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~Every Rejection~

Every Rejection

A young girl,so homely, bruised knees and I was made fun of day after day.
I was 'the cootie kid' that school mates would avoid or tease without mercy.
My stories and fears all lean back to those troubled times and frayed nerves.
I felt like the grapes of everyones' wrath and hatred was upon my shoulders.
It's true, we were all just babies and children can be cruel, I know that now.
My responses and those still painful scars are never erased from my memory.
I watch flocks of birds here as one leader flies and they follow harmoniously.
I keep trying to sort out these haunting insecurities that scream in my mind
''I can't be your friend!'' or ''Here she comes, the cootie kid, don't touch her!'
It was as though I had a contagious disease; so I still cope as best as I can...

reposted for those who tell the coots and cootie kids in the world

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music courtesy of kenny g

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