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the bones of a good love

you left this town with little or no regret
people moved in and people moved out
some you loved but most unmet
and i guess you could say
a few remained true
we had the bones of a good love
but what we did with it
i havenít a clue

how many times
did you shout your name to the sky
threatening to run
while i turned a blind eye

we had the bones of a good love
and the heart to see it through
i donít know what happened
and should i blame me
or should i blame you

the bones of a good love
something strong enough for some
we never got that far out the gate
and iím not sure we were ever in love

and someday soon
you know iíll recover
collect my thoughts and iíll be ok
iím not saying thatís good
and iím not saying thatís bad
iím just saying the bones of a good love
is something we once had

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