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 I Sold My Soul To The Devil randy-johnson        (More) 10/28/2014

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I will allow the group into the paddock, this is good n'es par.
Scan closely horse and jockey, relish ones victory, hear the hurrah.
The beauties of the thoroughbreds can get lost easily on the track.
People think of what they've lost, or how much they're getting back.
Here where they are standing tall, walking, playing at their game.
Begin to feel their power, sense their ego, know they're not the same.
Rear hoof to their flank, front hoof to the eyes. all say they are boss.
Each and everyone of them, the model for Micheal Angelo's 'Horse'.
Know these steeds who nobly race, give their best with all their heart.
Know the men that race them, know a fool and his money soon will part.

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