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In between muses.

Misted purple silken shades drew back upon themselves again
And red rimmed eyes stared silently upon the early scattered rain,
Inside the room, the night before still lingered in embroidered shade
And candle whispers slowly died behind the promises they made,
Then oh so slowly on the air, the morning's voice came lazily
The drone of conversation met the distant crashing of the sea,
As in those weary eyes were set so many moments of each day
So many times two lovers walked upon that far off golden bay.

An ink stained hand picked up the quill, and turned over the page once more
To start again the manuscript began so many times before,
But images come slowly when the spirit feels the call of sleep
The writing was abandoned, there was still a rendezvous to keep,
And opening the hallway door, dissolving tiredness bled away
For images of once again were waiting patient on the day,
To greet the one they waited for within the morning's ageless glow
And walk together once again upon the ocean's painted flow.

They touched each other with their smiles, then strolled together hand in hand
Like soft page turning images that neither one could understand,
As parchment clouds blown in repose wrapped silently upon themselves
And on the cliff sides sea birds perched, like ornaments upon their shelves,
While time was phrased as meaningless, like grains of sand that dance around
For they both breathed as one within the whispers of their satin sound,
Then suddenly the beach was bare, for all to soon the dream was gone
And back within the parlour's womb, the manuscript was started on.

Goose quill pen strokes scattered lines with thoughts that wandered from the muse
Meandering across the page like sunlight strolling over views
Displaying panoramic scenes of once before and one more time
That breathed the manuscript alive with wondrous thoughts in painted rhyme,
As sunlight in diffusion wandered slowly over everything
There came echoes through the window of the harbour bell's far distant ring,
And the muse came dancing once again, upon a blank new vellum page
As it's writing sang so sweetly, like a songbird released from a cage…

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