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The summit stirs the frozen air,
As I stand all alone.
These mountain peaks that hold my heart,
Are those I call my home.

The Never Summer Mountain Range
Which lifts my spirits high,
Cause one to weep with gratefulness...
It's almost like a sigh.

This spectacle of majesty
Designed by God's Own Hand,
Can help the weak and hopeless soul
With understand.

Perchance if I am reticent
To speak upon the wind,
Or sing a song of peace toward
The curve around the bend...

It is because I am in awe
Of all I see and hear.....
While angels whisper lovely things
To ease my mortal fears!

All Stars Challenge with Myrna D (Myrna)
Challenge Phrase: ''a song of peace''

Phrase used:

Or sing a song of peace toward
the curve around the bend...

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