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love me

Rip me apart like you did

My heart and

Tear me, then bite me

Spit on me don't spite me

Hurt me in anyway you want to

Donít ignore me

Donít pretend I donít exist

Donít say you love another

When your juices are still wet around my mouth.

Donít linger in my head when you donít even want to be around me

Come back. Let me

Grip your back then lift you.

Slam you down then rift you.

Let me be as raw as you want me to be.

And then once again.

Taste me. Feed on me.

Do everything you want to do, then force me.

Donít let the only thing wet be my eyes.

When I cry after hearing our song

And then I die a little when you're gone.

Rip the flesh from my soul if it makes you feel good, but give it back to me.

Give it to me.

Donít leave me.

I want to be the only thing you ever see.

But I know, when you go, Iím gone from your mind.

Your mine. I need you to be mine.

He doesnít love you.

Not like me. He wouldnít break his ribs apart

And give his only heart to you.

Why canít you see me.

Love me, donít shove me aside

Bruise me but donít use me inside

Hear my scream when you face me

Staring deep inside when you deface me

The day will come when you break my heart

So much that I will be broken. Maybe then stay awoken.

From this paralytic catatonic state that you constantly leave me in.

Like a stoke

My words are slurred.

My eyes still bleed salt.

They stain the chests of all women I have after you.

They make my vision blurred enough to make me believe that they are you.

And then I use them, and play with their heart

The way you played with mine.

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