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Army of Lost Ones

Holding on to ourselves
We can’t get along
Reality’s truth is a deafening song

Overgrown pathways
Clouded skies
We don’t look each other in the eyes

Slowly treading along
Tomorrow’s dream is a far away place
We can’t keep sight, we leave no trace

Burning every bridge we come across
Each aglow with a burning, white fire
Milestones in our diminished empire

Echo of the past
A small, quiet laugh
We all stop to look
But no one can grasp
Was it really what we heard?
No one spoke a word
Just stared in shock
Our eyes filled with hurt
We saw the entirety of it all
We hadn’t realized the impact of the fall
Locking eyes with one another
All thinking the exact same thought
Nothing is ever what it seems
Deception is tied in at the seams
Such is the journey of life
But no one knows what it means

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