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The Truth stop telling Lies

Ever time someone with color.
Some people's with evil power hate and lie
In everything I see, even black folks are sick
Dead in the head, the pitcher or person you see
You won't or they won't tell the truth
And or getting the credit that they deserve
All hell flow in me,stop doing my cat, Jimmy Hindrix
And the true people of color
When it, comes time, some of y'all
Going to bust hell wide open
I see why, they lie on my cat, Oboma
You know, I am a old G,
There is a old saying, if you won the war
The Lie's becomes, the so called, truth
Let's start telling and showing the true pictures,
The ,T R U T H, can we do that,
Some say you can't handle the truth
What about, Jesus,
All no,don't I, do that one
P.Sonic tip toe out of this, Remember
The TRUTH is aiway white I mean right
I love all people us black and white

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