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 A BEGINNING  Bengieske        (More) 11/28/2014
 darkening sorrow  jan oskar hansen        (More) 11/28/2014
 Reminiscence of yesteryear Rose Marie Streeter        (More) 11/28/2014
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 Take flight! Robert Corey        (More) 11/27/2014
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 Nature's Answer Fleur        (More) 11/27/2014
 FULL WORTH The_Pip        (More) 11/27/2014
 black ghettoes  jan oskar hansen        (More) 11/27/2014
 Raging Sea Sherrysofair        (More) 11/27/2014
 Secrets In The Wind Sherrysofair        (More) 11/27/2014
 Turbulent Voyage Sherrysofair        (More) 11/27/2014
 Brink lotusmoon        (More) 11/27/2014
 THINKING BACK hollydar        (More) 11/27/2014
 Peace ...the caged dream cambridge_train        (More) 11/27/2014
 It Seems That Way Gracie_B        (More) 11/26/2014
 The Thing tThat Is Called Love Adriana        (More) 11/26/2014
 Most Greatful JacieStralkoDuca        (More) 11/26/2014
 Maisie mizclaws        (More) 11/26/2014
 Happy Thanksgiving  Sherrysofair        (More) 11/26/2014
 Cherrylove AbbasEwe        (More) 11/26/2014
 The Thanksgiving We Won't Forget Rawland        (More) 11/26/2014
 Unforgettable Short and Sweet 16 SuperSlimJim        (More) 11/26/2014
 Every Unforgettable Moment  Myrna D.        (More) 11/26/2014
 Beyond Your Call Of Duty? JacieStralkoDuca        (More) 11/26/2014
 Bad Winter marvin goldfarb        (More) 11/26/2014
 Stargazing again. WHITBYPOET1        (More) 11/26/2014
 Happy Thanksgiving to you deeny107        (More) 11/26/2014

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Trust must be the beginning
Resting on a firm foundation
Useless to live just breathing
Sanguine, life with good choices
Truth must be the foundation

Bernard Gieske, Nov. 28, 2014

The Take Five Challenge using:
trust, beginning, live, breathing, choices,

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