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Are u back again?

it was as the psychic predicted
with her sudden call
unexpected, uncanny
I said I thought of him

yesterday, and is it because
he sometimes thinks of me?
like we are telepathically connected?
she said yes, but for right now

don't-I said but I miss him
she said she knows
but let it be...just let it be
so I am...

life is strange- I wish I knew
better but I don't
but of course
life is more fun that way

more cryptic, and that's what makes it
life, I suppose...
as for my new old friend
he is a good one

take care of the relationship of this one
she said, he is a good person
very similar in personality to you
that's why you guys get along so well...

okay, I was always good to see her
I have been praying for you, she said
I know, I said...and I feel much better
my life is going smoothly without drama

like a well-oiled machine
the past is the past
and I have to continue to look forward
my friend is special to me

I care for him very much
but I cannot forget the other one
he is still special to me too
so I made her promise to watch over

him, for his safety, she said she knows
so I bid my farewell and rushed out
into the sweltering heat
and grabbed an iced latte

at my favorite place
before donning on my sunglasses
and heading into the afternoon traffic
radio blasting and made my way homeward...

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