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Dreaming My Way to Spring

When I was a child…in my dreams…I loved to fly…
I would fly aimlessly…above the trees and over the fields of green,
Enjoying the beauty of the flowers that seemed to be everywhere…
For those were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.

So when the long days of Winter continued to come
In my dreams I began looking for a Spring rain,
That would bring forth the timeless beauty of those flowers
And allow us to smell the sweet scent of mother earth again.

I would dream of walking barefoot in the grass
And playing games with other children till the days very end,
And when I awoke, my heart was smiling again
As I thought of Spring being just around the bend.

My dreams helped me make it through those dreary Winter days
Till Spring in all her glory actually came,
Filling the fields with budding flowers of every kind
As butterflies danced amongst them with colored wings aflame.

I look out my window at the snow coming down today
Dreaming of those Spring days to quickly come,
When I decide that it wouldn’t hurt to say a prayer to God
Asking for a little help to get Spring in all her majesty to succumb.

For the Looking For a Spring Rain Challenge

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