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Your love is carefree and distained
It is not now where it once remained,
It is in my sorrow that I thus view this
My love for you is not in morrows kiss.

For now, my love is cold and leaden
No warmth, no smile, no wedding,
Why have you forsaken me for another?
This was not foretold to me by a brother.

Why could you not in this deed of dark embrace
Thus have courage and told me to my face?
My eyes mist over I gave to you my life
My dreams shattered you were going to be my wife.

Have you no feelings of hurt or remorse
Is it me that drove you to this course?
Let me love you not his cheap embrace
I thus beg you, we'll move from this place.

Have you no feelings at all for my needs?
Do not torture me my heart bleeds,
For if not thus I will go, never to plead again
I will die I no not where or when.

For thus my life will be like a broken shell
That has been trodden upon and sent to hell,
Because of infatuation greed and sex
They have totally left me dark and perplexed.

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