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I watch through my window at the beauty of nature
As a bird gathers twigs to build its nest
I hear a quack and two ducks glide onto the lawn
To me this is true beauty at its best

The sun shines through from the sky so blue
Warming the earth where Godís flowers grow
Colours so vivid, yellows, reds and blue
This beats a Masterpiece of any artist I know

The gentle flow of the water featureís sound
Attracts lots of bird for their daily bath
As they gather together spreading their wings
The scattered water covers the path

I say a prayer of thanks for all that I see
I feel very privileged to have such a view
I wish you could be here sitting with me
But hope these words help share it with you


I tried to post a picture from my garden but wasn't quite sure how to do it , so this picture is from the internet....sorry!

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