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It Will Take A Miracle!

It Will Take A Miracle

It will take a miracle for me
to lower my defenses
To believe that someone else
see's more than a conquest

I dare to believe, to dream
waiting for someone's smile
To look into their eyes and
feel myself getting lost

I want to feel my heart race
I want to feel their kiss
I want to hear them whisper
Iím all they've dreamed of

I see others in love and I know
that what they share is strong
I want my cake and to eat it too
am I asking of much?

If only they knew I feel as nervous
as unsure and insecure
Dare I dream of those magical words
'I love you dear'?

Life's lessons learned came at a high
price, but Iíve paid the debt in full
So now I wait, sometimes impatiently
for the sign that they are the one

© 2005 Raymond Cook (All rights reserved)

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