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 Autumn Leaves dave.wynter        (More) 10/25/2016
 A stormy night  hollydar        (More) 10/24/2016
 The Old Shed shale        (More) 10/24/2016
 Spirit of The West danielle        (More) 10/23/2016
 Let's Go For A Walk norman        (More) 10/23/2016
 Under a Mackerel Sky dave.wynter        (More) 10/22/2016
 The Spider norman        (More) 10/19/2016
 The Bandit norman        (More) 10/18/2016
 Walking at the Park shale        (More) 10/18/2016
 The Mud Crab cherryk        (More) 10/17/2016
 A PURE DELIGHT listener        (More) 10/17/2016
 Brings Us Delights panther811        (More) 10/15/2016
 Honest Onion ! assisi        (More) 10/14/2016
 WINTER'S ARRIVAL hollydar        (More) 10/12/2016
 The Pretenders Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 10/11/2016
  After The Rain II Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 10/10/2016
 Autumn Joy - Challenge Verse Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 10/9/2016
 Being Butterflies pamschwetz        (More) 10/6/2016
 THE GIFT OF COLOURS hollydar        (More) 10/6/2016
 Winter Winds = Challenge Verse Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 10/1/2016
 Waves rush in Imbedded_Crystal        (More) 9/27/2016
 Early Fall Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 9/25/2016
 If Butterflies Are Free Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 9/21/2016
 Peacefulness  shale        (More) 9/16/2016
 Being Grand panther811        (More) 9/16/2016
 Season's Change cherryk        (More) 9/14/2016
 Portrait In Scarlet Flight Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 9/10/2016
 NATURE'S GIFT hollydar        (More) 9/7/2016
 Butterfly Dance Lamar Cole        (More) 9/4/2016
 Serenades of Autumn - Challenge Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 9/1/2016

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Autumn Leaves

Leaves swirling,

colours of golden brown,

graceful pirouettes

falling down.

For Hollydar's Ten word Challenge

Eva Cassidy Autumn Leaves instrumental

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