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A fragment of forever.

Just a fragment of forever
Inseminated in your look,
Like a softly spoken picture
In a golden scripture book,
Where the pages of remembrance
Have been written with my pen,
Though I know it changes nothing
I still gently say Amen.

Just a pause between existence
And the dreams that still return,
Of every way you smiled at me
When I just couldn’t learn,
Sometimes when one and one make three
And poetry turns grey,
I search the stars that searched my soul
Before I walk away.

Just a blank page in a notebook
Where life’s poetry cannot reach,
Though it cries within the darkness
Still it cannot see to teach,
All of those intermingled verses
Whispered in stanza yesterdays,
Even though the sun is shining
It is so cold in many ways.

The softness of a loving heart
Can make forever smile again,
And precious words from gentle souls
Stay warm within life’s cold and rain,
Along our beach sweet poetry
Is washed up on life’s golden sands,
To explain that really all in all
So much life really understands…

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