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 Illuminate the shade. 33whitby4654Misc  2/20/2019
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 Justice MetaphorMisc  2/19/2019
 Towards Serenity cherrykInspirational Poems  2/19/2019
 Life is a Duck SlightlyslimerMisc  2/19/2019
 Oh Happy Place SlightlyslimerMisc  2/19/2019
 Life Has Meaning Again frogLove  2/19/2019
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 I See a Bird in a Tree ThecraigNature  2/19/2019
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 We Two David A. DoolanI Love You  2/19/2019
 Enlightenment derenaMisc  2/19/2019
 Because I Love You Moonlight FlowerLove  2/18/2019
 Free Heart derenaMisc  2/18/2019
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 Fingertips MARYT.LIVELove  2/18/2019
 The Right Moment satishvermaMisc  2/18/2019
 CREATOR poetalthomasDedications  2/18/2019
 Just For The Love Of It Moonlight FlowerHumorous Poems  2/18/2019
 Human Nature cherrykCinquain  2/18/2019

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Illuminate the shade.

I've lit a candle every day
To help illuminate the shade,
To watch the dancing shadows play
Before the thoughts of midnight fade,
And when the quiet evening smiles
Into the very heart of me,
The stars enchant, the moon beguiles
As dancing shadows let me see
So clearly over moonlit miles.

I’ll catch a whisper every night
Before the dawn describes daylight,
And weave them all into a chain
Where none of them will lose or gain,
And even as my poem smiles
Into the very heart of you,
Each rhyme enchants, the stars do too
As dancing poems let me see
The moonlit path that leads to you.

I’ll say a prayer and sing a psalm
Protecting us from any harm,
And kneel before each unborn dawn
Acknowledging just being born,
You are my beacon and my guide
Both safe from any harm outside,
We light a candle every day
That casts life’s mist and fog away…

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