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A Leaf In The Wind

T'was here within this paradise, I found in balmy breeze
A blanket cloaked impressions of matters I believed
I was poised within quiescence of cavern vestibules
Before a hostile wind inhaled and forced circling of whirlpools.

A gush wafted felicity, to where winds of change would sail.
Swirling round about the skies I dreamed, but followed empty trails.
On a hunch I dared to float to an untroubled place content...
For wind thus far had carried me...spellbound yet certain for descent.

When the wind died down I drifted onto placid waters where I saw...
reflections that surrounded where the mirror of the mind had drawn.
Imaginings must come to grips with every journey, so it seems...
To abide in flight of mere impression... is to beseech elusive dreams.

The trails that I have followed? I lost sight of where they went....
I fix my gaze upon these stately trees and what their splendor represents...
They stand above the mirrored floor of calm or rippling, awake.
Like a protective barrier, a bulwark sheltering the truth n'er to forsake.


Hostess, Myrna

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