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A Christmas Wish Father Christmas

A Christmas Wish

Dear Father Christmas

Come visit my castle
Make my dreams come true
No more sorrow no more Death
No more wars Peace in every nation

Father Christmas Being my Gran Children to me
Put many presents under their tree
Make them as happy as can be
I tell them all the toys came for you

Father Christmas You're the Man
Father Christmas you can't catch me
I want to live forevermore
and celebrate Christmas every day

Like it was yesterday and the day before
Happy faces I would see in my home
and all around the town Christmas cheer
We will share and much love to be found

So tonight Father Christmas come to my castle
Bring a bright smile cheer up the children
May the presents overflow
Dear Father Christmas Make this season shine

Father Christmas That's all I want for Christmas
Have I made myself clear
Can you make it come true
So this world won't be so blue

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