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Belief is such a force of nature that it changes how we feel
It can drag us from the doldrums and make time for us to heal,
It can take us through the darkness and lead us out into the light
And if even then we cannot see, it gives us second sight,
If we feel a dream so strongly, it can make the dream come true
For it is at the apex of everything we need to do,
It bends a Prayer into an anthem of another newborn dawn
Then it guides us through our seasons from the moment they are born.

There is no such thing as failure if we really do believe
Just step by step conceptions of the things we can achieve,
All those sentiments of something that we thought was long since gone
Are still waiting for a chatelaine to hang our dreams upon,
And if every religion Prayed to just one God alone
Instead of war we’d raise our hearts to Gods celestial tone,
Then we’d believe within our hearts a song that’s meant for all
And in the sweetness of his grace we’d listen to his call.

Belief makes friends of enemies and turns hate into love
Let Amen be our calling card to say to him above,
For smiles of truth are stronger than so many bombs and guns
They give reassurances of life to all our many sons,
Believe in sermons bathed in love and eyes reflecting peace
And hopefully there’ll come a time when all our sorrows cease,
It matters not the names we say, or of the hymns we sing
Believe in Angels by our side, and of the joys they bring…

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