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 Love and understanding DavidRankinLymn        (More) 2/27/2017
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 Right Into You Debera        (More) 2/27/2017
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 Get it done deeny107        (More) 2/27/2017
 WOULD ANYBODY CARE hollydar        (More) 2/27/2017
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 Beyond Buhen KANEIX        (More) 2/26/2017
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 CAN I WRITE? The_Pip        (More) 2/26/2017
 When My Parents Died SuperSlimJim        (More) 2/26/2017
 The Bringer mizclaws        (More) 2/26/2017
 OUR PRECIOUS WORLD hollydar        (More) 2/26/2017

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Love and understanding

Love and understanding is needed

Not only for a day

Put negativity to one side

No matter, come what may

and nestle together forever more.

Take five challenge

Needed, Not, Negativity, no, nestle

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