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Life is Worth Working On

Being your own worse enemy
will never feed the soul, all you'll
do is hide away in a place where
pity only grows.

Bringing yourself down, never
seemed to count, you made
your bed, now you sleep in
darkness made by you alone.
Your not alone, though! THINK!

You are God's child, he made
you filled with love, only you
didn't take the time to see your
own true value.

It is so easy to run another down
when it makes you happy to
see a frown, it seems to me you
need to learn, the depth of life
and how priceless it is.

Before one can walk, you have
to crawl, to know yourself is a
chore, before your light begins to
radiate, you must reach within
your own heart, fixing the broken

It does not hurt another as it
does, to face the truth, life is
a struggle, one has to try to make
it work, it will not do it by itself.

So don't bring those around you down
you'll only be hurting yourself in the
end, with fear, you caused yourself
so much doubt, not giving a care, the
real harm your doing yourself.

You always say, you can't be bothered
what a way to kiss life's treasure, never
carrying, about no one, but yourself, your
the one who misbehaves, so don't go
stealing another's smile.

(If one will not bother to work on themselves
they will drown in there own self pity...One
must be positive to bring out the light)

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