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 “WHY CRY” The_Pip2        (More) 9/16/2019
 “WHY CRY” The_Pip2        (More) 9/16/2019
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New born babies gasp and cry,
for without breath they would die.
A new life now is on its’ way.
God gave another life that day.

A gift we parents now can love,
this precious gift from God above.
We give thanks for this new born one;
this gift from Gods’ very own son.

We adults have so much to learn,
that the Lord offers us in return.
If we will give our life to Him,
He’ll forgive and take away our sin.

This God-man, born to have a throne,
but chose to die instead alone.
We read Gods’ word still asking why?
Then, our entire being starts to cry.


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