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Spitted Out Recipes

It is you who viciously stabbed me,
Yet bleeding you pretended to be;
You might manage to fool,
Those that donít have a clue,
But I see you dimwittedness,
Mingle in your cruelty Ė evident witness!

You threaten to stab me to death,
For the injustice that unearth;
You haul curses and threats ballistic at me,
You witching toxic gigantic bee!
Are these the qualities you fell with from the blue,
And expect me to love you?

Why do you get infuriated,
When I point out the wrongs you marinated?
Why do you proclaim your plight to cleave,
Yet you want me to fund your flight to leave?
Why didnít you plan for your desirable estate?
Am I your disposition for your miserable fate?

If you desire amity peace,
Deal with others in proximity with peace;
With what manner of treaty you allocate,
Others will in trite reciprocate;
Savagely broiling twitted delicacies,
Have to be spitted out recipes.

DATE: 25-01-2018
© 2018 Potpher C. Mbulo (All Rights Reserved)

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