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A time in my life I won't forget

I was working in a restaurant I
was only sixteen. This handsome
soldier came in and sat down
next to me.

We struck up a conversation,
we talked for awhile, he seemed
to be an awful nice guy, but I
was nervous I'm only sixteen
no dates except in high school.

I never had been to a ballgame
and besides I didn't know this
guy he looks nice enough, but
I had been taught to watch who
you go out with, my Mom said
you never know if you don't know
them you can get into trouble
you see.

I told him no I couldn't go I had
to go home after work. After he
left I had a single moment of
regret, now what would it hurt
for me to go to the ballgame
with this guy. I have wondered
is this the one who got away.
Actually the one for me.

Word painting for Brian
Author Clara Case ( Deen )

October 17 2018
By deeny107
© 2018 deeny107 (All rights reserved)

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