re able.

These boots,
Don’t always fit well,
These boots,
Have climbed countless stairs, rail by rail.

These boots,
Have trod over dirt, in a foreign land,
These boots,
Have carried equipment to people they couldn’t understand.

These boots,
Have walked a beat, for miles and miles,
These boots,
Through cold, through heat, through tears and through smiles.

These boots,
Have knelt before the altar of a friend gone too soon,
These boots,
Have caught the tears of their owner, who just had no more room.

These boots.

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