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In This Midnight Hour


I'm feeling low and look for spark to write -
Tried this, tried that but nothing yet has glowed
Though even as I write something gives light -
I'll give the thought full rein; its chance is owed.
Lie naked with me in warmth this midnight hour -
I'm feeling low so nurse my spirits poor;
Slowly so we hardly know they sweeten from sour -
Treat me as with ache or hand that's sore;
I'm feeling low, a child whom you can mend
And man I don't wish to be till morning.
I think it will work, I know it will send
Manhood, risen feelings - you I'm needing.
I was feeling low, your spirit raised me -
We were naked but your words helped mainly.

2. Spirited Away By Love

How warm the day; I walked from bank to bank
Across the shallow creek to fill my mind
Till I a princess spied, but my heart sank
For this phantom to my male form seemed blind.
I threw her white rose petals for her hair
But guessing her name 'The Princess Of Love'
Only, brought her to catch sight of me;
Bade me follow into her world above.
She showed me her love garden of pleasure;
Growing pleasured I was locked in love;
We danced, we sang and we laughed in love's tour
As one spirit, one phantom, one love dove.
Ten thousand miles apart can't stop poetry
Linking us in spirit romantically.

3. The Spirit Of Love

Her love touches the green earth and hence me
With living flame with her wand of wild spells;
Oh she puts aside fame for now to be
Madcap dancing, loving me amid our yells.
Fleet as feet of shadows on the green turf
With music growing wilder, our bodies
Tortured by pleasured agony - thoughts of worth
Of quieter times whispering can't but freeze.
My love touches the green earth and hence her
With a clear whisper through the night's wide sky;
Oh I'd put aside fame for a murmur
With dream kisses to and from my butterfly.
Ten thousand miles apart can't stop poetry
Linking us in spirit romantically.

4. Butterfly Girl

My butterfly girl from Arizona
As the moon and Venus zoom in our lives,
A new sign figures in Australia
Telling of your wondrous downunder vibes.
My butterfly girl, so one with nature,
As one did alight on your hand one day;
Amazed was I as one flew with favour
Close over my blessed head as though to say
Your butterfly girl is thinking of you!
To cement in my mind our link of love,
Thousands upon thousands of butterflies flew,
Confirming our bond being from above.
Can't help imagining being with you
For our spirits entwine, wing soft and true.


Stargazer, Stargazer, see tonight's sky?
If you look for guidance you'll surely sigh.
Why is the moon and Venus close tonight?
You need no longer wonder at the sight.
Stargazer, Stargazer, soon I'll be your husband;
I'm the moon that beckons to you Venus.
We have been a pair since stars shone on land,
To miss you is no longer my focus.
Stargazer, Stargazer, why is the moon golden?
Why is the old moon in the new moon's arms?
It's from your hair the golden is stolen,
Oh how I wish to hold you in my arms!
Oh is love gaining more than one deserves?
Oh yes! But can't we miss the banquet it serves!


It is in Autumn years you see my youth,
No daughters their growing up to treasure;
In you I see a little girl who in truth
Delights as falling leaves give Autumn's pleasure.
A rare sweet woman holds her youth as you,
In voice, in form, in thought and in your eyes
But I will treasure one moment, it's true
Long in my mind much as a father sighs!
When first we met as lovers in the moonlight
You danced as a little girl in circles;
My loss, my gain flooded over me that night
Fulfilling something missing - girls are miracles!
Oh is love gaining more than one deserves?
Oh yes! But can't we miss the banquet it serves!


Will you forget the wonderful weeks
Where we gardened love under the night sky's fold,
Burying our past so it no longer speaks,
Covering it with blossoms instead of mould?
Oh the blossoms were many and varied
And as beautiful as words we had spoken
At last face to face not through wires carried;
We had forgotten the past battered and broken.
Yet there are ghosts - losing power every day -
That visit and still try to disrupt us.
Now, the part the two wonderful weeks play
Is to give us strength and keep our love in focus.
Oh is love gaining more than one deserves?
Oh yes! But can't we miss the banquet it serves!


So are you to my poetry as moon to night
Or as light will light all eternity;
And for your beauty I hold acclaim's height
As between dreamers and good dreams nightly.
Poems from you pass into my panting heart
Giving love's sweet, soft, sunshine caresses,
Brightening my Autumn's noon show - a good start
For day and night, night and day warm kisses
With a love of love's soft dreams each morning,
Love smiling as only long love can do;
Our love will not slumber, 'twill be flying
As never before it has flown it's true
Oh thus do I pine for you day by day;
Poetry will still thrill when together we stay.


My lovely, oh my lovely, realizing,
That you were in the world four years ago
While I walked down by the river brooding
And saw no butterflies, no sunset glow,
Heard no accent of your voice, just my thought,
Counting not my blessings but my losses;
Imprisoned with out a poetess at court
With the key to free me for life's plusses;
Never to feel you thrill my night or day
With pen, voice or kiss or ever mused
By love, by beauty, by your soft way;
Of not in too much love ever accused.
I am glad poetry inspired our love great
And love led us through poetry to pulsate!


You're to my heart as the sun is to the Earth,
As mountain rains give new life to rivers;
As the world needs peace, as babies need at birth,
As education to children delivers,
Important as knowledge is to society,
Enabling progress, enabling a good life;
All I have learnt shows my heart quite clearly;
Love like yours the world needs, to lessen strife.
Oh may the world see you are my pleasure;
I wish to soon feast on your lovely sight.
For once I can handle my great treasure
I'll spend the rest of my life in delight!
Oh you are in my heart flowing smoothly;
You're the meaning in my life my lovely!


I'd not be sad with great grand masters' genes
Whose eyes better than my eyes see beauty,
Whose painted praise pass sonnets, my best means
Then on the desert's red sandy sea
With white sand I would draw with hands not mine
Your likeness, no! you, the greatest drawing
In size, in beauty, in depth, just divine,
Seen from the moon, sighed at by stars twinkling
And while the magic increased my talent
All further drawings of famed starlets asked
Would miss beauty, would miss depth, no intent -
Great love would be missing though both eyes basked.
Back from manic grandeur, and love grounded
I'll strive in sonnets for your earthly bed.


Hear this, my wished for, now, till time does end,
Found beauty by fortune not wave of wand
If there be force in being gentlemen
With culture, morals and of children fond,
Grant this Poet thus to live and thus to die
Side by side with you yet where all men could
Since your eyes make the rough man soft and sigh;
You breathe the breath that all fine ladies should
Making the man see good in things he's missed,
Put thoughts of waywardness aside found waned
And love shows the little girl grown and kissed -
The child your man cherishes now he's tamed.
Yet bringing to you these four gifts of mine
Less work's needed in reaching love divine.

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