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 Are the Worst panther811        (More) 7/29/2016
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 Try Walking In My Shoes Emotionalman        (More) 7/24/2016
 TURN TO CHRIST poetalthomas        (More) 7/22/2016
 Rekindly No Sin panther811        (More) 7/22/2016
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 Grandpa  zacharyk        (More) 7/9/2016
  ' Afraid To Go ' mystery Angel        (More) 7/9/2016
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 COME TO ME poetalthomas        (More) 7/5/2016
 Be the Bigger Man brown_linda        (More) 7/2/2016

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Are the Worst

Procrastination, against the future I will borrow.
Never do today what I can put off till tomnorrow.
Those things which I find pleasurable come first.
Those things, 'it's now or never', are the worst.

it's now or never

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