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The love songs of Windswept Wildhare

The authority of credible natural influences

I once shot a rabbit with a 22 cal.
when I was a brain dead kid
It was just a poor little bunny rabbit

It tried to hide under a rock
You shoulda heard the poor thing scream
worse than a plane load of people

Coming straight down
Like they were in Hell
I have never forgiven myself

Let us find a way
to help this poor cruel world
from being so mean to itself

Let our aim be straight and true
as well as our I love you's
and to our hearts be true

Haiku for March 'Sprinklings of Spring

See the floating kite
singing in the pure blue sky
of sprinklings of Spring


some of these young people today Pa
just don't care about things like they should
Like getting along and helping other folks

Oh I think deep down they know Ma
There's just too many other things
Crowding in on em where their minds ought to be

They're in a hurry to be someone Pa
Like They're afraid their pie will get cold
Before they get a chance to eat it

It's the Nuclear coercion thing Ma, Duress.
It's like some itchin' disease or other
They all shoulda stayed put on the Farm

I'd rather sleep out in the hay loft Pa
Right out there in our barn
Than be a slave to fancies of fashion

How ya gonna keep em on the farm Ma
Once they see Paree?

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