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5 Runs is all they needed

Daddy took his son to the ballgame
Just the other day and he held up 5 Fingers
and said Daddy this is how many runs they need to win
and in the home half of the seventh a 5 spot came in

and the Pirates got the Win 5 - 2 on a sunny afternoon
I can tell the Kids were excited to be at the ballgame
They and snacks and drinks with cotton candy
Sticky fingers a little paper towels handy

They invited me to come along I brought my camera
For great picture fun and I did get some
Kids Baseball parents family and friends
I got them all having the time of their life's

At the summer fest the Pirates game
America's Best past time MLB
A warm summer's night
With lots of fans alike

Loving baseball is the passion
Lets see a lot of baseball action
My our Pirates be winners tonight
Be the best they can be in this country

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