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I didn't forget to love her
It just faded with the light,
We didn't forget love
It just faded with the night.

Like the shadows on the wall
It still lingered in the shade,
Hidden in the candlelight
It gradually whispered to fade.

We still talked and laughed
We even cried for a while,
It hurt a lot the pain of it
But we both knew not to reconcile.

It could never be love anymore
Too much water had gone under the bridge,
It was just a memory of what could have been
It was a winter of discontent a steep ridge.

A ridge of life neither wanted to climb
A reality of life that had run it's time,
A time you either win or lose your sanity
Friends warn you but you still sink in the slime.

The reality of life was once a happy path
Where you loved and slept quite sound,
Where the patter of tiny feet could once be heard
Now there was no noise only silence to be found.

In your solitude your thoughts are many
There are no hugs or kisses or tiny feet,
Only whispers from the candlelight shadows
Where once their was a lot of joy and love to greet.

In remembrance of those happy times
I take a photo from the wall,
The only picture I will have of my kids
I will cherish it with love, until they come to call.

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