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 Autumn Starlight1        (More) 9/27/2014

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This phoenix spreads its wings and rises
A time of new things and surprises
Bringing about the demise of snow
Once more to let rivers flow
Gives clothes to once naked trees
Provides flowers for adventurous bees
Leaves smells to make the morning new
Crystal remnants as glistening dew
Warmer days as more time spent
In outdoor pursuits indulgent
Start of longer hours of light
Stars glow for a lesser time each night
Sun raises its head more and more
Above smooth white clouds, new birds soar
Returning from their winter sojourn
New beginnings, break of dawn
Soothing smells from fields on breeze
Promising much as Spring days tease
This phoenix rises and all are prepared
For the months to come and the joys to share

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