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Poem To Enjoy

My words flowed free and easy, falling soft on receptive ears.
Was a passage to manhood, no longer now a boy.
I nibbled breathed faster, her movements allayed any fears.
Was an enchanted evening, a love poem to enjoy.

Like Shakespeare, praised sparkling eyes there in the night.
Long flaxen hair was aglow, be my Helen of Troy.
Cyrano tall in his boots, each phrase and inflection just right.
Was an enchanted evening, a love poem to enjoy.

I knew she was mine in that moment, the best was yet to come.
Tenderly I caressed her, cast a spell like a good ploy.
We passed the night in magic, in the morning greeted the sun.
Was an enchanted evening, a love poem to enjoy.

I'll recite ever word every phrase, clear and concise in my brain.
Memory warm within me, old man time can't destroy.
I'll describe each and every emotion, warned don't ask the name.
Was an enchanted evening, a love poem to enjoy.

I learned that night what in the future I would employ.
Was an enchanted evening, a love poem to enjoy.

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