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The prayer wheels still turn.

His feathers whispered with the sea
So many places he could be,
And in his eyes life’s mirrors swim
Just parts of his celestial hymn,
Across his forehead, many trails
From desert paths to white ship’s sails,
And from his radiated peace
Soft drifting chants that never cease.

He knew the world was like his faith
A swirling tumbling mystic wraith
That whispered as his Prayer wheels spun
A rendezvous of rain and sun
That painted rainbows on his face
Those patterns from a sacred place
That gave him comfort, gave him calm
Protected him from pain and harm.

He felt life’s fluttering pages turn
So much to read, so much to learn
So much to take from twisting roads
So many ways to lighten loads,
And as he walked through mile on mile
His mouth glowed with a thoughtful smile
Irradiating all he knew
From dull and dark to bright and true.

His chanted prayers reached through life’s shade
Repairing souls that dim and fade
So heavenly the rhythmic sway
That brought his words to every day,
And through the dark his soul reached out
To every prayer and every shout
To soothe and bind their innocence
With humble faith and reverence…

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