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Colors danced around you
You looked so cool
You knew it
Didn't you?

I trip over my feet
Sighing in defeat
They all stared
But you chose me

Staying headstrong
We didn't get along
Getting so frustrated
When I'd hear the songs
You showed to me
I knew I'd never be able to listen to them again
Without being able to get you out of my head
So I gave in
You knew I would
Didn't you?

Remembering the night
We were neglecting of time
My eyes found yours
Your thoughts found mine

This is what I've kept
This is what you'll get
Is this really happening?
Did you get to my head?

Allowing you to see
It was my first mistake
You saw where I was weak
You saw what I would need

This quiet girl in the crowd
You kept me looking down
Wrapped your hands around my throat
Told me to try and breathe now

Telling me to stay calm
But I'm a ticking time bomb
I've seen this all before
Tell me you don't belong
Just say it already
You knew we weren't meant to work anyway
We're too different for each other in our own ways
We're night and day
You knew it all the same
Didn't you?

You left me so dumbfounded
Trying to recollect what happened
Staring in the mirror
Unable to recognize my own self

It's what you wanted
It's how you stay alive
Make a mess of others
Just to feel satisfied

It's okay
It's my mistake
I fell for your game
I fell as your prey
But I'm okay
I've accepted the changes
I've made my own way
I knew this would come someday
You knew it too
Didn't you?

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