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Dear auntie doe doe

was a cold winter y evening and Christmas tree hunting was on the agenda
mom and dad, auntie Ruth, were on their way to the Christmas farm
we all took a different root looking for that special tree, for the kids and dear old Santa.

We found some nice plump and tall beauties to be much proud of
but auntie Ruth was no where in site.
We heard some commotion in front of the farm
so ran to the front of the store, that dark winters night

there sat aunt Ruth in a police car talking a mile a minute
all eyes on her now, wondering what was going on,
we saw a small plump Christmas tree in front of the police car,
we called to auntie Ruth, but she didn't respond.

the officer was busy trying to figure out the story auntie just told
She seen a sign that said' free' by the front wooden door
above the Christmas trees, so immediately dragged one to the car
under free was small letters, saying ... free stand with purchase of a tree

well dear auntie Ruth, ravished in her looks, didn't wear her glasses
the charges of trying to steal a tree, were dropped that night
the officer made her promise, to wear the glasses to improve her sight.

to this day forward, a new name for auntie had arose,
shes respectfully now called, auntie doe doe

and glasses fashionably worn)

( true story, but many other stories that earned her that name)

host ..Pete

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