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 Title   [ Click any title below to view poem ]  PoetCategory  Date
 MY VIEW The_Pip2Misc  10/21/2019
 For family. DeberaMisc  10/21/2019
 The Old Yellow Truck By The Tree poetswordInspirational Poems  10/21/2019
 VOICE poetalthomasLife  10/21/2019
 SOUND poetalthomasWorld Events  10/21/2019
 Crossing in my Dimension derenaMisc  10/21/2019
 Ghost Riders in the Sky derenaMisc  10/21/2019
 Untitled Name Not Given  10/21/2019
 WHAT'S THE USE? MissSharonHumorous Poems  10/21/2019
 I Only Want To Be With You  david_a_doolanI Love You  10/21/2019
 My Loved Saint david_a_doolanI Love You  10/20/2019
 Just To Say How Much I Love You david_a_doolanI Love You  10/20/2019
 TRUE LOVE MissSharonInspirational Poems  10/20/2019
 ACCEPT poetalthomasLife  10/20/2019
 Under Your Spell frogLove  10/20/2019
 Limitless Limits Abdul_MalikInsight  10/20/2019
 Spoilsport Abdul_MalikInsight  10/20/2019
 THE  poetalthomasLife  10/20/2019
 fill my cup girlsisyMisc  10/20/2019
 Captured By A Smile hitalotCongratulations  10/20/2019
 Without Love Abdul_MalikLove Gone Bad  10/20/2019
  I NEVER KNEW The_Pip2Love  10/20/2019
  I NEVER KNEW The_Pip2Love  10/20/2019
 Highway to Hell Abdul_MalikInsight  10/20/2019
 ONCE poetalthomasLife  10/20/2019
 Never For Sure little_starMisc  10/20/2019
 HOVERING FAULTS MissSharonMisc  10/20/2019
 Untitled Name Not Given  10/20/2019
 I Will Love You Forever - (and ever david_a_doolanI Love You  10/19/2019
 Distance Doesn't Matter - (if loved david_a_doolanI Love You  10/19/2019

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NO one or single thing I see
Can disfavor my view,
Unlike the behavior
Of the few.


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