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Mermaid Dreams

A cavern shelters me from sun,
I dream my dream there is but one.
I dream of you.
Far away across the sea
I wonder ... do you dream of me
I wish I knew.

An oyster shell holds treasures dear,
long tresses wet, I pull it near
reach for my comb.
I sit upon my silver tail,
not content with sparkling scale
nor with my home.

A childlike pout reforms my lip
I peek outside and see your ship
close my eyes to make a wish.
A human being is what I'd be
not a mermaid in the sea
anger mounts I throw my dish.

Pearls flung far they hit the wall
soon hot tears begin to fall.
big brown eyes have come to look.
She wants to go but stays instead.
Watching me with tilted head.
An image from a child's book.

Sunlight signals end of day,
she flaps her tail, then swims away
coming back to stay nearby.
Ocean beckons and I pay heed
not by desire, alas by need
my mermaid half is growing dry.

I have daydreamed far too long
my heart now sings its sirens song
its high pitched notes now call to you.
A splash of water wets my tail
through briney tears I see your sail
bidding my dream a soft adieu.

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