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 Portraits Open panther811Insight  8/19/2017
 Who You Are panther811Insight  8/19/2017
 Love To Seal panther811Love  8/19/2017
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 TAKE HEED ( Pirouette ) ladydp2000Inspirational Poems  8/19/2017
 MESSIAH poetalthomasSpiritual Poems  8/19/2017
 Untitled Name Not Given  8/19/2017
 Flourishing cherrykMisc  8/19/2017
 Untitled danielleGrieving and Loss  8/19/2017
 Peace solution marvin goldfarbMisc  8/19/2017
 Remnants of Love cherrykMisc  8/19/2017
 Imagine me deeny107Misc  8/19/2017
 My sense of direction marvin goldfarbMisc  8/19/2017
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 Upstaging satishvermaMisc  8/18/2017
 For the love of you SuperSlimJimMisc  8/18/2017
 OMEN poetalthomasSpiritual Poems  8/18/2017
 Faith and Love SuperSlimJimMisc  8/18/2017
 A twist of fate SuperSlimJimMisc  8/18/2017
 Rain Mario William VitaleLove  8/18/2017
 From House to Home EliannaMisc  8/18/2017
 I'll Rise Mario William VitaleLove  8/18/2017
 YESTERDAY IS NOT OURS poetalthomasSpiritual Poems  8/18/2017
 Some Say Love Mario William VitaleCongratulations  8/18/2017
 Morning Solitude BlessedAngelMisc  8/18/2017
 FENCE OF DEFENSE poetalthomasSpiritual Poems  8/18/2017
 The World Turns Mario William VitaleLove  8/18/2017

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Portraits Open

Start by preparing your mind.
Thoughts in their proper order.
Inductively you shall seek, find.
There in tranquility, well sorter.

Conclusions reached of a kind.
You can set sail on calm water.
Know answers are not aligned.
Listen my son and my daughter.

Sketching portraits in pen and ink.
Know now this quest is consigned.
It's the words used make you think.
Start by preparing your mind.

There's a trail of ink left by your pen.
Its path in your mind, portraits open.

'sketching portraits in pen and ink'

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