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Humans stop living like fireless cavemen

Poetry meets song..
in the night
with phrases like that
and always gonna shine
phrases ringing over
the dull drone is getting loud
can't quite quiet it down
already know the game
but mass sanity has waned
some people have grown
but most have just changed
and gotten limited
and demented
forgotten the world, the flow, the people,
and moved into their own little detached cave

In the morning
another ride
sunrise sky
will have to wait
a late get up
a naked die
I hope not this time
Plug in
Stay thankful
and not tempt fate

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
or not
a golden phone just got
handed out on a dimly lit street
and a grandiose explanation to boot
the rabbit's muddled trail is in my dust
on this night
and lines like ..ride on
and.. feel the love in the air

Never wanted to go anywhere
except this quaint neighborhood
where everyone's really with it,
and nice

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