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'Natures Place'


'Natures Place'

A place where you feel the silence deep inside
And only to the animals
You talk and confide...

A place where your thoughts are ever so clear
As you watch that doe
With her fawn so near...

As you sit upon that rock and listen to that sound
Hearing it come closer
With a leap and a bound...

Your heart pounding and looking everywhere
And who should you now see
But your funny old bear...

He stops looks at you then walks away
These are my memories
Of yesterday...

Sitting out near the edge of the pond
Looking out
Far and beyond...

Watching as two moose splash and play
Natures beauty
Is here to stay...

Barefoot running through the woods all alone
No internet
Or even a phone...

This is the way that life should be as you embrace
True beauty
In natures place.....................


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