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May 3, 2016

the leaves, with delicate green
tempt a late May frost.

A sudden burst one day, and they are there, in a haze of - I always say chartreuse. Maybe there is another word for that shade of yellow-green. Maybe I should say, apple-jade. Maybe it is just a mood - and yet I think of frost.

early summer-spring
I watch for wild rose blossoms
in fragile cerise.

I call it summer-spring, for it explodes, almost full-blown, not two seasons, really, but one. A rush of green, a moment of cerise - of buds, then blooms, (that would be scarlet if the shade were not of pink) exuberance - of bud, then blossom, then a fade to almost white, before the petals fall and leave deep orange-umber hips. Almost a distillation of a human life, or so it seems . . .

green leaves opening
under milling gray-cloud skies
winter's breath

And yet a chill still lingers in the air. Lurking in the white snow patches on the mountainsides, there in the clouds that can't decide if they will part and let the sun shine through - or maybe snow, in some great cosmic joke upon the mortals here below. (Though humor of the greater force of the universe, escapes my mortal mood, here so close to the dry dun sod, with its first sprigs of green.) But I have seen frost come, sometimes, in first soft-blue days of June.

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