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once around this life

when the days grow short
i will set my coffee upon the wooden rail
and ponder
when father time will prevail

and when it grows cold
i will pour out the grounds of my life
and notice
that i have gone from more to less
and then i will measure
the times i failed
against the times i enjoyed success

and of these days i wonder
if im just old and tired
Or if im older and wiser

at last knowing where the bar has been set
having now arrived at the point
where i can finally say what i meant

now i hold close that its time
that with most seasons ive had my way
but alas, i welcome winter
knowing that we are not friends
for you have cracked my hands
and weathered my skin

once around this life
is enough
dare i say
without contemplating or reducing it
to mere losing or winning
but rather the irony
that with all the thought and contemplation
we find the end
so much like the beginning.

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