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Birdsong Sunset Chorus

Bird song sunset chorus,
Is it for themselves or do they share with all us.
Surely they know we can hear,
Smiling when their sound ping’s ear.
Seeing from the corner of those eyes.
Our happy presence may even influence how they try?
Could tweet speech say?
familiarity holds the sway.

Cacophony of contemplation
Counting everything that has been, what is and will be fun.
Inter species communication.
Joy to every single nation.

Brash beat belts loud and clear,
can move the soul to affectionate tears.
It does not matter if you are white or black,
Whether you have head colds or wear an outside hat.
Makes no difference if skinny or fat.
The bell beak shall break through to the brain,
even crossing the boundary of the window pane.
Time for reminiscing, musings of the day.
Making peace so a good night's sleep calmly claims.

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