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Rona and the Moonless Night

“Oh, no”, she cried from quickly waking,
Feet were freezing, knees were shaking.
Potty time was overtaking on this moonless night.

But the room was dark and hard to see,
The door, the floor, or anything.
And soon she was imagining a multitude of frights.

She thought she saw a horde of goblins lined against the walls.
Where just before she could have sworn she’d put her Barbie dolls
Their growls and howls pronounced the vowels of all their garbled speech.
As they argued over who would get the girl within their reach.

“No”! She roared and rose up higher,
“I’m not the girl for goblin’s fire.
Away with all those who conspire, on this moonless night.”

Then with a stern and steady will,
A fearless heart and faultless skill,
She furiously fought until the fiends were out of sight.

And then turned on the light.

She realized that her foes were foolish figments of her mind,
The darkness made it hard to see, her fear had made her blind.
She thought, “If I can conjure monsters out of fantasy.
Then couldn’t I just make a bigger monster out of me.”

Just then she grew by ten times two,
Her skin had turned a greener hue.
And promised that no fiend or shrew could stifle her delight.

So now a terror roams the halls,
With jagged teeth and razor claws,
And any problem that befalls is solved with all her might.

And though the shadow’s dark and deep,
The little girl goes back to sleep,
No longer fearing what may creep, on this moonless night.

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