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The River Still Runs

Each day's outward journey takes a different direction, exploring
my surroundings and the capabilities of the new, bright scarlet
mobility scooter. With a fully charged battery it is possible to
travel around thirty five kilometers, provided the terrain is neither
too rough nor steep. The paths are mostly smooth but, at times,
covered in sharp gravel, making me glad not to be travelling on
shanks' pony.*

Close to the river,
cormorant lifts high huge wings,
to dry, not threaten.

And oh, the river speaks to me, volumes of yesterday, when giant
red cedars lined its steep banks until... gubbas* came to cut them
down with the sole aim of great wealth.

Here, dank mangrove swamps
hide away long-necked turtles
and breed mosquitoes.

The river is still the best place to be on a wintery afternoon.


*gubbas...non-Aboriginal people
* travelling on shanks' pony...walking

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