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Our Empty House

Our Empty House

As I open the door
And step inside once more
The air is very chilling
Saying she won't be here no more

Though she's not around
Her perfume lingers in the air
But there's something she forgot
She forgot how much I still care

Where she's gone this time
One can only take a guess
But there is no doubt about it
She's left this heart a mess

She said her love was dying
But I begged her to give it time
Though she said there was no use
She forgot about the love that shines

As I walk through the house
Memories flowing as tears run down
She left things lying here and there
My heart makes me feel like a clown

It's feels like a prison here now
This house no longer feels like a home
I just want to pack up a few things
And take off on a long journey roam

But if I did she might come back
Running back to my open arms here
Feeding me her lines once again
With her eyes and smile full of cheer

I'll be praying for her tonight
God knows I won't get any sleep
As I lay there on my pillow
Tears will cover the vision of sheep

Oh what will I do without her
How will I ever love again
To break a heart this bad
Has to be some kind of sin

All I have left to do now
Is pray to the Lord above
That He sends back my Angel
And loves me with her precious love

Written 8/17/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
2018 (All rights reserved)

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