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Here She Is, Again!

She is one guest we never shun!
Dont we wish her yearly visits come closer;
Not just once or twice but year long?

Alas! Nature doesnt let it happen
You dont have time to waste and complain
Come on outside and bow to her!

She is adorned by Nature herself,
Bejeweled in glorious colors in abundance;
A blushing bride, demure, no less.

Her prompt stay is short but sweet;
Keeps us drenched in her paradisiac scent
Lets us be in a euphoric state.

I cant just be so selfish anymore.
Hiding back her name is all too impossible;
Her incense precedes her appearance.

She bids you good bye once again,
Promising to return next year without fail,
A hope for us to live for another year,

Whispering in our ears, her name, Autumn.

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